Eliminate Fake Online Customer Appointments.

Put an end to fake appointments by switching to Setmore online appointment scheduling today.Collect service deposits upfront and ensure you don't receive multiple customer contact entries for single appointments.

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Nobody wants spam appointments filling up their calendar. They take time away from motivated customers - impacting your productivity and profitability. Well, dealing with fake bookings just got easier.

Customize your Setmore Booking Page to accept only quality appointments. Focus on delivering your magic while your app organizes your schedule.

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Put a stop to repeated detail entries.

Enable the Customer Login feature on your Booking Page and streamline appointment inflow. Making this feature mandatory ensures only customers with a registered profile can schedule appointments with your business.

New customers must create a profile before booking your services. You can also take control when needed, and create or delete profiles with ease.

Request service fees ahead of time.

Connect Setmore with Stripe or Square to get paid in advance for bookings. That goes for any appointments made through your calendar and Booking Page.

Cut down on false appointments that could impact your productivity. Switch to easy, automated appointment software to save time, money and energy.

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Take customer deposits.

Collect a fraction of the service fee when a customer books online. Accept deposits through your Booking Page and collect the balance amount when your customer attends their session.

Setting up customer deposits helps cut down on nuisance appointments by adding a further action. Customers pay a part of the service cost ahead of time, giving you more certainty that they all show up.


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