Eliminate Multiple Customer Contact Entries

The online Booking Page of your Setmore account empowers your customers to book appointments without intervention from you. The Customer Login feature in Setmore helps you regulate the appointments booked from the Booking Page by only permitting customers with a registered profile to schedule appointments with your Setmore account.

By making the Customer Login feature mandatory, newer customers and visitors who wish to book appointments with you will have to create a customer profile to schedule appointments with your business. The feature also gives you control over customer profiles by allowing you to create profiles on behalf of your customers, or if needed, to delete profiles created by your customers.

Click here to find out more about the Customer Login feature and how to make it mandatory in your Setmore account >

Require Service Fee Upfront

Setmore integrates with Stripe Payments to empower businesses to accept a service fee for appointments booked from the Calendar or the Booking Page. Users with a Setmore Premium account can optimize this feature to eliminate fake appointments from the booking page by making it mandatory for customers to pay upfront to have the booking confirmed.

Setting up this feature to prevent fake appointments is simple. First activate the Stripe integration in your Setmore account and then mark payments as mandatory in the Payment Settings for the Booking Page. Cut down on frivolous appointments that end up hurting your business, your resources and most importantly, your time, all by using Setmore as your business’s online appointment booking and management software.

First, click here to learn how to activate Stripe in your Setmore Premium account >

Then, make payment mandatory at the time of booking from your Booking Page >

Note: The Stripe integration is a feature of Setmore Premium. To upgrade to Premium version, follow the steps mentioned in this support article.

Collect Customer Deposit

Even if you don’t want to collect the entire service fee upfront, Setmore empowers you to collect a fraction of the service fee in the form of a deposit when customers schedule appointments online. You can apply a uniform discount for all services and then collect the remainder when the customer comes in for their appointment. This way, your customers will pay a part of the the service cost ahead of the appointment and Setmore helps you cut down on bulk spam appointments booked by from your online booking page.

Here’s the best setup for using customer deposit to eliminate fake appointments >


What should I do if a customer with an active customer login books frivolous appointments?
You can manually delete the customer profile from inside your Setmore account. Deleting the profile from the customer listing of your Setmore account will automatically delete the profile associated with the customer contact.

Can I only accept payments and deposits for regular appointments?
No, you can set up the payment or customer deposit hack for both regular appointments and class bookings. For classes, your customers will be prompted to make a payment to secure a spot as an attendee in the class session.

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