Appointment Reminders & Confirmations

Our sms/email Appointment Reminders are Designed to reduce the No-Show Count

No-shows affecting your business? Do you end up calling customers and have to remind them, every time they book an appointment? Try Setmore - a unique online appointment scheduling system which helps you minimize no-shows, book more appointments and get more business done. Keep office receptionists at bay, no manual calls, no answering services, no software to install - Setmore takes the pain of sending appointment reminders to your customers and staff members.

With Setmore, you can send automated text and email reminders when appointments are booked. Reduce no-shows and keep your customers and staff members in loop. Setmore automates the book - confirm - remind cycle, so you don't have to waste precious time reminding customers and employees about upcoming appointments. Less overheads equal more business.

Instant text and email notifications, we value your time.

You have complete control on when and how your customers are reminded of upcoming appointments or schedules. You can choose a custom reminder lead time and choose when you want reminders to be delivered.

Notify employees and staff members when the appointments are changed

Schedules are important, but the problem with appointments is that they change.

Setmore automatically reminds customers and staff members whenever an existing appointment is changed or removed. You make the change, we deliver it to your customers Inbox.

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