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Schedule appointments and video meetings in Freshdesk.

Address more customer support inquiries with the free Setmore and Freshdesk calendar integration.

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Turn tickets into meaningful experiences.

Freshdesk allows you to access customer conversations all in one place. Integrating Setmore with Freshdesk enables you to schedule video meetings, connect with customers right away, and resolve issues quickly.

Book appointments from within Freshdesk to reduce wait times and offer a personalized experience.

Automate booking notifications.

The Setmore-Freshdesk integration automates email confirmations and reminders for every booking. Your staff and customers know the where-and-when, as well as the issue that needs resolving. Reduce no-shows and keep everyone on the same page.

Stay in the loop with dynamic scheduling.

Update work hours, time-off and breaks so specialists are only booked when they’re available. Create multiple customized staff Booking Pages that allow helpdesk agents to schedule customer appointments in seconds.

Staff calendars automatically update each time an appointment is added, rescheduled, or canceled.

Book video meetings, offer quick solutions.

Enable your helpdesk agents to schedule virtual meetings with customers, directly from the Freshdesk dashboard. Automatically add a Teleport or Zoom meeting link to customer appointments and provide face-to-face support from Anywhere.

Teams can offer live demos, resolve tickets more efficiently, and increase customer loyalty by humanizing each experience.

Engage new leads and resolve more tickets with Freshdesk-Setmore integration.

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Connecting with customers made simple.

Setting up the Freshdesk integration

Check out a step-by-step guide on integrating Setmore with Freshdesk. Let your helpdesk agents book customer appointments without switching apps.

Connect Setmore with Freshsales

Integrate your Freshsales account with Setmore. Export your contacts automatically and spend more time engineering campaigns.

Customize your Teleport video calls

Personalize your Teleport virtual meeting room with your business logo, brand colors, a welcome message for guests and more.


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