Sync or Backup Your Appointments with 2 Way Google Calendar Sync

When it comes to business, overlapping appointments are a strict no-no. You know the mess you have to clean up when two customers show up, each claiming to have booked an appointment at the same time. The consequence of that scenario is never pretty. You stand the chance of losing one or both the customers, which results in missed opportunities and bad reputation.

SetMore provides the right tools to ensure that such scenarios are avoided. We believe that the goal of an appointment scheduling software is to make scheduling appointments as simple as possible. We understand that using Google Calendar to mark your appointments is an age-old practice of yours and you like doing it. SetMore ensures that you can continue doing so without risking the reputation of your business.

SetMore provides a feature which automatically syncs all your appointments with your Google calendar and vice versa.

  • No overlapping appointments.
  • All your appointments and Google events at one place.
  • Quick setup - toggle whenever you want
  • See SetMore appointments from Google calendar and Google events on SetMore's online calendar.

When you enable two way sync with Google Calendar, all your appointments are automatically updated in both, your SetMore online appointment calendar and your Google Calendar. This ensures that you can access your appointments and your Google events at one place without having to juggle between the two services. Sync with Google calendar is available for all your staff members, so they can export SetMore appointments and manage them from their Google calendar account.

All you need to do to utilize this amazing feature is just enable the two-way sync option provided in the Settings page of your SetMore account. Extremely easy, right?

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