Ideal for Businesses with Customers Near and Far

For businesses serving customers who are distributed all over the world, timezone complexities turn appointment booking and scheduling into a whole new ball game. Setmore gives your business an online Booking Page that stays active and accepts appointment bookings from your customers day or night.

Each Setmore account comes with a unique online Booking Page identifiable by a configurable Booking Page URL. Your customers can visit the Booking Page, pick the service, zero in on a preferred time from the list of available time slots, and enter their details to confirm the booking without having to call in or email you. The free online Booking Page transforms into a customer-facing appointment booking system that stays open past your working hours.

One Booking Page, Multiple Languages Supported

Setmore, by default lets you choose a preferred Booking Page language that works best for your business. Sometimes, when your business extends its service to a customer base from different ethnic groups, choosing a common language that works for everyone could be challenging. With this little hack, you can present your Booking Page in multiple languages. Simply copy your Booking Page URL and append a the code given below to the end of the URL:


So your Booking Page URL for a different language, say Spanish, would look like this:

You now can have different versions of your Booking Page with different languages to appeal to customers in different geographies, in their own language. Appointments booked from different language versions of your Booking Page will show up in the admin Calendar of your Setmore account.

Timezones That Are Never Lost in Translation

With Setmore’s Show Local Time feature activated, available time slots on the Booking page are automatically translated to your customer’s timezone, based on their hardware settings. The feature also provides a timezone picker for the customer to manually set their timezone in case of a mismatch. Setmore can also include your customer’s timezone in any confirmation and notification emails. This way, the booking confirmation and reminder emails will include the time of the appointment, both in your timezone and your customer’s timezone.

Click here to learn how to display the customer’s local timezone >

Click here to learn how to include your customer’s timezone in confirmation emails >


If I have different versions of the Booking Page set up, does this affect the language of any notification and confirmation emails?
No, even if you have made the online Booking Page of your Setmore account in different languages, the language of the notification emails sent to your customers depends on the default language set for the Booking Page. To learn more about how to set a preferred language for your Booking Page, follow the instructions mentioned in this article.

Can I change the language for text reminders?
Currently, there are no language settings for SMS/text reminders. However you can customize the content of text reminders to match your language preferences. The updated content will reflect in any reminders sent for appointments that are booked after the change was made, and not for any booked before the change was made. To send SMS reminders, you will have to upgrade your Setmore account to a Premium plan. To customize the content of your reminders, read this support article.

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