Setmore works wonderfully for our business. All my barbers love it and have the app on their phones.

Nichole Missino, Giovanni's Media Barber Shop

Setmore customer Nichole barber shop
Setmore customer barber shop

Who is Nichole?

I'm Nichole and I own a barber shop in Media, Pennsylvania. I've been cutting hair for twenty years. I found Setmore in my hour of crisis. I was using a different system which crashed on me. When I reached out to their customer service, they said they would get back to me in two days. They never did. My web designer discovered Setmore for me in my hour of need. Setmore was perfect, and I loved it. The younger generation uses text messaging more. That's why I upgraded to use the text reminder option.

I'm very busy on a typical work day with haircuts, shaves and beard trims. I see a different person every twenty minutes and I meet around twenty customers each day.

How Setmore helps.

Customers book through the Setmore booking button on my website. I live in a busy town, and so there is a decent amount of walk-in traffic as well. But 80% of my business is through the Setmore Booking Page. I am computer-stupid and so I love how easy it is to set up. Setmore is amazing and very very easy to navigate through. There's a lot of other scheduling systems out there I wasn't too impressed with which were very expensive also.

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I love the immediate response I get everytime I chat with Setmore customer support. I wanted to have an option to get booked every twenty minutes. They tweaked my booking slot size instantly. Setmore is very flexible and would work well for other businesses also.
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Super simple.

My clients loved it when we switched to Setmore from the old system. They said Setmore is fabulous, and so much better than the old system. My elderly customers who aren't tech savvy love Setmore for its user friendliness. My clients love that they can book appointments, reschedule, or cancel it themselves. That way, they don't have to call us. The old system did not allow self-booking. Now my customers have more control over their appointments.

What’s next?

I only have five chairs now. In the next five years, my aim is to grow my business and extend the hours of my shop. I want to open more locations in the next ten years.

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