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Export your schedules, appointment calendar and contact information for Offline access

One of the most common concerns of business owners is not being able to access customer information when they want it the most. This is especially true when you have an online booking system. But at the same time you want your customers to book appointments online. Setmore offers you the best of both worlds.

Setmore lets you export appointments, schedules and customer information into an XLS file, so you can import your appointments, staff schedules and customer data in any office application suite. Is there a need to find the phone number of a specific customer? You can either use the Customer section of your Setmore account or download your entire customer database, import it into an office application suite and find the phone numbers of all your customers at one place.

  • Let your customers book their own appointments.
  • Save customer details in your Setmore account.
  • Export customer details, appointments and staff schedules - import in your Office application suite.
  • Export staff schedules.
  • Export contact details of customers.

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