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Five Ways To Make The Best Out Of Video Advertising.

A video is the most powerful theatrical tool in the world that connects with viewers across multiple age groups. With its mixture of sight and sound, advertising has used these tools and reaped it to full benefit. In the new world of internet streaming devices like tablets, smartphones, etc., it becomes even more relevant. In the next ten years, it is estimated that the advertising budget for video will increase by 45%. The most probable explanation is that people will be more inclined to take in their advertising visually than reading about it.

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When advertising your small business, it is even more important to capture the attention of your audience through visual tricks. More accounting firms, restaurants, photography studios, hair salons, etc., are using video advertising on various platforms to push the different products and services they offer. There are many ways to go about creating an advertising promo. Let’s look at the different ways you can maximize your profits through video advertising.

Above and Beyond

We live in a multi-screen world. For marketing wizards, the 15 or 30-second spot seems to be the only way to reach consumers. However, in reality, the consumer will sit for 10 minutes to watch an online video if it has a great and compelling story.

Lights, Camera and Action!

In advertising, “Call to Action” is everything. The video is the aid, but the ending has to be the clincher. It is how best you can affect the audience to maximize your Return on Investment (ROI). Include a call to action at the end of your video that reminds the viewer to visit your site or subscribe to your Youtube channel.

Improvise Using Feedbacks

Don’t assume that people will just buy your product after watching your videos. Customers need to be constantly reminded before they make the decision to buy the product. Your video is the hook to get people excited about your product or service. Use banners in your videos or a link to a site to give their thoughts on the video that they just saw. Any input you can get from the consumer will allow you to reproduce and retarget your video in the right direction.

Data Mining

Before even creating a video, data is always needed before you produce it. There is a ton of consumer data available across the internet.  There are message boards, data from a distribution platform, studies, etc. There are many ways to go about mining for data to produce your video. Small businesses are using scheduling software like Setmore to close the gap between business owner and client. The scheduling software allows the client to connect directly with the business owner and review the services rendered or product. Using this information, you can tailor your visual story based on the conclusion derived from this research.


This is the important aspect to keep in mind while making a video. The content has to be good. In the digital world, content is the king. With a rapid rise of the consumers who prefer the visual media, nothing can pin them down like a video with a great story, humor, and call to action.

Be it spreading a message or promoting an excellent product, a video has been one of the best tools in the world of business advertising. So don’t think twice when you want to include videos in your advertising strategy. With various social media avenues present to share trends, all it takes is one viral video to skyrocket your business.


by Srilakshmi

Content writer and scheduling expert at Setmore Appointments.

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