Setmore Google Calendar Integration

Integrate Your Setmore Appointment Calendar with Google Calendar

Calendars have been a boon to our lives. From the tear away ones to the monthly stick on ones, we’ve all had our use for this little time keeper. Then like all the products that went digital, technology took over and the little calendar transformed into your digital appointment diary. Google Calendar was one such application that helped many keep track of their schedules. But over the years as requirements evolved and demands escalated, it became obsolete.

Setmore is designed to help you with all your small business scheduling requirements. This appointment scheduling software is all that you need to manage everything from scheduling appointments to managing the staffs, services and customers of any small business. We understand that it might be difficult to let go of Google Calendar, so we’ve devised a plan to retain your Google Calendar and extract the best from Setmore simultaneously. The Setmore-Google Calendar integration is out there for all our customers to take advantage of. The Freemium customers can take up the one-way sync while the Premium customers can take advantage of the two-way sync in the integration.

  • Project your Google appointments to your Setmore account and vice versa.
  • Unify your personal and professional calendars.
  • Edit your Setmore appointments from Google Calendar.
  • Enable the calendar sync for all your staffs.

Let Your Personal Calendar Meet Your Professional Calendar

The Setmore-Google Calendar sync is very simple and the swipe of a slide bar would achieve the purpose. Opting for the two-way sync in your premium Setmore account would instantly update the events in your Google Calendar, whereas the time to reflect the updates in the free account would take about 8 hours. With this integration, you have the opportunity to manage your personal calendar and your professional appointments together effortlessly.

Imagine a world where your Google Calendar would co-exist peacefully with your favorite appointment scheduling software. Well, now you don’t have to count on your imagination anymore because Setmore lets you combine your Google Calendar with Setmore. With this feature, keep your personal commitments incorporated with your professional obligations without any hassles. It’s simple, easy and takes on two goals in one shot.

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