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Learn Pinterest for Business Marketing in Easy English.

Let’s start with some facts. Pinterest is the third most popular social network(after Facebook and Twitter) with more than 70 million users, 30 billion updates, monthly page views more than 2.5 billion, and many more. Pinterest sends more referral traffic than Google Plus, Youtube and Linkedin does combined. Pinterest pins are also one of the signals Google considers for ranking, however, they officially canned it. Pinterest is a marketers’ delight, nonetheless.

If you are doing social media and want to venture out into a network that has the potential to significantly boost your sales, Pinterest is the way to go. Like all networks, it has its own unique methods. The following slideshow will help you learn Pinterest for business and take your first steps into Pinterest marketing for business.

Pinterest Marketing 101 – M2Con Digital Marketing Conference from MannixMarketing
What did you love about this tutorial? Let us know about your thoughts on Pinterest marketing. Are you going to market your business on Pinterest?


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