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Add a Photo Gallery to Your Website

Your Setmore Booking Page is exclusive to you and it can serve as your official website, if you don't have one already. Adding some visually appealing pictures to your Setmore Booking Page enhances the overall user experience and helps persuade customers to book an appointment with your business.

Setmore App Open on Mac & Mobile Devices

Visual Enhancement

Help your customers visualize using your product or service by uploading pictures and videos to your Setmore Booking Page from your Instagram account. Yes, you need to have an Instagram account to do this. Don't have an Instagram account? Sign up here.

Hashtag World

There are seven hundred million active users on Instagram scrolling through trending hashtags. You can actively work on increasing your visibility by uploading pictures that speak about you. Instagram has detail-oriented picture editing capabilities and cool filters, including the ability to go live during a make-up tutorial or a haircut. There's no end to how you can creatively use these to your advantage.

Push Instagram Pictures to Facebook

You can also synchronize your Instagram account to your Facebook page to reach followers who've liked you. Hashtag searches help these images be seen by everyone on Facebook, even beyond those in your friends list.

What's Trending

Drive more visitors to your page and eventually to your doorstep with proper usage of hashtags. Images uploaded to your Facebook page are open to public viewing when Facebook users search for small businesses with some of the more popular trending business hashtags like #business #working #dowhatyoulove #entrepreneur #leadership and #workharder.

Setmore Instagram Integration

Login to your Setmore account and navigate to Apps & Integrations, choose Instagram and then click the Activate button. Log in to your Instagram account and allow access to Setmore, then complete the integration by providing a hashtag. All pictures you upload on your Instagram account with this hashtag will get pushed to your Setmore Booking Page.

Click here for a step-by-step guide on Setmore-Instagram Integration >

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