Setmore definitely makes my life easier.
It has made a huge and positive impact on my business.

Lynsey Jess, Lynsey Jess Makeup & Beauty

setmore has a huge impact on customer business
lynsey uses setmore for her business

Who is Lynsey Jess?

I took a break from the beauty industry and lived in Dubai for five years working as a cabin crew member for the Emirates Airline.

When we decided to move back to the UK, I was a little unsure whether or not I wanted to work for somebody else in a salon. Opening my own home salon was the perfect way for me to build up clientele.

My aim is to allow my clients to enjoy that salon feel and experience.

My typical work day starts with me waking up around 7:30am and getting ready to open the salon at 9am. The luxury of working from home is you never get stuck in any rush hour traffic.

How Setmore helps.

The reminder emails for all my clients reduce the number of no-shows and customers actually turn up for their appointments.

I offer a variety of treatments and I don't have to carry an old-fashioned diary everywhere I go.

Even when I am out of the salon, I always have my schedule on my phone.

setmore helps in appointment scheduling
Customers don't have to call the office phone and ask for a bikini wax for everyone to hear. Whether its 4am on a Saturday morning or 10pm on a Tuesday night, they can book it online, it's more private.
clients can book their own appointments

I'm a one-girl band.

My biggest challenge was answering the phone when my clients call to book appointments.

I struggled being a receptionist and a beauty therapist. But, Setmore allows my clients to book themselves in for their own appointments.

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