Manage Your Staff Schedule with Zero Confusion

If you have a business, managing employees and staff schedules can be really tricky. Overtime, your business grows, you add more employees and attract more overhead and managerial constraints.

SetMore makes staff management quick, easy and thoroughly responsive.

In addition to appointments and customers, SetMore lets you manage staffs, services and employee schedules from your online SetMore account. Manage all your employee schedules at one place, get notified when customers book appointments with staff members and manage your employee appointment slots from a centralized online calendar.

  • Easy to use interface, smooth navigation.
  • Add staff information, photos, phone number and other details.
  • Quickly add and delete employees.
  • See appointments and schedules in your staff appointment calendar.

Setmore is simple, powerful and FREE!

Centralized administration of staff members

Setmore offers collaborative display of staff members on a single page which makes employee management almost effortless. Add or delete staff members, modify employee details, regulate working hours, maintain lunch breaks and do much more.

Associate services to staff members

At SetMore, you can associate all or specific services to specific staff members of your choice. Services associated with a staff member are displayed in your booking page, so customers can choose their preferred staff member, when they book an appointment with your business. SetMore sends sms and text notifications to both customers and staff members, this reduces no shows and increases accountability.

Reduce Appointment scheduling conflicts

At SetMore, each staff member gets a unique calendar page where the staff can see all the appointments that has been scheduled with him. You can change appointment schedules anytime SetMore takes the responsibility of notifying your customers and staff members of the changed schedule. With separate appointment calendars for each employee, there are no appointment conflicts and double appointments. Moreover, you can add staff logins to your SetMore account and let your employees keep track of their schedules from SetMore's online appointment calendar.

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