Give your Salon the Website of your dreams for FREE!

If WordPress is what you seek as the base for your Website, then Setmore is here to simplify your life, yet again. Setmore offers you a Spa-Salon themed WordPress template to build a stunning website for your business and guess what? Your business can have a website from this free theme.

What The Theme Gives you:

The theme, as the name gives away, is powered by both WordPress and Setmore. The theme is tailored to match the heart of your business requirements and helps you to project the complete profile of your business in one website.

  • A professional website to launch your business online.
  • Visually stunning theme with illustrative images.
  • Exclusive sections to describe your business, services and staffs.
  • Areas to include the Booking Page of your business.
  • Options to customize the elements of the theme.
  • Feature all your WordPress blog posts on the home page.
  • Include all social links of the business and your staffs.
  • Embed the independent Staff booking pages.

The Spa-Salon theme liberates you from creating a website from scratch. It comes with a bundle of features to improve your website productivity. Unify your blogging, business profile and appointment scheduling into one powerful medium, your brand new website.