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Attach meeting links to your bookings with our video conferencing integrations.

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Your all-in-one online meeting scheduler.

By meeting your customers online, you open a whole new stream of revenue. Simply choose the services to provide over video. When a customer books online, Setmore sends both of you a video meeting link. When it’s time to start, simply click the link to join.

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  • Automate meeting links

    Select the services to provide virtually. When a customer books, they’ll receive a video meeting link in their email confirmation

  • Zero downloads

    When your meeting is due to start, both you and your customer click the link to join. There are no plugins or additional costs.

  • Customize your calls

    Add unique branding to your Google Meet or Zoom meetings, offering customers an impressive, aligned experience.

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Avoid party crashers.

Build trust and give customers peace of mind that their sessions are secure. With our video call integrations, you can restrict access to meetings for extra privacy. This is also a key benefit when discussing confidential information in virtual team meetings. Your video calls are invite-only, giving you control over who enters at all times.

Reach a global audience.

Your skills know no bounds. Take your services online to get leads and customers from around the world. With a convenient payment gateway, you can monetize video sessions and get paid ahead of time. Whether you’re a tutor, consultant, designer or trainer, booking and hosting one-to-one or group sessions is straightforward.

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Save time, money and energy.

Turn in-person appointments into virtual meetings and maximize your bookable hours. With no need to travel, you can meet more leads and customers. Your video call scheduling software also automates text or email reminders, cutting down on lateness and no-shows.

Let the bookings roll in.

Empower customers to schedule a video call 24/7. Your Booking Page displays your real-time availability. While you focus on delivering 5-star service, Setmore updates your calendar and fires out meeting links.

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Setting up your virtual appointment scheduling software.


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