Top 5 Setmore Scheduling Hacks for Features We Don’t Offer Yet

By Cassandra @ Setmore

Writer, editor and scheduling product expert at Setmore Appointments.

I think we can all agree, Lego is awesome no matter who you are, where you’re from, or how old you may be. But the best thing about Lego is what happens when you don’t follow the directions, when you let your imagination roam free and build a creation nobody’s ever seen before. The perfect app would be a lot like a Lego set. It comes with directions, but offers the flexibility to do whatever you want with it.


Believe me, the IKEA convention is wayyyyyy less exciting.

 Setmore is constantly evolving and our wishlist for new features knows no end. In fact, you might be in the situation of wanting a feature we haven’t built yet, even if it’s planned for a future release. Well now it’s time to color outside the lines – here are some Setmore scheduling hacks you can use to tackle some of your booking challenges without waiting for an official update. And remember—the bold strike their own path (and build their own Lego star cruisers).

Hack #1: Multiple Locations

If your business has more than one storefront of office, then this hack is for you. Multiple location support is one of our most heavily requested features and rest assured, it’s on the way. However, there are a few workarounds that you can start using today to get the desired effect. The easiest and most elegant solution is to use service categories as locations.

To get started, navigate to Settings > Services.

  1. In the left-middle column under Categories, click the plus sign (+) to add a new category.
  2. Title the category something like “Services – Portland,” where Portland is replaced by the city or neighborhood of your choice.
  3. Click Add Category to save it.


The next step is to add services under each category. If you have a service that’s provided at both locations, you’ll need to create two of the same service and assign each one to each location. As you create your services, be sure to designate service providers in accordance with which of your employees work out of each location. Once you’re finished, check out your booking page to see the fruits of your labor.

Hack #2: Appointment Capping

If you don’t want to take on more than 2 or 3 appointments per day, or simply don’t have the resources to serve more than 2-3 customers per day, changing the “booking slot size” can do the trick.

Booking slot size determines the increments that your calendar is divided into. For example, a booking slot size of 30 minutes will divide up your workday into half-hour increments. A 45 minute service booked at 10 AM, therefore, will take up two half-hour increments and the next available appointment will be at 11 AM, not 10:45. (Side note: if you want the next appointment to be available at 10:45, you should specify 15-minute increments.)

To change the booking slot size, navigate to Profile > Configure > Booking Policies.

  1. Scroll to the section titled Booking Slot Size.
  2. Use the drop-down menus to alter slot size.
  3. Click out of the drop-down menu to save your changes.


By increasing the slot size, you can limit the number of appointments you receive in one day. So for example, if you are open from 9 AM to 5 PM and wish to take no more than 4 appointments per day, change the slot size to 2 hours. This will divide the workday into 4 even appointments slots of 2 hours each. Once they’re gone, they’re gone, and customers will have to find availability on another day.

Hack #3: Coupons, Discounts, and Rewards

Incentive programs, such as rewards and discounts, are important for keeping customers interested and keeping them around. You’ve probably got a handful of “Buy Ten, Get One Free” punchcards, from your favorite coffee or sandwich shop, in your purse or wallet. This is the same principle applied digitally. Setmore doesn’t yet support a customer rewards system, but you can set up a space for entering promotional codes during the booking process.

Log into Setmore and navigate to Profile > Configure > Booking Policies.

  1. Scroll down to the section titled Contact Fields.
  2. Click in the form field where it says “Add custom field…”
  3. Type in something like “Coupon Code,” “Discount Code,” or “Reward Code.”
  4. Click the cyan-colored plus sign (+) to save your changes.


This will now appear on your booking page as a new form field. As your customers input this data, it will be saved in their client profile for future reference. When customers check out, you can manually verify the rewards code and apply the appropriate discount.

Hack #4: Skip the Staff

If you’re an independent contractor, then most likely you are the only “staff member” within your Setmore account. However, by default the booking page requires customers to go through staff selection as they book an appointment. If you want to save your customers a couple clicks during the booking process, Setmore offers the ability to skip staff selection and automatically pick the first available (or in this case, the only available) staff member.

Navigate to Profile > Configure > Booking Policies

  1. Scroll down to the section titled Skip the Staff.
  2. Click the switch to toggle it from off to on.


And that’s all. If you test it out on your booking page, you’ll notice that the booking flow jumps immediately from “Service” to “Date” without prompting the user to pick a provider. (Ok, strictly speaking this is less of a hack and more of a feature, but we’re hacking the whole “hacking” scheme to fit it in.)

Hack #5: Create a Master Calendar

Your Setmore dashboard allows you to tab between all staff calendars, but as of yet we don’t offer the ability to see all calendars in a single, consolidated view. However, there’s a simple and easy way to create this yourself by linking all Setmore staff calendars to a single Google Calendar account. The key benefit here is to have one place where you can, at a glance, see all appointments for your business in a single day, week, month, or well into the future.

To get started, log into your Setmore account and navigate to Settings > Staff.

  1. Select a staff member.
  2. Scroll down to the section titled Calendar URL.
  3. Click once in the URL field to select the text, then right-click and copy.


Now you’ll tab over to your Google Calendar account.

  1. In the left-hand pane where it says “Other Calendars,” click the drop-down arrow and select Add by URL.
  2. Paste the calendar URL and click Add Calendar.
  3. (Optional) Click the drop-down arrow next to the calendar name to customize the color. This will make it easier to visually distinguish between multiple staff schedules.

Rinse and repeat this process for all staff members to create the master calendar. Also note, it may take up to 8 hours for the initial synchronization to take effect, but after that your new Setmore appointments should copy over to Google automatically.

There’s always room for improvisation

Setmore’s versatility is one of its key strengths, and when you apply a little imagination and elbow grease you’ll find you can accomplish some unique and interesting things to help promote your services online. Sometimes all it requires is a slight adjustment of mindset: instead of asking “What does Setmore do?”, ask “What can I do with Setmore?”


-The Setmore Team

Know of any awesome scheduling hacks or have any appointment-booking aces up your sleeve? Share them in the comments below!

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  • I work different days each week, is there a way of setting work days in advance? At the moment I am having to schedule appointments week by week…

  • Hi. We have an issue that some staff member do the same service much slower than another, more experience. E.g. 30 min for manicure fort experienced person. And new/inexperienced person to the same by 90 minutes. That why we cant run online booking. Is there a solution for this?

    • Hi Tomasz, the best solution here is to just create different services for each length of time. You can assign each service to specific staff members, so only they can provide that service. Customers will have to choose between the 30 minute and 90 minute before selecting the staff member who can provide that service – which is the main downside here. But it’s the best we can do right now.

  • Hello! I work at music store and we offer music lessons. Setmore is working great for that, but after so long the appointments vanish because of the end date. Is there a way to make appointments not have an end date? For some students, lessons go on for an indefinite amount of time and it is a nuisance to go back and set up a new appointment for some who has taken lessons for years. Is there a way around this?

    • Hi Josh, are you referring to recurring appointments? So, unfortunately the system has to maintain an end date for such appointments otherwise it’ll spin out on trying to generate them to infinity. I believe, however, that you can book up to 1 year out for a single recurring series.

  • Hi, I own a car wash and auto detail business in the city of Amarillo, Texas. I run my business as mobile service for now is there a way for me to set a catalog in setmore of different vehicle sizes by model and year so the setmore software would give an automated price according to the services I offer?

    • Hi Rogelio, while Setmore may be limited here, the best we can do is to set up an individual “service” for each Year/Model, and then use “service categories” to condense the list by Make. Here’s a primer on service categories.

      So for example, the service category could be “Mazda” and the service could be “Mazda3 2010” and then “Mazda3 2015” and so on.

      However, this will be very laborious to set up. Generally for something like autobody work, we recommend using Setmore to set up an initial consultation or call so that you can follow-up with the customer directly for more information.

  • So, as a Home Inspector, I will only do 1 appointment each day. Is there a way to “fade” the days on the calendar that are completely booked, so that the customer will only see what days are available; or do they have to click on each day to see if it’s booked or available?

    • Hi James, there’s not really a “fade” feature like what you’re describing. The best solution here is to either create a service that lasts 8 hours (or your entire workday) so that only one can fit on your calendar at a time. In any situation, this will make it difficult to let customers choose their start time, but you can perhaps include an instruction for them to add their preferred meeting time in the “comments” section of their Customer Information intake form (the second-to-last step in the booking process on your booking page). I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

  • I would like to book two staff members for one appointment

    • I’ve gotten around this by making a dummy staff member available for online bookings and creating a google calendar with the info and inviting both staff to it.

    • Hi Jimmy, currently we don’t have this capability. If you upgrade to Setmore Premium and activate a 2-way calendar sync through Google or Office 365 for BOTH staff members, then an appointment booked for one staff member will appear on both staff member’s calendars. That’s the best workaround we can offer right now. I hope that helps!

  • Is there a feature using the cash register where you can send out an email to clients with only a bill with the total saying that their payment is due a particular date.

    After they make the payment, you as the owner can go into your app and confirm the payment and this then sends an email with their receipt saying paid.

    • Hi Ayesha, great question. Currently Setmore only supports emailing receipts for paid services to customers. We don’t have an invoicing feature like the one you’re describing, though it is on our backlog. I hope that helps clarify 🙂

  • Hi, i would like to know how i can minimise gaps in my calender to show only adjacent timeslots?

    • Hi Seda, do you mean gaps as a result of customers booking appointments from your Booking Page? We don’t currently have a solution for this, as your availability remains open to all clients and Setmore currently has no way to recommend times to customers as they’re booking an appointment. However, some strategies can help reduce gaps in your schedule, including: try to make your services have a uniform time that corresponds to your booking slot size (so for example, have mostly 30 minute services and a booking slot size of 30 minutes). That’s the best we can offer right now, but I hope that helps!

  • Hi Cassandra,

    Just a quick question whether you know a way around this conundrum.

    I visit clients so have a buffer of on hour set so I have time to travel between client locations. I also have two way sync enabled with my google calendar for other things such as personal appointments etc that prevent clients from booking which usually works fine..

    The problem is that setmore doesn’t add a buffer zone of one hour to anything that is being synced from google so I have had clients book me for appointments 30 mins after a dentists appointment but it will take 45 minutes or more to get there. Is there any way to get setmore to buffer the google events too? Currently I’m making my events in google one hour longer than they actually are to try and prevent cancelling appointments but it is causing some confusion to the people I share my calendar with. As the available slots are generated by setmore I not sure why setmore cant recognise the times that are busy and respect the buffer setting also? I’d love I hear your thoughts.

    • Hi Brad, you’re right in that Setmore won’t apply a buffer time to an external Google event that gets synced to your calendar. Right now the recommended way around this is to manually apply a +1 hour buffer when you create your Google events, so they block out time as needed on your Setmore calendar. Given that buffer time is attached to specific services, there’s no way as of right now for Setmore to apply a blanket buffer time on everything that hits your calendar. I hope that helps! Thanks for commenting.

  • How do i send a url with the service pre-selected?

    • Hi Chase, unfortunately there’s not a way to do this in Setmore. You can send a URL with the staff member pre-selected, and it will only show the services provided by that staff member, but that’s the best we can do. Go to Settings > Staff and look under “Booking Page URL” for the unique URL for that individual staff member. I hope that helps!

  • Is it possible to send the staff confirmation email to more than one recipient on cc? I tried to add more using “,” and “;” but it will always only keep the first email. Thank you for your help!

    • Hi Carmen, I’m not aware of a way to add multiple CC’s to an email alert in Setmore, but as a workaround, you should be able to enable message forwarding from within your email client. This will depend on what type of email client you use. For example, the Google email forwarding how-to.I hope that helps!

  • Is there a way for customers to sign up for multiple classes at once? Right now as soon as they click on one class, it prompts them to pay. I want them to be able to select all the classes they would like to attend, then pay for them all at the end.

    • Hi Sarah, unfortunately not. Classes can only be booked 1-by-1 at this point in time, both for your customers and you as the account holder. That’s just a limitation of our platform, as our main focus is on service-level 1:1 appointments rather than big group settings. I hear you though, and our team as a number of requests pertaining to the Class booking feature. Classes may not be a huge priority for our time now or in the near future. I hope that helps! We definitely want you to have the best-fit solution so let me know if you have any other questions.

  • Are there any plans to add text reminders for classes in the near future? My organization’s clients mostly need reminders for group programs so it feels like we’re not getting much functionality out of this feature.

  • Hi there, thanks to the info.

    I was just wondering, is there a way where I can auto make a continuous booking for a client at the same time every week? Or can I only manually put it in?

    It just would so be so much more convenient if there was a way to do it auto.

    • Hi Koreena, you can do this using our Recurring Appointments feature, as part of Setmore Premium. Once you upgrade, you’ll have the option to turn a regular appointment into a recurring appointment, when you’re booking it on the calendar. You can set the period of repeating to daily, weekly, or monthly, select the day of the week for a weekly recurrence, and set the same time every week. See this support article for more info.

  • Hi,

    I teach online through WebEx and desperately need to supply the customers (students) with the WebEx Link to join the class. The booking part is WONDERFUL, but I really need to be able to house the WebEx Link without having to go into the Appointment per person who will join my class. Any ideas?



    • Hi,

      I teach online through WebEx and desperately need to supply the customers (students) with the WebEx Link to join the class. The booking part is WONDERFUL, but I really need to be able to house the WebEx Link without having to go into the Appointment per person who will join my class. Any ideas?

      PS… four large payroll & HCM companies are looking at you through my success. I’m trying to get them to purchase your services by demoing the free version. They were sold with my skills to build a booking calendar for all training classes until they learned the Link wasn’t supplied for each individual class. I’m so bummed! Please free me from this bondage of singular email per customer. I’m dying over here!


  • Is there a way for an admin user (ie not a staff member providing services) to be notified when bookings occur just like a staff member is?

  • Hello!
    I found out about one very annoing problem: after I changed my account password, account still can be accessed without entering new password on any other device where I have opened Setmore at least once.
    For example, I changed my password from my laptop, but anyone can still access my account in hotel’s public computer where I opened Setmore in my vocation and see all my appointments, and also make changes!!! It can be done only by entering System does not log out!!!
    Or even my old colegue from which phone I accessed Setmore can see and edit and delete my appintments!!!
    How it is possible? Any other online system or page after password chande asks for entering new password or any device as soon as anybody tries to use it with the same username.
    I even tried to change my email (username). Stilll no result.
    Also Your support members tried to reset my password, but I still can access my account from my old computer and iphone without entering new password!!!
    Please find any solution!

    • Hi Agnis, thank you very much for brining this to our attention. I have notified our development teams of this issue and we’ll be looking into it right away.

      • Cassandra-

        Any updates on this. One of my former staff members has the app on her iphone. Even though we have changed the setmore password and the google password that is linked to our setmore account, she can still access her setmore app and could potentially make changes. Changing the password(s) does not log out all devices and ask former users to sign in again using the new password. We are concerned about this.

      • Thank You!
        Hope to see any update on my problem.

  • I wonder if there is a way to adapt the hours for each week. I tutor but only occasionally. I want to set different hours every single week. Sometimes I may have Tuesday hours but not others. Sometimes I won’t have any times at all. Can I just set up individual different hours for literally every single calendar day?

    • Hi John, the way to do this is to set base hours in your Staff Profile under Settings > Staff > Working Hours. Then apply “Time-Off” for the days with a custom timing, by going to Settings > Staff > Time Off. See the article here for more information.

  • Kindly create location base booking with one staff for two or more locations and with separate timings for each location. currently this is not happening. V-cita and others are having.

  • Hello:

    I’ve been reading all the hacks and notes and blogs, can’t find an answer to my question. I would like to set up a STAFF Meeting and/or a STAFF Training time. Add all my staff to this time. I naturally thought about using the class feature, but I would have to add all my staff as a customer. I did contact Setmore and they told me to put in a blocker. Which I did, but had to put one on each staff member’s schedule. Please let me know where i should be looking for this feature and how to log it into the computer.

    For example we are planning to do an all Staff Training on the first Monday of every month @ 5:30 pm.

    Thanks so much

    • Hi Rhonda, that’s right – we don’t currently offer a “meetings” feature that would let you book appointments with multiple staff at a time. The suggested solution that you received from our support team is the closest we can get to creating a staff meeting in Setmore. The only thing I can add is that if you have Setmore Premium, you can enable a two-way sync with Google or Office 365, then book the meeting via Google/Office and it will show up on your staff members’ calendars. Here’s the support article for Google 2-way.

  • If you have multiple staff set up to hack the mobile vs clinic options (as a sole trader) Can setmore automatically block out the booking capabilities of the other “staff” to avoid double booking yourself?

    • Hi Leah, the only way to do this is with a Setmore Premium subscription. You’ll use the Premium feature: Google 2-way Sync, and activate the sync for two or more staff profiles to the same Gmail account (also works with Office 365). The net result is that if an appt shows up on Calendar A, it will copy to the Google calendar, and back over to Calendar B as a Google event, thereby blocking out the timeslot on both calendars.

  • Hi, do you know if there is any way to link two staff members to one appointment?

    • Glad I found this answer as I was looking for the same issue… we sometimes have to have 2 staff in one intake due to language translation. For now we will duplicate appointments and 2 separate calendars using a dummy client for the 2nd appointment so the customer doesn’t get duplicate reminders. Love Setmore!! Thank you!!

    • Hi Patrick, unfortunately there’s no easy way to do this. With Setmore Premium, you can activate a Google 2-way sync for two or more staff profiles to a single Gmail address. If one staff member gets booked, the appointment will duplicate over to the other staff members’ calendars as a Google event. That’s about the best we can do for now. I hope that helps!

  • Hello,
    One remark: when exporting the customer list (CSV), the prefix of the phone numbers is not exported …
    This is a big pain , because then , the phone customer list is not usable…
    Please make this change.

    Best regards

  • Hi,

    I am wondering how clients can double book a class?

  • Sorry if this has been addressed and I just didn’t see if on what sea of replies.
    I love the hack “skip the staff” since I am an independent contractor. The only thing with that is if I turn it on, the calendar view the clients sees shows all dates in black, even my days off, which makes my clients think those days are also options to make appointments. When it’s turned off my days off are grey and it’s clear when I work and when I don’t. So it doesn’t make sense it doesn’t so the same when I turn it on. This has to be fixed. Please!! Thx

  • Hi, can I avoid and skip the calendar and the time? I need this for a marathon registration, thousands of people will register with no need for any appointments, can I?

    • Hi Aldi, book the marathon as a class session. I don’t know if there’s a maximum number limit to attendees, but I just tested it with 1,000 and it seemed to work ok. See the support article here for creating a class in Setmore. Also add ” /bookclass ” to your Booking Page URL to direct web traffic directly to that part of your Booking Page.

      • Looking for a workaround for this issue – I’m a hairstylist and want to be able to double book but have my clients see the “open” time that’s available so they can book themselves through all mine booking rather than me double-booking manually. Or for now, is there an option where I can “split” a service on the back end so that I can quickly see where an opening would be to double book?

        • Hi Nicole, so our Double Booking feature only lets you as the account admin double-book. Client’s can book a slot that’s already booked. However, all openings are tied to available space on your calendar, or any staff calendar in your account – so if you make another staff profile (it can just be a duplicate of you), and assign services to the duplicate profile, your clients will be able to book multiple spots with you. But the downside is, you’ll have to manage and maintain both calendars. That’s the best we can do here. I hope that helps!

  • Dear Cassandra

    We run a physiotherapy service but only have one room and therefore can only have one physio working in one time slot at a time. How would I hack this on setmore? We are 3 physio’s that want patients to select their own physio and time but once someone for eg. has selected 8am slot we want that to be blocked out with the other 2 physio’s


    • Hi Marchelle, if you upgrade to Setmore Premium, you can set up a 2-way Google Sync with all three staff profiles (link them all to the same Google account). Their appointments will sync across Google to populate each other’s calendars. Now when somebody books an appointment, it will appear on all three calendars and block out availability for those two other staff members.

      Alternatively, you can use only one staff calendar, then create three versions of each service and add the staff person’s name to each service. Also activate “Skip the Staff” so your customers won’t be prompted to choose a staff member – they’ll just pick the service (which now has your staff names) and date & time. Here’s the article on skip the staff.

  • Hi

    Is there any way to pre-select a service?
    I want to embed setmore into 2 different pages, and each page is for a different service. One is for members and asks for no payment, the other is for non members and shows a price. Is there some pre-selection i can add to the url i use to skip into the correct service? At the moment, the user has to select the service and it should be simple to select that for them?


    • Hi Jason, great question! While there’s no method for linking to a pre-selected service directly, you may however link to a specific staff member Booking Page by going to Settings > Staff and using the URL under “Staff Booking Page.”

      Then, be sure to only designate a specific service to that staff member. (You can do split staff profiles for the same staff member if necessary.) The staff member’s Booking Page will only show that service, and you can use different staff member Booking Pages to send your customers down different paths.

      Let me know if you’d like some help setting it up!

  • Is there a way to make specific services visible to a set location/category without simply making it a private service altogether? We plan to offer a service to one specific customer/location and want to “hide” it from other customers.

    • Hi Mandy, unfortunately there isn’t a way to do this. The only workaround I can think of is to assign services to specific staff members, and then only link to those staff member Booking Pages directly (rather than your general web URL). It’s not ideal but right now it’s the best we can do. For more information on Staff Booking Page URLs, click here.

  • Hi. I really like the feature and look of Setmore. Currently investigating a booking system for a clinic I work at with multiple staff and services and yours comes out near top. The only thing I would wish for (and this is from a clients point of view when they try and book online) is a view of available appointments over a 5 day period. At the moment you only allow them to see available slots for each day (for a staff and service). However in a busy clinic where there are limited slots available this can become very tedious if a client is trying to find a suitable slot to book into. I currently use on my own website which shows a grid of 5 days and available slots for each day. Is this going to be possible with Setmore?

    • Hi Steve, I don’t believe this feature is on the roadmap for 2017, that could change. As a workaround, you could enable a 2-way google sync with your Setmore calendar (premium subscription required), and then make the google calendar public. I think Google allows you to hide details for events, although i’m not sure and it may take some experimentation. Here’s the google support article on making a public calendar.

  • Hi,
    Is there any possibility to add services that are available only at a certain time?

    For example:
    I would like my service A to be available weekdays 8am-5pm.
    And then service B on say Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6-8pm.
    I provide both these services.

    • Hi Mateusz, services don’t have a timeframe attached to them, however a customer’s ability to book a service depends on when the staff providing that service is available. So there is a workaround for this – if you create two separate staff members, and assign Service A to Staff A with working hours 8am-5pm, and assign Service B to Staff B with working hours Tues/Thurs 6-8pm.

  • Hello,
    Is there a way to limit a staff member (independent contractor) so they will be able to view calendar booked hours from other staff (to avoid double-bookings) but they will NOT be able to view costs or week totals? I have tried ‘staff access’ but we still have to verbally arrange the hours available to book as they are not shown!
    Thank you in advance!

    • Hi Vicky, presently there’s no option to block out or redact the service cost in the calendar view. You could remove all the service costs, but it sounds like you’d like to keep these in tact. The only alternative I can think of is to set up a 2-way calendar sync with your Google calendar, and have your contractor reference the Google calendar when checking for scheduling conflicts. Here’s how you set up Google 2-way sync (note that this is a Premium feature). I hope that helps!

  • Is it possible to display a calendar with availability on my website?

  • I have been using Setmore for a couple of months but the one thing that is hard to figure out is the booking link on Facebook I click it and it goes to the different departments i click a department and I go to click a time and the time frames available are from 5:30 am until 3:30 pm How do I change this? is there a hack for this?

  • When a customer chooses not to receive emails
    from their customer account,
    is there a way to let me know? It would be helpful as I think they are getting email reminders with info when they have actually opted out.

  • hello why does my booking link not work it has me beat. when you click on it all it says is no services available?

  • It would also be nice to be able to edit a blocked time once it’s been established instead of haveing to delete it and then reenter it with the new info.

    • Yes I find the slot blocker annoying in that you can’t edit the time. You have to delete it and start again.

      • Hi Leah, on a desktop/laptop, you should be able to drag-and-drop the slot blocker into a new timeslot. The bottom of the slot blocker should also show a double line (=) that you can click and drag to extend or shorten the slot blocker. In the mobile app, you can just tap to edit the slot blocker.

  • Hi Cassandra, love setmore so far! If I utilize hack #4, will it keep all of the appointments I have scheduled already or will I have to reenter them all again?

  • Is there a way to export in excel also the classes with the attendees?
    1 row for every attendee would be perfect…

    • Hi Renza, we don’t currently support exporting a class roster to Excel, but you can save a class roster to PDF. In your Setmore calendar, click the class to open up the details tooltip, then click “edit.” From this menu, click the icon in the top-right (below the ‘x’) of the 4 horizontal bars, then click “print” from the drop-down menu. It’ll look something like this:
      Class roster print menu.

  • Is there a way to set appointments for multiple days?
    I need to be able to set multiple days for my boarding business.
    It would be extremely helpful to be able to schedule over 1 day.

    • Hi Colin, I’ve been playing around with the settings to see if this is possible. The closest I can get is to set up a single-day service and then replicate it 3 times on consecutive days. To do this, set your business hours to opening at 12:00AM and closing at 11:59PM. Then create a service with duration 1439 minutes (there are 1440 minutes in a day, but our system restricts appointment time to “less than” 24 hours). Now you will be able to book a service for an entire day. Just book the service for 3 days in a row and you’ll have a 3-day appointment. Unfortunately, your customers won’t be able to schedule a 3-day booking from the booking page, because they’ll only have the option to schedule the service once in a single booking. I hope that helps!

  • Currently, everytime a customer books an appointment they have to input name, address, & phone number before booking. We have clients that book multiple appointments within a week. Is there a way for them to choose their contact information from a drop down menu in order to expedite their sign up?

  • Wondering if there’s a way to make it so clients can only schedule the slots surrounding already book appointments. For instance: If each appointment takes 30 minutes, and I have one booked already for 4:00, a client looking to book will only see availability for 3:30 and 4:30, not an opening at like 5:00. I’m having some problems with clients appointments being spread out throughout the day.

    • Hi Michelle, whew that is a doozy. Unfortunately, I think the complexity of blocking out slots dynamically based on appointments the customer books is a very complicated feature to implement, and we don’t offer it currently. The best solution I can think of would be to manually insert slot blockers around booked appointments. You can find instructions on how to insert slot blockers.
      Best of luck!

  • I really love the simplicity of Setmore – the one thing that I would add is a way to print/see a cumulative list of a patients appointments. I have to write Dr.s notes sometimes and come tax time, this will save me a huge headache.


    • Hi Casey, you’re in luck because we do offer a way to export appointment data in an Excel file. Log into Setmore and go to Settings > Account > Export to access this feature. You can also check out the step-by-step guide here

  • Thank you very much setmore

    The idea is that you need a staff to show the same booking id code generated to the customer to confirm its identity for security reasons.
    please if a customer orders and a booking id is generated; it does not show at the admin page, how do you get it?

    I think the same message sent to the customer’s email should be forwarded to our admin page or our email.
    Thank you.

  • I want to have a way to send out messages to clients through blast text to reach clients on promotion and special.I will love to send promotions faster .

  • Hi Cassandra,

    Thanks for the tips – really helpful. The feedback from our service users has been great so far, since we introduced setmore in February.

    It would be HUGELY helpful for us if setmore could allow you to specify the available appointment times during the working day (e.g. being able to set the system to only offer certain times – for example 9:30, 11:00, 1pm, 3:30pm, 5pm), rather than having to resort to time consuming hacks using slot blockers and adjusting slot times etc to get the same effect.

    Otherwise, it’s brilliant and we are so happy we are about to upgrade our account – keep up the great work 🙂

  • My biggest wish would be for of the days that I am booked up to be marked red at first glance. I can’t tell you how many clients have been confused that the date that they try to select turns red once they click on it. Everything else is so user friendly and visually easy to read. This is the one thing that really throws my clients off.

  • Thanks very much Cassandra. I was thinking of ways to get around the not having the feature of different locations. So i thank you for that hack. And with the google calendar integration brilliant!!!

  • We really appreciate the sharing of some resourceful Setmore Hacks, Cassandra and certainly do want to share with you that the platform in all its entirety is already an absolute God send, in our humble opinion.

    That said; however, as with all things, especially newly introduced, there will always be room for growth, adapting, minor tweaks and of course, the obvious, improvement.

    On that note, we can definitely see the value of having a master calendar view available to us as some users have also agreed would be nice, but if we may also add some ideas to the group for what we would (and hopefully others will feel the same way about some of these) like to see as possible suggestions for further review and future development and implementation are as follows:

    – Ability to quick direct to Customer Profile Details from the Calendar View when and if expanding the “Appointment Details” box, instead of having to navigate to the top bar “Customers” section and manually input customer’s name just to pull up their profile details, whether it’s to verify something or to confirm their appointment history/future appointments booked etc.

    We think this would just be an amazing quick convenience feature.

    And to further elaborate on this…

    – Quick Option (beside or beneath the current “Edit Appointment” option) in the Appointment Details box, it’d be nice if there was an “Future Dated Appointments” option as well, so in the event a client wanted to verify if they’d already pre-booked themselves for whatever services, we could instantly confirm “Yes” you have and this is the date(s), or “No”, you have not. Once again, eliminating the extra time consuming steps to swap over to the “Customers” window and manually relocating the customer. It’s just unnecessary steps, we feel.

    – Option to add specific Notes to the Appointment Details box (FOR BUSINESS USE/VIEWING, ONLY) — or the option to ADD NOTE (similar to an Excel Worksheet with adding an expandable floating Comments capability where need be anywhere on the Calendar view (for instance in the top right corner of the coloured Appointment box there may be a little red/green flag/triangle icon which signifies a note/comment is there for Business Personnel to review). This would be a SPECTACULAR feature and similar to that of say, the most commonly used booking/calendar system most salons/spas/clinics currently use, Milano and/or Salonware.

    In any event, we feel these 3 suggestions (for now) would be a huge game changer for us (and hopefully many other organized-obsessed businesses/individuals), as it makes for more simplified information access and above all, convenience of navigation and documenting notes to self/other staff members which in turn, ultimately enhances proficiency where cumbersome run-abouts can be mitigated.

    To this end, we hope this will be carefully reviewed by your web development and infrastructure/implementation team.

    Apart from that, JOLLY WELL DONE ON SETMORE, as it already is!!

    Thank you!!!

    Team Privilash

  • I had a situation recently where I had to let a lady go. I wanted to insure that she could no longer get into the Setmore. I changed the password HOWEVER I found out that if she had the system active on her computer or smart phone, changing the password would NOT stop her full access to my information. I think it would be wise to force a logout of all affected persons on all devices when a password is changed. Hell has no fury like a disgruntled ex-employee.

  • i would like to know how , how can i restrict staff access to all the booking except for the individual staff and at the same time allow all access to the manager?

  • Cassandra, I agree with Daisy. It would be very helpful to be able to customize the Name field, as for our purposes we require a client’s Surname and First Name clearly identified when booking an appointment.

  • I know you guys have offered a hack for a Master Calendar view but you really need to work on getting a Master Calendar view within SetMore. This is really important. On the Dashboard the weekly view is super convenient, maybe consider adding a monthly calendar view here also.

  • I would like to be able to set different appointment lead times for different staff members. As far as I can tell, there is only a global setting.
    Is there a hack for this? 😉

    • Hi Rens, good question. Let me think about that, and if I come up with something I’ll post it here.

      • Are there any hacks for customizing lead times for different services? For example, couples massages require much more prep and notice than a 60 minute deep tissue massage.

        • Hi Robert, unfortunately not, the lead times apply to every appointment. You can increase the duration or the buffer time of the couples massage service, however.

          • Hello Cassandra,

            In respect to buffer times, is there a hack to enable buffer time at the beginning of a client’s Appointment, as well as afterward, without having the client arrive until after I have prepared for that service?

            I need a service-specific amount of prep time (depending on the service offered) prior to each Client’s arrival to prepare and 15 minutes afterward to clean up. However, I need the client to arrive after the prep time.

            For instance, If I want them to show up at 2:00PM, I need the service to block out the specific amount of prep time for that service but not have the client arrive until a specific set appointment time. Then add an additional 15 minutes to the end of their appointment to clean up.

            Is there a hack for this?

            As an additional issue, I want to show that I am open from 11:00AM to 9:00PM. However, I would only like to have a maximum of 4 or 5 Appointments scheduled per day, depending on what services get scheduled for that day, different amounts of time set for each particular service, but also have them scheduled one after the other to keep the Appointments in a connected block of time.

            To be more specific, I do not want a 45 minute service booked 1.5 hours or more apart, but I also have 2.5 Hour services listed and need to ensure that there is a service-specific prep time before the client arrives, as well as a clean up time afterward. Is there a hack for this?

          • Hi Christine, these are all great questions, and they demonstrate a high level of calendar acumen. Unfortunately, I’m afraid there isn’t a hack that will satisfy all of the conditions that you’ve described. We can get close, but not 100% of the way there.

            Under Apps & Integrations > Booking Page (Configure) > Booking Policies > Booking Slot Size, you can change the Booking Slot Size to one hour. This will make available appointments show up at 11am, 12pm, 1pm, and so on. When customers book a 45 minute service, it will occupy the entire 1 hour block between 12pm and 1pm, thus giving you a 15 minute buffer before the next available time at 1pm. That’s the only way to get a pre-service “buffer time” as you’ve described.

            The number of timeslots will correspond to however many 1 hour blocks can fit into your working hours. So if your working hours are between 11am and 9pm, there will be 10x 1-hour blocks, allowing for 10 appointments max per day. If you reduce your working hours to no more than 5 hours, say from 11am to 4pm, then you’ll always be at a max of 5 appointments per day. Or, if you change your Booking Slot Size to 2 hours, and you work from 11am to 9pm, you’ll have 5 time blocks of 2 hours each. The downside is that, if a customer books a 45 minute service, that service will occupy a 2-hour slot and you’ll have more buffer time between services.

            There’s no hack that I can think of to force customers to book appointments in clumps. In any service-oriented business where customers choose their own appointment times, it’s just the nature of the beast that your schedule will have pockets of downtime. We haven’t yet thought of a better way to address this problem, aside from manually reaching out to customers and incentivizing them to pick specific times, perhaps at a discounted rate.

            That’s the best that Setmore can do right now. Thank you for taking the time to pose these questions; ideas like these will help push the capabilities of scheduling software forward. Have a great weekend!

  • Hi Cassandra, when the “Provide Multiple Service” will be enabled on mobile app ?? It’s so good, but my staff use mobile and so i cannot use this feature.


  • I really wish there would be a service with different time slots, e.g service “Massage” with options 30min-45min-60min… Now I have to make same service many times for different appointments times. This would reduce the list in the booking page and make it simpler for the customer to choose.

    • Hi Susanna, right now the best solution may be to create different services and specify the duration of the massage in the title of the service. So, for example, “30-Minute Massage,” “45-Minute Massage,” etc.

  • I just tried out the first hack (locations), but I’d only be available at the second location at certain specific times. I can’t be in two places at once :(. is there a way to limit the available times of certain categories of appointments or certain services? rather than just staff?

    • Hi Ari, unfortunately you can’t limit services availability, but here’s what I’d recommend doing: create two staff profiles for yourself, and set the working hours of each profile to match the hours that you’re at each location. So, for example, Ari #1 will be at Location A Mon/Weds/Fri, and Ari #2 will be at Location B on Tue/Thurs. Then, assign the services of each staff profile to match the services that are provided at that location.

      From the customer’s perspective, when they land on your booking page, they will only be able to book an appointment with you at Location A on Mon/Weds/Fri, and Location B on Tue/Thurs. The downside is, on your end you’ll have to monitor 2 calendars instead of 1. Anyway, I hope that helps! I realize it’s rather bizarre and complicated, so let me know if you need me to clarify things further.

      • Is there a way you be available at both places at once to maximise opportunities for clients to book at a time they find convenient (I am set up as two staff- one mobile and one in clinic) but ensure the other “me” isn’t booked out at the same time? Like a one room clinic?

        • Hi Leah, in that case I would just use one staff profile, and create multiple services that differentiate between “mobile” and “in-clinic” in the service name. Clients can pick the service first, then they’ll select your staff profile. Both mobile and in-clinic appointments will appear on the same staff calendar in your account.

  • Hi,
    It would be nice if there was a way to print out or email a client’s appointment schedule. The program I used before allowed you to print a copy of a list of all appointment dates and times so the client could have a list of all their appointments. The confirmation emails and texts are nice, but I noticed clients don’t always get their reminders. That’s why it would be nice to be able to give them a hard copy to keep for their records.

    When you go into customer, it only gives you access to the dates and you have to click on the appointment to see the time, but there is no way of printing a sheet showing both date and time.

    • This is a great idea and would be so useful! Whether printed or emailed, my clients would really benefit from seeing all of their upcoming appointments in one place. It’s all about making life easy for the clients!

  • Cassandra, your posts are awesome and so is Setmore, but I have to admit it lacks a super important feature:ongoing payments. If I offer a subscription service would be amazing to offer my clients the possibility to subcribe, book their apointments and pay in installments or have an ongoing debit from their account. Hope you guys fix that soon.

  • I’ve as yet been unable to get my Setmore calendar to show up in Google Calendar using the “add by url” option. I’m told other users are having this problem too. Do you have a hack-of-a-hack to get past that problem?

  • i would love to see the ability to embed video trailers/tutorials for example youtube/vimeo in the Booking Page. This would help all Setmore user’s clients…

    -Brian T Collins
    Quantum Musicology

  • Is there anyway you can allow more customization in terms of the fields where customers enter their information? For example rather than just the name field being default as “name” can you allow to customize these fields. For instance, if I want to rename that “name” field to “represented client”…

    • Hi Daisy, unfortunately the “Name” field is the one that’s locked in solid. All the others you can disable, rename, or make optional/mandatory at your leisure.

      • I find that quite a few people just put in their first name,
        so I fixed that by making a required field asking for
        LAST NAME?

        Is it possible for the field titles to be made a little longer?
        I sometimes need more letters to ask for the info.
        Or an Example hyperlink ? Thanks!
        LOVE LOVE LOVE you all at Setmore!

  • I am using a hack for staff members who don’t take the same time to perform a service. I set up each staff member as a category. I had to list all service under each staff category so I can set different service times or prices on each service. There is a lot more set up time doing it this way, and also, more clicking for clients making appointments. They have to scroll to their hairdresser, pick a service, then pick their hairdresser again. It also makes it difficult for a new client to see first availability. It also takes forever when we schedule appointments to scroll through each staff and all their services desperately. But this is the only way we could make custom service times.

  • I would like an option in the calendar that will bring you 1 week out, 2 weeks out, 3 weeks out, 4 weeks out, etc. I’m constantly counting out weeks and it’d be nice to simply push 6 weeks out and it bring me there. Also, a reoccurring option in the block time, would be excellent.

  • I have been using Setmore for one month now and I am very pleased with all its resources. In fact, it is awesome! In the free version there is almost everything you need and with little restrictions.
    I hope I will be able to upgrade in the future to get more integration and more resources

    I only have one suggestion: the “Book Appointment” button could have different languages to choose from. In my case I would love to have the spanish version “Haga una Cita” or something like that.

    Best Regards,

    Ricardo Gomez, MD

  • I will like to know if you will have a way to send out messages to clients through blast email & text to reach clients on promotion & updates. For example im having a summer nail special for Tuesday only or the plaza is have construction work done on the outside of building but my nail salon is open….i will love to send newsletter,promotions, update faster.

    • When I have reoccurring appointments scheduled, I would love for there to be some sort of notification or even text color change allowing me to know that that’s the last day of that reoccurring appointment cycle.

    • Hi Missy, we love this idea and we’ve been wanting to develop a newsletter or promotional messaging system feature. I can’t say for certain when it will be released, but just know that it’s on our to-do list. Thanks!