Setmore Appointments - Subscription Policy

Setmore is a free online scheduling platform that offers advanced features with paid subscriptions - Setmore Premium, Setmore Pro, and Setmore Pro+.

Setmore Premium Setmore Pro Setmore Pro+
Users 1 2-4 5-6
Monthly $11.99 $35.99 $53.99
Annual $107.99
($9 / mo)
($20 / mo)
($29 / mo)

When adding a Setmore paid subscription to your account, you may choose between a monthly billing period or an annual billing period.

By upgrading to Setmore Premium, Pro or Pro+, you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Subscription Period

Your billing cycle begins the day you sign up. If you choose the monthly billing period, your subscription will renew automatically each month, from the day you sign up. If you choose the annual billing period, your subscription will renew automatically each year, from the day you sign up.

Multiple Staff

The free, basic version of Setmore allows up to 4 staff profiles/calendars in one account. Using the staff login feature, staff members can create a username and password to access their calendar on your account. Setmore Premium also allows 1 user, Pro allows 2-4 users and Pro+ allows 5-6 users, along with access to Setmore’s advanced features.

When you upgrade to Setmore Premium, Pro or Pro+, all members of your account will have access to Setmore Premium features.

The account admin who upgraded to the paid subscription will manage the subscription settings for the entire account using their Apple ID on their iOS device. Any staff member who did not upgrade will not be able to access subscription settings, but they will have access to Setmore’s paid features for the duration of the subscription.


You may cancel your subscription at any time. When you cancel, your subscription will continue until the end of the current billing period, and your subscription will not automatically renew. You will continue to have access to Setmore’s Premium features until your billing period elapses.


Setmore Premium, Pro, and Pro+ include all the features of the basic, free version of Setmore like: an online calendar where you can book appointments with customers; multiple staff profiles and calendars in a single account; automatic email confirmations and reminders; a free, customizable, online Booking Page where customers can schedule appointments with your business 24/7; a free Square integration that lets you take payments for appointments online; and more.

Setmore Premium, Pro and Pro+ add the following features: Extra staff members: The free, basic version of Setmore only supports up to 4 staff profiles and calendars in a single account. With Setmore Pro+, you can raise this limit to 6 staff profiles and calendars. Text reminders: One text reminder will automatically send to your customer at a set time before each appointment. 2-way calendar sync: Automatically export your Setmore appointments and events to your Google or Office 365 calendars, and import your Google or Office 365 events to your Setmore calendar. Online payments with Stripe: The free version of Setmore allows you to integrate your Square account. Setmore Premium will allow you to integrate your Stripe account for an additional payment provider option. Recurring appointments and classes: Schedule a whole series of appointments or class sessions with just a few taps. White-label Booking Page: Remove the Setmore brand header and footer from your Booking Page, so that customers will only see your company logo and branding. Zoom meetings: Turn appointments into video meetings with the Zoom integration.

Managing Auto-Renewal

Your Setmore Premium subscription will renew automatically at the start of your billing cycle. If your payment method expires or elapses, your access to Setmore paid features may be temporarily suspended until your payment method is updated.

You may view your subscription settings and billing history for Setmore Premium using your iOS device's Settings menu:

  1. Open Settings and tap on your Apple ID name card at the top of the menu.
  2. Tap on iTunes & App Store, then tap your Apple ID at the top of the screen.
  3. Select "View Apple ID" and then tap Subscriptions.
  4. Select Setmore Appointments to access your subscription settings.

The subscription settings menu will allow you to cancel your Setmore Premium/Pro or Pro+ subscription, or change between a monthly/yearly billing period. If you change your billing period, the change will take effect when the current billing period ends:

If you change your billing period from monthly to yearly, your annual subscription payment will automatically bill at the end of the current month that your billing period is in, and every year thereafter until cancellation. If you change your billing period from yearly to monthly, your monthly subscription payment will automatically bill at the end of the current year that your billing period is in, and every month thereafter until cancellation. Setmore does not maintain, store, or share payment information for subscribers who upgrade to Setmore Premium, Pro, or Pro+ using their Apple ID from an iOS device. Payments are processed by Apple and subscription information is tied to the user's Apple ID.

Setmore Not Listed Under Subscriptions

If you don't see Setmore listed under your Apple ID subscriptions, it may be because you are a staff member for the account or that another member on your account upgraded Setmore using their Apple ID. The Setmore user who originally upgraded is the only user who may change or update the subscription settings.

You will also be unable to see Setmore under your Apple ID subscriptions if you upgraded your Setmore account through a web browser at If you or another account admin upgraded your Setmore account in this way, then you can manage your subscription settings through our web browser login at rather than your iOS device.

Getting Support

If you need help setting up features, managing your Setmore subscription, or have questions about Setmore, you can reach out to our support team 24/7.

In the Setmore app: Go to More > Support > Chat Us to start a 1:1 instant message conversation with a support team member. Or go to More > Feedback if you would like to provide feedback about the Setmore app.

You can also email us at, or call +1 877-989-7413.