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Why you don't need to print this calendar

Don't print this calendar if you can help it.

Regularly printing calendars and schedules doesn't make sense. It's easier to create, edit, and share calendars digitally rather than constantly keep a paper version up to date.

In addition, office printers churning out paper can be a carbon-intensive process in your organization. And it's not the just paper. Your printer itself has an embodied carbon footprint, and by avoiding unnecessary printing you can extend its useful life.

To help you avoid printing calendar templates unnecessarily, we've created a flexible PDF template with a date range that you can select yourself. Any year and month is available - past, present, or future.


How to use your calendar template

The calender is completly editable and shareable

Once you've downloaded your PDF template, you'll find that each box within the calendar is editable. Select the appropriate box and you'll be able to type directly onto your calendar.

You can then share the calendar with your team, who will be able to update the calendar themselves. It's a better option than trading a paper calendar back and forth every time.

Our calendar template has been designed for you to use as a reusable, editable, and environmentally-friendly calendar scheduler. We hope you like it.

Feel free to download as many versions as you like, as often as you like.


Digital scheduling on all your devices

A PDF calendar template isn't the only way to avoid printing out dozens of month-to-month calendars every year.

Instead of a printable calendar, consider the many other options for scheduling your time that make it easier for you to organize, keep up to date, and share with your team.

Google Calendar, Office 365, Outlook, and Apple iCal can all help you organise your time and schedule your appointments without having to resort to printables. But sometimes these regular calendar applications don't quite meet your specific requirements. Setmore is our solution to your scheduling problem.

It's designed to help you when you need more than just a basic calendar.

  • If you take appointments
  • If you schedule staffing
  • If your customers make bookings

...then you might find that Setmore is more effective for your organization than a downloadable template or basic calendar app.


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