Appointment Scheduling Software for Consultants

A consultant's digital appointment book.

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No calls, papers or pens – book appointments online!

A Full Solution

With Setmore, you sign up for an app that schedules appointments, manages a database of staff and customers, and sends auto-reminders so that your clients get a great experience.

Appointments of All Forms

With Setmore, take appointments that are a one-time deal, recurring sessions that can be setup ahead of time, or create classes that accommodate more than one client. For appointments big or small, we're the experts.

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"This product is awesome! Love the appearance, ease of use and the professionalism it projects to my clients."
- Nicole, A Wellness Rounded Life

Appointment Scheduling From Anywhere, Everywhere

Is it a website or is it a booking portal? It's both! Setmore gives you a customer-facing business profile where you can add your company details, logo, staff and service imagery. Also, accept appointments from your clients.

Your website and Setmore's “Book Appointment” button are a combination that's too good to pass up. Embed the button on your website and enable visitors to book consultation sessions with you easily.

If your consulting firm has amassed a strong social presence on Facebook, go a step further by attaching your online booking page to your Facebook fan page. Offer the best to your fans with Setmore Appointments.