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Groupon Coupon Codes and Setmore

Groupon is a great alternative to promote your business and attract customers. Clearly, it offers advantages over mainstream promotions like TV ads, pamphlets and billboards with its whopping 48.6 million unique customers who are on a continuous quest for the next deal.

Groupon Code in Setmore

Groupon can potentially generate a ton of new customers for your business. You can have cash flowing in even during your slowest periods, while adding decent numbers to your customer base.

We will be discussing some of the widely followed best practices to set up your Setmore account to use Groupon or any coupon-related discounts and rebates.

Customize Your Setmore Account to Accept Groupon Vouchers

Follow these instructions to add an additional field to collect coupon code information for existing services.

Navigate to Profile > Configure > BOOKING POLICIES in your Setmore account.

Go to Contact Fields and under “Add a custom field....”, type in the text of your choice. For example: “Groupon Code” or “Coupon Code”.

Note: Do not check the “Required” box that makes this field mandatory, otherwise your regular customers won’t be able to complete the booking without a Groupon voucher.

You may also add information under “Notes for the customer” regarding Groupon vouchers. Ex: Customers with a Groupon voucher may enter their Groupon Code which can be redeemed after receiving the service.

Groupon Code in Setmore

Now your account is ready to accept bookings from customers with a Groupon voucher.

Collect Cash Payments for Groupon Vouchers

You can make use of the discount option during billing to redeem the coupon discount for customers with a Groupon voucher.

Navigate to Calendar and click on the appointment.

Click “Edit Appointment >>”

Groupon Edit Appointment

Click the “Pay Now” button

You will see the actual details of your service in the PAYMENT page.

Grupon Pay Now

The system will display the discounted price under TOTAL.

Groupon Total

Click “Charge Customer”

Your billing is now complete and the system will generate the Payment Receipt.

Groupon Charge Customer

However, if your customer makes payments online, they will have to pay the total service price even with a coupon code. After the service is fulfilled, the coupon can be redeemed and a refund can be issued to the customer via Stripe.

How to Issue Refunds in Setmore

Navigate to the appointment on your calendar and click the appointment.

Click “Edit Appointment >>”

Groupon Edit Appointment

Click the “PAYMENT” tab on top.

Choose the payment receipt under Payment History.

Groupon Payment

Click “Issue Refund”

Groupon Refund

Enter the discount amount per your offer under “Total Refund”, and click Issue Refund.

Groupon Total Refund

The amount will be refunded back to the card from which the payment was made.

Groupon Payment Successfull

Add a Service for Groupon Customers

Finally, let’s look at a simple yet effective workaround for incorporating Groupon into your account–simply add a service exclusively for Groupon customers.

Make sure to list the discounted price under this service per your advertisement on Groupon.

Groupon All Services

Businesses normally use Groupon / Coupon offers for a short and limited period. These specific services should be hidden from the booking page during idle periods by marking them as a private service.

These customizable coupon features should accommodate all of your business needs–just another reason why Setmore is the right scheduling app for all kinds of small businesses.

Know of a better way to use coupons with your booking page? Please feel free to share your ideas and thoughts with us!

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