Free Appointment Booking Pages

Every Setmore account comes with a free, public-facing salon booking page. Customers can choose staffs, view services and self-book appointments without ever picking up the phone. It's a smart, easy booking experience your customers will love.

Our Free Booking Pages Have Helped Grow Many Budding Businesses

Get a personalized online booking page where your customers can book appointments with your business. Don't have a website? No Problem, Setmore gives you a unique online booking page for your business <yourbusinessname>, which you can can use to schedule appointments online. You can pass your online booking page in business cards, email signature, blogs, website, Facebook, Twitter, billboards, banners - wherever you require. Your customers will be able to book appointments whenever they need From your online appointment booking page. How convenient is that?.

Map your business location in the booking page

Let your customers know the physical address of your business from your online booking page. When your customers see your business location and physical address in a Google map, they know how to reach your business and avail your service. This makes life easy for customers and clients and you don't have to appoint another office receptionist!

Show business hours on booking page

Show your business timings and hours of operation in your booking page. Add custom notes to your booking page, keep your clients and customers in the loop. The more information you provide, the easier it is for customers to make decisions on when they want to schedule appointments or schedules with your company.

Use Branding tools to your advantage

Make your online booking page look professional, upload your business logo, choose a color scheme and add a custom description of what your business is all about. Setmore's easy to use branding tools requires no coding or design, you can instantly customize the look and feel of your booking page so that it dwells with your brand and voice.

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