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How to set up staff logins.

Once you have created your Setmore account to manage appointments your customers book from your website, it is a good idea to offer your staff members an online appointment calendar. Setmore’s appointment scheduling software makes sure that each of your staff members or service providers have their own appointment calendar, so they can quickly scan all their appointments without having to dig into their email Inbox.

To enable an online calendar for appointments that your staff members can access, you can set up staff logins at your Setmore account. Here is how you do it:

1. Login to your Setmore account and click on “Settings”.

Change SetMore account setting
2. On the left sidebar, click “Staff Members” to create the login.

Create SetMore staff member login
3. Choose the ‘Staff Member’ name that you wish to create login for. Click on the name and choose “ON” next to ‘Staff Login’ option.

Click on staff login to activate
4. The staff login will be created in your Setmore account and an email will be sent with the login credentials. This is how the staff member appointment sheet will appear:

Staff login enables viewing only your own schedule
Please note that staff members will not have administrative privileges in your account, so they won’t be able to update your business information or change anything. Moreover, one staff member will not have access to see or modify the appointment calendar of another staff member.

Video Transcript

Hi! I am Jessie from Setmore.

I am going to show you how to set up your staff logins today.

It’s really easy, all you have to do is go to settings and find the staff member that you want to create a login for. And once you found that staff member, just click on “on” next to staff login. And that will trigger an email sent to them with their login and password.

So this is the email the staff member would receive it has their login and their temporary password. And they can use this by going to, the regular login screen putting in the login and password and signing in. And you can see that they will only have access to their own schedule with no administrative privileges.

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