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Updates: Booking Page.

We (quietly) mentioned it last week, but this deserves its own special shout-out. Part of SetMore’s latest updates is the new Booking Page, a super-useful map/business info feature.

Part of SetMore’s underlying design is presenting critical information to your customers clearly and cleanly, without unnecessary steps or wasteful back-and-forth. Your Booking Page is like an online business card: your phone number, hours, location in Google Maps and web address, displayed on a clear, uncluttered bar alongside your appointment tool.

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Say you’re an up-and-coming neighborhood hair salon. You want to give your customers the opportunity to book quickly. You want your not-yet-customers to immediately recognize your salon not only as legitimate, but as legitimate purveyors of high customer service—which extends all the way from your new website to their new haircut. If your website is your businesses’ gateway, SetMore’s Booking Page is its door, and it gives people one more reason to trust your service.

Most SetMore users will embed their booking button on their homepage, positioning their Booking Page one click away (that’s one click closer to a new appointment.) For many customers, that’s a lot quicker way to book than phoning. They can do it anytime they want, even after you’re closed. And they get a chance to interact with your Google Map location to confirm if you’re a hop, skip and a jump away, or just a hop and a skip.

We’re excited to watch the Booking Page evolve over the coming weeks and months. Let us know what you think!


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