Book Appointments From Your Website

Use our appointment booking button on your salon's existing website. Your customers can book an appointment, view your services and see your staff's availability without even leaving your site!

Our Booking Buttons Ensure That Your Customers Can Book An Appointment Right On Your Website

Give your customers, clients and visitors the ability to book appointments with your business from your website. Setmore’s online appointment scheduling software lets you embed an online booking page into your website. No more cold calling, no repetitive emails or no back and forth communications. Give your customers and clients an easy way to book appointments from your website.

Book Appointments From Your Website

To have a personalized website where booking appointments is completely automated is the call of the day. Make your website more useful with Setmore's online appointment booking application. Give your customers a virtual menu card, let them choose the services, slots and the time they want to book an appointment with your business, employees or staff members.

Avoid Waiting and Reduce recurring communications

Automate the booking process, reduce customer frustrations by not making them wait to avail your services. No more long phone calls to book appointments and no more errors while recording customer information, fixing appointments, confirming dates, time and assigning staff members to attend your customers.

  • Customers can choose services from your booking page.
  • Your appointment booking system runs in the cloud - 24/7.
  • Save customer details in your Setmore account.
  • No phone calls.

Advertise your services

Conventional approach of booking appointments over phone has its cons. With online appointment booking, you get the opportunity to advertise all your services and give the customer the chance to avail the services they are interested in. This gives your business more exposure, without the need to explicitly inform your customers about the products or services your business offers.

Save Customer Information

Manually saving or keeping records of new and existing customers gets tedious over time. When you allow automatic booking of appointments, all your customer details are automatically saved in your Setmore account. You can also view and edit customer information from your Setmore account.

Quick Installation

Integrating Setmore's online appointment scheduling software in your website is very easy and it takes only a minute.

Just sign up for a free Setmore account, get the embed code for your booking page, paste it in your website's HTML source and you're ready to take appointments from your website.

It’s FREE! No strings attached :)

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