Book Appointments on Facebook

One out of every 5 people has a Facebook account. Setmore's Facebook appointment scheduling app lets your customers book appointments right from your Facebook page.

Let Your Facebook Fanpages Boost Your Appointments

Gone are the days when social networks were only limited to stay in touch with friends, colleagues and family members. Having a Facebook page for your business is almost as important as having your own website. Whether you are a brand, a small business, a freelancer or an organization, you would want to grow your business and get exposure on platforms where your customers spend most of their time.

Setmore helps you take appointments and bookings from Facebook. You can integrate an appointment scheduling system in your Facebook page and let your fans and followers book appointments from Facebook. It's effective and it's the best way to let customers schedule a meeting or an appointment with your business.

  • Get discovered by potential customers and clients.
  • Make your Facebook page more useful.
  • Go beyond cold calling, go social !
  • Attract brand awareness - expand your online reach.

Quick Installation

Just add Setmore's Facebook application to your facebook business page, connect your Setmore account and you're all set. Seriously, its that simple!

When your customers book appointments or schedule meetings from Facebook, it helps in expanding your reach. Since your clients are already on Facebook, it is a good idea to use your Facebook page as a one stop shop for customer interactions and appointment scheduling. This is useful when you don't want to develop or host a website, just for taking appointments or scheduling meetings.

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