Google Calendar Sync

Setmore works perfectly with your favorite Google Calendar. With two-way sync, manage your appointments from anywhere, on any device.

Bid Adieu To Double Booking

Being a business, you handle a number of things every day. Moreover, It is not very uncommon to double-book a customer because of overlapping commitments and, of course, a busy mind. However, mixing appointments may cost you a customer or more, and that affects your business severely.

Setmore makes sure that you do not get stuck with these unlikely encounters and remain focused on what you love to do. Activate two-way Google Calendar sync from your Setmore account and start managing your appointments without having to login to your account. This feature helps avoiding the overlap of two appointments because the appointment slots immediately turn unavailable upon booking in Setmore or Google calendars.

Google Sync

It’s Sync, Set and Appointments!

Having your Setmore schedule mirrored to Google Calendar empowers you to manage your schedules from either of the two. This makes your life simpler in more ways than one. “How?”, you may ask. Here’s how:

  • Manage all your Setmore appointments from the Google Calendar and vice-a-versa.
  • Update, reschedule or cancel appointments in any of the two calendars, and the changes take place immediately in the other.
  • Enable Google Calendar sync for your staff members to have them manage their individual schedules.
  • Helps you avoid double-booking an appointment slot and ensures complete transparency between the two calendars.
Google Sync1

Offline or Online, Your Appointments Remain Safe

Syncing your Setmore calendar to Google doesn’t only keep your appointments synchronized but also helps maintaining a backup repository of sorts. So when your Google or Setmore Calendar goes Offline or remains inaccessible some odd day, you will have your backup in place. Moreover, with two-way sync enabled, all your existing appointments are updated automatically in your Google and Setmore Calendars, so you do not need to go manual. Sweet, right?

The two-way Google Calendar Sync helps you manage your appointments better. So, give it a spin and reach out to us if you have questions, we would love to sort things out for you.

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