Why Setmore Premium Is Your Business Growth Engine

By Setmore Appointments

Free, powerful online customer scheduling for businesses of all sizes.

Setmore helps you manage your time better with features that automate how customers book appointments with your business. With Setmore’s free plan, you get an Admin Calendar, Booking Page, 20 staff profiles, and unlimited customers, appointments, and email notifications.

So why pay when Setmore is free?

Setmore’s basic plan serves a very general section of small businesses and entrepreneurs who aspire to migrate from a pen and paper-based system to a more capable and flexible online platform. But Setmore Premium was built to help businesses push their boundaries and boldly grow where no business has grown before.

Setmore Premium planet illustrations.

How the subscription works

Your billing cycle starts the day you sign up, and automatically renews every month or year thereafter (depending on which plan you choose: monthly or annual). The annual plan will save you $100 USD per year vs. the monthly plan!

$25 USD/month or $199 USD/year
Choose between monthly or annual plans
Not satisfied? Request a refund in the first 30 days
Cancel anytime, come back anytime

Setmore Premium includes the following features, which we’ll cover in detail over the next few sections:

  • Text reminders
  • 2-way calendar sync
  • Online payments
  • Recurring appointments
  • More than 20 staff

Text reminders done right

No-shows eat into your profit margin and put you in the uncomfortable position of either charging or not charging the customer. Fortunately, text reminders are a simple way to help reduce your no-shows, and they don’t require much effort to be effective.

Text reminder and lead time window.

Setmore Premium can automatically send a text reminder to your customers hours or days before their appointment. You can even customize the content of the messaging with variable data fields, which update to show appointment-specific information such as service, provider, or date/time.

The customize text reminder window.

Text reminders in Setmore are a “set it and forget it” feature. Once you set it up and choose a lead time that works for your business (one day or 1-3 hours before the appointment works best), Setmore takes care of the rest.

Sync your personal and professional self

Try as you might, you can’t be in two places at the same time. Most users will already have a calendar they use to keep track of their personal appointments, like their kid’s football practice, or partner’s anniversary date. Setmore Premium allows you to set a 2-way sync between your personal and professional calendar so that you can keep track of everything going on in your life.

The Google authorize window.

A 2-way sync will import/export events from one calendar to the other and vice versa. Setmore Premium offers a 2-way sync with Google Calendar and Office 365. You can quickly enable a 2-way sync from any staff profile in your account. Just flick the corresponding switch and, when prompted, enter the username and password of your external calendar account.

Pro Tip: Setmore also offers a number of 1-way syncs with external calendars, such as iCal on your iPhone. Click here to learn more >

Turn time into money

Setmore Premium lets you accept customer payments and generate receipts for payments recorded. The Stripe integration lets you take customer credit and debit card payments through your calendar, or through the Booking Page as customers schedule their next appointment with you.

The Setmore Booking Page payment window.

Securing a payment upfront not only ensures a firm commitment from customers, but it also means you can spend less time on transactional details during the actual appointment, and just focus on delivering services.

Pro Tip: Pair the payment integration with the QuickBooks or Xero integration so that any payment data logged in Setmore will automatically export to your accounting software.

One click, many appointments

When a customer walks out of your office after an appointment, you have a 27% chance of the customer coming back to you, and the likelihood of a customer returning increases from the third visit onwards. To keep your regulars happy, you can pre-book a series of appointments in one go.

Recurring appointment creation window.

The Recurring Appointments feature helps you book a series of repeating appointments on your calendar. You can also set up recurring classes to ensure that interested participants have equal opportunity to attend your on-demand classes.

Room to grow

As your business grows, you may need to exceed beyond Setmore’s 20 staff member limit. You can raise this limit with a Premium subscription, with modular increases to your subscription rate:

Monthly plans: +$5/mo per +5 staff profiles
Yearly plans: +$50/year per +5 staff profiles

So for example, if you have a monthly Premium subscription ($25 USD/mo) and you want to add 5 more staff calendars, your subscription rate will increase to $25 USD + $5 USD, or $30 USD/mo.

Pro tip: If you need hundreds or more staff profiles, contact our support team and we’ll work with you to find the best solution.

What’s next

Post a comment below – Ask a question, request a feature, or share your experience! We respond to blog comments daily and your input helps inform other users.

Download the PDF – Download the PDF version of this blog post straight to your computer. Share with a colleague or someone who you think could benefit from Setmore Premium >

Sign up for Premium – Try the features out for yourself. If you’re not satisfied, request a refund in 30 days after signup and get your money back. Log into Setmore first, then click the button below:

Button to try Setmore Premium.

Choose between a monthly subscription at $25 USD/mo (maximum flexibility) or an annual subscription at $199 USD/year (maximum savings).

Thanks for reading 🙂

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  • Hello ! I have a question?? Is it mandatory when the client makes an appointment to pay in advance or is it an optional step? I would like to know because not all the customers would have to make a payment in advance so if it is obligatory they will not make the appointment and customers could be lost I think.. thank you

    • Yes, you can require payment upfront at time of booking. Go to Settings > Payments > Booking Page, then in step 2 set the payment to “required.” Note that you must have the Stripe integration enabled to do this, and you need a Setmore Premium subscription. Here’s a video for more info.

  • I desperately need the Office365 Sync feature fixed!!! Setmore will not sync reoccurring meetings set up in Office365 over to our Setmore Calendars. That means that staff are constantly overbooked during required staff meetings and mandatory trainings because the receptionist didn’t check multiple different calendars when setting the appointment… the whole reason we have Setmore is so that we don’t have to check a bunch of different calendars! Please fix! Thank you!

    • Jessica, I’m also noticing that some of your syncs have a note to “reset the sync” in a few of your account’s staff profiles. It’s doing this because sometimes Office requires that Setmore reset its sharing permissions every 3 months or so. We should try to do this just to make sure all the bases are covered – You can reset a sync by going to staff profiles under Settings > Staff and clicking the toggle switch off, waiting about 15 mins for data cache to clear, then turning it back on again. sync reset

    • Hi Jessica, thank you for reporting this issue. It doesn’t look like any headway was made on this since you reported it in January. I’ve re-reported it and I’ll follow up with the team to see what’s going on. Hang in there!

  • I had customers upset about cancellations as well where they were not able to cancel their appointments…Plus I would need multiple locations to be posted at the top of calendar- on certain days of the week… but that is still not a option…. ty

    • Hi April, you should be able to update your cancellation window to permit customers to cancel their appointments sooner/later from their appointment time. Go to Apps & Integrations > Your Booking Page (Configure) > Booking Policies. The option for “Cancellation Policy” is about 6 rows down.

      Customers can cancel their appointments while logging into your Booking Page (see article for more info) or from their appointment confirmation email, which they get when they first book an appointment (Here is an article for more info)

  • Hi, I’m a premium user and I’m very much I to Setmore and a big fan. BUT I have a problem. My clients got really upset when they found out that they cannot change/cancel one of their recurring appointments. I promised them that I will contact Setmore. For them it is very annoying and for me it cancels the very essence of using setmore because I’m becoming the “secretary “ again. Will you add that feature soon that clients will be able to reschedule/cancel one of their recurring appointments? People can be sick, or busy you