Zoom Meeting Scheduling Software.

Add Zoom meetings to appointments and meet your customers Anywhere.

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Book and host Zoom meetings with Setmore.

Ready to increase your billable hours? Eliminate travel time and costs with the Setmore + Zoom integration. Schedule online appointments with your customers and meet face-to-face in seconds.

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  • Connect Virtually

    Add Zoom meetings to 1:1 appointments or group classes and deliver your services online.

  • Share Details Instantly

    Send customers a Zoom meeting link automatically with their appointment confirmations.

  • One-click Video Meetings

    Reach clients around the world in seconds. Just hit the meeting link at the appointment time.

  • Offer Your Services Online

    Monetize your video sessions and use your Booking Page to accept customer payments.

  • Personalized Reminders

    Automate email and SMS appointment reminders to cut down on no-shows.

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Book Zoom sessions 24/7.

Schedule Zoom meetings via your Booking Page, a booking widget on your site or even a link in your email signature. Have loyal followers on Instagram or Facebook? Enable them to book Zoom meetings with you from your business profiles or latest posts.

Set up is simple.

Choose the services and classes you want to be Zoom-enabled with just one click. Your Zoom meeting link will be automatically added to customer booking confirmations. At the appointment time, just click to start.

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Same Business Hours, More Zoom Meetings.

Empower your clients to self-book Zoom meetings and reduce the time spent on appointment management. Forget about unnecessary travel and focus on growing your customer base.

  • Map User IDs

    Connect Zoom User IDs with Setmore staff profiles.

  • Invitation Only

    Only the host and the participants can access meeting links.

  • 24/7 Support

    Contact Team Setmore for help by phone, email or chat.

Go global.

Your home office becomes your business’ command center. Meet customers from across the globe with the Setmore-Zoom integration.

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Empower self-scheduling.

Streamline Zoom appointment scheduling with your Booking Page. Share your availability for clients to pick, click and book online.

Schedule on-the-go!

View and modify your Zoom meeting details using the Setmore mobile app for Android and iOS devices.

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  • Can I use the Zoom Integration on Setmore’s Free plan?​​

    Not at this time. The Zoom integration is available only on Setmore’s Pro plans.

  • How do I enable Zoom meetings for a service or class?​​

    Go to Apps & Integration > Zoom Integration > Manage Integration to select the services and classes that require Zoom meeting links.

  • Can I add Zoom meetings to recurring appointments?​​

    Not automatically. But, it’s easy to edit an individual appointment from a recurring series and create a Zoom meeting link for it.

For further information on all things Setmore, head to our Support Center.

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