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Prevent Duplicate Customer Appointments

Avoid duplicate entries of the same customer in your Setmore account when customers book appointments with your business online.

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Exclusive Profiles for Your Customers

Enable customers to create a user profile to log in and book appointments with your business’s Setmore account. With this profile, your customers provide details and contact information that will automatically create an entry in your customer database, and the login can be used to book appointments with your business in the future.

These profiles also auto-fill customer information during the appointment booking process, cutting down on the time spent booking an appointment and making it faster and easier for repeat customers to schedule appointments online via the Booking Page.

Eliminate Multiple Customer Contact Entries

The Customer Login feature in Setmore gives your customers a great way to maintain an exclusive profile with the option to upload their photo, check a history of past appointments, and reschedule or cancel current appointments. By making the Customer Login feature mandatory, your customers will have to use their customer logins to schedule an appointment online with your business.

Thus customers with profiles will use their existing logins while the rest will have to create a profile with your business to book appointments with you online. This free feature helps you prevent duplicate records of your customers from being created in your account listings if customers otherwise provide inconsistent information while scheduling appointments via your online Booking Page.

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Act on Existing Duplicate Contact Entries

You can delete multiple duplicate entries from the customer database at once. Deleting a customer contact from the database will result in deleting the customer’s appointment history also. To avoid losing appointment history and other valuable data, you can also merge multiple customer contacts into a single contact. This operation ensures that you have the upper hand in choosing the precise customer data, from existing contacts, which will be displayed in the merged customer profile.

Click here to find out more about deleting or merging multiple customer contacts >


Are these Customer Logins exclusive to my Setmore account?
Yes, Each login created by a customer on your Booking Page is exclusive to your business’s Setmore account and this login cannot be used by the customer to book appointments on the Booking Page of another Setmore-powered business.

Can I create the profile on behalf of my customer?
Yes. When you enable the customer login feature, a login button appears on top-right corner of the online Booking Page. You can enter your customer’s email and a temporary password to create the profile. This action will send an email containing the login credentials to your customer’s email address and your customer can start using these credentials to log in and book appointments.

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