Setmore helps me keep all my managers on track, and helps me make sure my clients are coming in as booked.

Sanaa, Soul to Sole Fitness & Dance Hub

Setmore customer Sanaa
Setmore customer sanaa

Who is Soul to Sole?

Soul to Sole is one of Delhi's largest boutique fitness and dance hubs. We as a community look to make fitness fun and happy. Soul to Sole started as a hobby, as an opportunity to “fit in” with everyone. With inspirational instructors, a gorgeous studio, and rocking music, everyone can let loose, clear their heads, and empower themselves with a strength that lasts beyond the studio walls.

I was just 19 when I started Soul to Sole. Little did I expect it to change people's lives. It's been five years now with 4300 unique clients across Delhi and Gurgaon.

How Setmore helps.

My idea was to connect fitness and fun together. Setmore helped me in my weakest link, customer acquisition. We were held back in that area because of human errors. We also had communication gaps between our two studios which caused our efficiency to spiral down. Setmore really helped bridge the gap. Now we are able to keep track of our clients, along with how many inquire and how many convert to being customers.

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The fact that Setmore has a phone and desktop app is superb. The overview of my week's appointments keeps my managers on track to ensure clients are coming in as booked.
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Simple scheduling for busy days.

The opportunity to make someone's day better inspires me to be a dancer/choreographer/fitness trainer. I believe fitness and dancing have a way of connecting us with people and help make a change in their lives. My typical workday starts at 6:15am with my three dogs. I take about twenty minutes to make a quick meal for the day and then head out to my morning class sessions. I squeeze in a quick workout, come back for lunch, and then head to my office to meet the marketing and admin team. I teach a few classes in the evening again.

What’s next?

I'm looking at expanding to over five branches in the next three years. This will require things to be efficient and flow smooth. Setmore has a big role in it.

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