Prevent duplicate bookings and contacts.

Put a stop to double-booking and duplicate customer entries in your diary. With Setmore, your business calendar stays in check.

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Activate personalized customer logins.

Require your online Booking Page’s visitors to create unique customer profiles. Clients can log in and book appointments or update their contact information 24/7. Each customer’s profile automatically updates when they make a booking, centralizing their activity.

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Your all-in-one calendar and CRM system.

Simplifying contact management is just the beginning. Explore how Setmore helps you stay organized and streamlines your workflow.

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add contacts with booking

Build your contact list with every booking.

By making customer logins mandatory, first-time clients need to create unique profiles to book appointments. Send valuable data to third-party CRM or email tools, including contact information and booking history.

Returning customers can simply log in and book again. There’s no need to input contact details each time, helping reduce duplicate entries for the same customer.

Convenient, cost-free, customer-friendly.

Empower your customers to check their booking history, cancel or reschedule appointments online, and upload a photo. Customer logins personalize the booking experience tenfold. When repeat clients self-schedule through your Booking Page, their information also auto-fills, speeding up the process.

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setmore prevents duplication

Remove duplicate customer records.

Need to tidy up your current customer database? It’s easy to merge or delete duplicate entries in your Setmore contact list. Merging customer profiles into a single record prevents losing appointment history and other valuable data.

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Clean up your contacts with Setmore.

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