Sync Customer Appointments to Your Outlook Calendar

Microsoft’s online, browser-based calendar solution. Create a new account for free. Schedule and manage your personal appointments, work meetings, and various other events.

How it works with Setmore

Display Setmore events in Outlook (One-way sync) and display Outlook events in Setmore (Two-way sync; **Requires Premium**). Consolidate all of your calendar events and appointments in one place.



Consolidate Multiple Work or Personal Calendars

The key benefit of the calendar sync is being able to see and track your meetings, lunches, engagements, and appointments all in one place. As an added bonus, any Outlook events that are imported into Setmore via the two-way sync will also block out your availability on your Booking Page, preventing your customers from accidentally double-booking with you. Of course, you may still double-book affected timeslots yourself, if you so desire.

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Sync Events One Way or Two Way

The one-way sync exports your Setmore appointments to your Outlook calendar. The two-way sync will both export your Setmore appointments to your Outlook calendar, and import your Outlook events to your Setmore calendar.

You must have a Setmore Premium account in order to activate the two-way sync! Not sure if you want to upgrade? Try Premium for 30 days and request a refund if it doesn’t meet your needs.

Flip the Switch to Sync Your Calendars

Setting up the sync takes just a few seconds. You’ll need access to your Setmore staff profile, and you should have your Outlook username and password handy.

Step 1: In Setmore, navigate to Settings > Staff and choose a staff member profile.

Step 2: From the staff’s profile page, click the On/Off switch for Office 365 Sync.* You’ll be prompted to sign in with your Outlook username and password.

Step 3: Follow the prompts to grant data sharing permissions to Setmore and the sync will be activated.

*Note: Outlook Is Evolving. As of 2017, Microsoft is moving to combine its Outlook and Office 365 brands. As a result, you will need to use the “Office 365” switch in your staff profiles to activate the Outlook sync. You’ll continue to sign in with your Outlook username and password as normal.

Frequently Asked Questions

I receive a 500 error message when trying to sync my Outlook account in Setmore
This could be due to conflicts when trying to log into your Outlook account from Setmore when you may already be logged in from a separate browser tab, or even the Outlook app. To remedy this situation, log out of all other app versions and browser tabs of Outlook, then try to activate the sync within Setmore.

After the sync is activated, my appointments are not being synced from my Outlook account to Setmore
If you are using the Outlook app, first make sure that it is connecting to your Microsoft Exchange server. This will ensure that and events you create in Outlook aren’t still waiting to be uploaded to the internet. If the issue persists, log into your Setmore account and de-activate, then re-activate the calendar sync. For best results, log out of Outlook before attempting this.