Link Setmore to Your Infusionsoft Account

Update Your Contact List Automatically

Marketing is an integral part of the business success story and in the current digital era, various digital marketing tools have emerged. If your email campaign is driven by Infusionsoft and Setmore takes care of your appointment scheduling needs, your campaign list will never go outdated with the Setmore-Infusionsoft integration. This integration helps you create contacts directly in your Infusionsoft list when new customers are added to your Setmore customer database, or when a new customer books an appointment from the booking page.

Don’t Let a Single Customer Go Unnoticed

Staying on top of your Infusionsoft customer list requires continuous renewal and that’s precisely where Setmore comes to the rescue. By automatically transferring new contacts from your Setmore database, this integration saves you from the time-consuming process of manually transferring new contacts into Infusionsoft.

With a customer list that’s always up-to-date, your new customer marketing and drip campaigns won’t let a single user slip through the cracks. This means faster, more efficient and comprehensive onboarding that speeds up time-to-sale and more steady growth for your business.

Getting the Integration Going

Sounds promising? To get the integration up and running, you will need to follow a few simple instructions:

  • In your Setmore account, go to Profile > Integrate > Infusionsoft.
  • Click Activate Infusionsoft.
  • Enter your Infusionsoft account username and password, and click Log In
  • Click Allow to link your Infusionsoft account with your Setmore account.
  • You will receive a confirmation message and this completes your integration.

We’re Here for You

We’re here all day and all night to answer your questions. First read this visual guide that will help you integrate Setmore with your Infusionsoft account from our online help section.

For additional help, you can contact us via instant message from inside your account, by phone at +1 (877) 407-3560, or by sending an email to

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