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Spend less time booking more appointments

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No matter where you are in the world, you can have online appointment scheduling software that works great and looks amazing.


Clients can schedule whenever they want.

"Before Setmore I would have to send 3-4 emails back and forth with clients. Now I send one link, they know exactly when I’m available and they can book when they want."

Andy Berndt

Mister Berndt Photography


It has made my life so much easier.

"Setmore makes my team and I more productive by making the
booking process easier. My clients can book their desired date and time based upon my availability."

Steven Green

Steven G Photography


I love the ease of use, design, and function.

"Setmore has been a game changer for my one person photography business.
I have complete control when and
what type of session I want to

Ara Arbabzadeh

V.I.P. Studios Photography

Super flexible online customer booking

Our goal is to reduce your administrative overhead by making it easier to book appointments online. This frees you up to focus on doing the work you love, and on delivering a more personalized service that keeps your clients coming back.

24/7 online support inside the app

Have a question or concern? Start a one-on-one chat from inside the Setmore app to connect with an expert anytime, day or night. With a 1-2 minute response time, our support specialists will get you back on track in no time.

Let clients self-book online

Your Setmore account comes with a free Booking Page, a web page that lists your services, staff, availability and contact info. Share the Booking Page with your clients and let them book their next photo shoot online, no phone call required.

Add the Booking Page to your website and open up a path for online visitors to schedule an appointment when their interest level is at its highest. We give you copy-and-paste-ready code that you can deploy in minutes.

Install the Setmore plugin on your business Facebook page, and give your social media followers the opportunity to book an appointment while you showcase your work on your timeline. The plugin is free and connects with your main Setmore calendar.