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When you sign up for an account, you can choose between the 'Free', 'Pro' or 'Premium' plan. If you'd like to change or upgrade your plan later, click 'Products' in the left sidebar of the Setmore app. You'll get the option to select the plan you'd like.
Your billing cycle for a 'Pro' or 'Premium' account begins the day you sign up. Your subscription will automatically renew based on the billing period (monthly/annual) you choose.
You can cancel your subscription at any time. You can try 'Pro' or 'Premium' risk-free for 30 days and if you're not satisfied, contact us to request a refund.
We accept all major debit and credit cards online. You can update your billing information in your Setmore account at any time.
Setmore charges per 'user' or by each staff member with their own profile. Each staff calendar counts as a user even if the owner/assignee does not have login permission.
With the Setmore and Teleport Free integration, users receive a generic Setmore meeting link and can host peer-to-peer and group calls (up to 50 mins for group calls) for up to 25 participants.
With the Setmore and Teleport Premium integration, users receive a branded meeting URL and can host peer-to-peer and group calls for up to 25 participants. A branded in-call and waiting room experience is coming soon.

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