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Your brand or marketplace

The Marketplace brand or yours: which do customers prefer?

Today’s consumers have endless options when making purchases. Whether it’s products, services or solutions, many can default to searching online marketplaces.

However, a recent study* reveals that customers prefer brands over marketplaces. Is it about trust, familiarity or something totally different? See the full report.

70% of consumers are influenced by branding in their purchase decisions

Branding plays a key role in influencing consumers’ purchasing decisions. Your brand identity isn’t just a logo or color scheme; it embodies your company’s values, mission, and personality. 

In a crowded marketplace, your brand can get lost in the shuffle. It’s just another logo in a lineup; is this how a brand is perceived in the marketplace? Marketers who want to differentiate their brand in a competitive marketplace will often use methods like slashing prices or paying for placement to stand out.

Connecting with a brand’s image builds trust, leading to repeat purchases and lasting loyalty. Ensure consistency across your physical store, website, Booking Page and social media for a seamless experience, whether online or in person.

54% have had a negative experience after making a marketplace purchase based on positive reviews.

Online marketplaces offer many options, but relying solely on their reviews can be tricky. Some consumers get swayed by glowing ratings and feedback, but find communication limitations and unclear listings.

Instead of pushing your brand to stand out in the marketplace, prioritize top-notch offerings, solid connections and great customer service. Consistency and quality will take you higher, scoring major trust and satisfaction points.

Keep conversations direct with customers and fix any bumps along the way pronto. That way, instead of stressing over your brand relevancy in the marketplace, you own it by telling your story loud and clear.

Brand communication is super valuable

Solid communication is key for happy customers – they want to be able to connect with brands for questions, concerns and needs. 82% of consumers value being able to directly communicate with the business they’re purchasing from.

This flow of communication lets customers air their concerns, get personalized help, and feel more connected and satisfied. Ultimately, it helps lead to brand loyalty and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

Reaching every call or chat can be challenging for service-based businesses. Integrating a dedicated live chat software or answering service helps maintain strong customer relationships with expert support—as if they were part of your team. 

Supporting brands they know and love

When people buy from a brand, they’re not just making a purchase; they’re fueling that business’s growth and sustainability. This hunger for a direct and impactful connection helps businesses grow.

72% of consumers prefer buying directly from a brand when they know that 100% of profit goes to that business. By directly supporting brands, consumers are steering clear of marketplaces when they find a business they love.

Your brand isn’t just something people buy; it’s an emotional bond. It reflects who they are and what they believe in, making them happy to spend on it. You won’t find any brand ambassadors in the marketplace

Stand out and leave the marketplace behind

If you want to break free from the marketplace and grow your brand, dive into our videos and guides to help boost leads and customer loyalty.

Happy scheduling!

*We surveyed 6,000 online marketplace users in the US, UK, and Canada for our recent study conducted with OnePoll.

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