Start Your Engines: Setmore iOS Version 2.0

By Cassandra @ Setmore

Writer, editor and scheduling product expert at Setmore Appointments.

We are pleased to announce the next iteration of the Setmore iOS app for iPhone! Version 2.0 features an all new design, quick action menus for an improved user experience, and faster appointment creation. Click the button below to download Setmore 2.0 for iOS.


Looking for the Android version? Check it out.

Because some features were shifted around, we’ll provide a brief walkthrough for where to find the most common and essential functions, like booking an appointment.

Create customers, services, staff and appointments

All event creation is now available from (+) button in the bottom right corner. One tap opens the expandable menu, and you can go anywhere from there. No matter where you are in the app, a new appointment is just a tap away.

All event creation is now available from pink (+) button in the bottom right corner of the Setmore iOS interface. New appointments are just a tap away.

Updated “Activity” feed

You’ll notice that the main menu is now positioned along the bottom edge of your phone’s screen. From here you have direct access to your Activity feed, which lets you see recent changes to your Setmore account, including new or modified appointments, customers, and staff.

Your Activity feed lets you see recent changes to your Setmore account, including new or modified appointments, customers, and staff.

“Account / Settings” menu

Access your staff, services, and service categories all from the new Account menu. Here’s where you’ll also find Settings, to change your business hours or enable bonus features like double-booking.

Access your staff, services, and service categories all from the new Account menu.

Here’s what you’ll find in the Settings sub-menu:

  • Business hours, Currency, Timezone
  • Off-hours booking, Double booking
  • Appointment slot duration and Week start day
  • Show/hide Google events or Outlook events
  • Show/hide slot blockers
  • Show/hide weekly income

“More” menu

The More menu has everything that’s related specifically to using Setmore on your smartphone. Here you can import staff or customers from your phone contacts, or copy a link to your Booking Page for sharing purposes.

The More menu lets you import staff or customers from your phone contacts, or copy a link to your Booking Page for sharing purposes.

Room to grow

This new version will give us space to add new features to the mobile app that weren’t previously possible on the older design. If you haven’t already, be sure to update your version so you’ll be ready to use new features when they’re deployed in the months ahead.

Encounter a bug with the new iOS app?

Send us feedback directly in the app by navigating to More > Feedback, or start a 1:1 chat with our support team by going to More > Support > Chat.

– Team Setmore

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  • Are there plans to add Maps or GoogleMaps functionality to the iOS app? It would be nice to touch an address for an appointment or Customer and have it automatically direct

    • Hi Bryan, we have some functionality like this. If you go into a customer’s profile, there will be a Google Maps icon to the right of their listed address. If you tap this icon, it will open the address location in Google Maps. (This only works if the customer has an address listed in their profile.)

      Also, when you open an appointment, there should be an “eye” icon next to the customer’s name. This will open the customer profile, making it easier to get to the customer’s address from the appointment details. I hope that helps!

  • There is one thing you could do for customers living outside the USA and that is to allow us to input longer city names (that fully show up when we go to our customer lists), along with names of states outside the USA (allow us to input whatever we want) and our own country’s variation on zip codes (i.e., in the UK my own equivalent to “zip code” is “post code” and the format contains both letters and numbers and is longer than a USA zip code would be). Thank you.

    • Hi Sandi, thank you for your feedback. I’ll forward your concerns to our iOS development team. I know the post code issue has come up before and hopefully we’ll get that fixed in a future patch release. Thanks again!

  • of course like your web site however you need to test the spelling on quite a few of your posts. Many of them are rife with spelling issues and I to find it very troublesome to tell the truth then again I’ll surely come again again.|

  • Hey there thanks for the updates. i would like to suggest some things if possible. Make a client note page , so i can keep details about the client and her formulas without it exposed to the client. And i take a lot of before and after photos and would love it if there was a spot under the client file where i can put multiple photos in so that i can keep track of all their hair colors ive done in the past. If that happens that would be AMAZING. i haven’t found an app that can do that yet!

    • Hi Renee, you can add notes to a customer profile by going to the Customers tab, tapping on a customer to open up their profile details menu, and then tapping the Notes option (at the very bottom of the profile). These notes are not visible to the customer.

      • oh ok sweet Thanks!! is is possible to make it so i can add pictures to their notes?

        • Currently no, the notes field is text-only. We have plans to expand the functionality to support uploaded files & pics, but it’s not on our 2017 roadmap currently 🙁
          Keep an eye on our blog/facebook/twitter and for various other new feature announcements in case this changes. Thanks again for commenting!

  • Cassandra,

    I have read many of your articles and hacks. Where do I post feature requests?

  • I love the changes. It’s a move in the right direction. Please do not STOP innovating. Setmore offers so much more than it’s competitors and it has a great potential.

  • Hi,

    The app looks great, but I have a little suggestion to make it perfect for my usecase.

    New customer calls, I talk on the phone, after that I enter the name in the phone contacts.
    Now I enter setmore and I need to setup the appointment. It would be nice if in the appointment creation flow I could reference the phone contact I just created. (I know that I can go to import customers but that means a few extra clicks and it is not in the appointment creation flow)

  • An update to allow a link to google maps would be great. So when there is an address put in customer details, it can link to google address. Otherwise, looking great and it is better than previous as I have been using the demo.

    • Yes… please. We need clickable customer address in the app to get instant Google map directions.

  • A move in the right direction! Keep it up Setmore team and please include my request (the capability to send an instant text with business name, address and contact information when customers schedule an appointment) during the next upgrade.

  • Will this help speed up your system when we are trying to schedule a customer?

  • Will this update deal with the issue of not being able to make changes to recurring appointments in the mobile version? This would literally change my business and life for the better.


    • YES please make recurring appointments editable. This is really important to our scheduling structure and if it’s not done soon, we’re going to have to find another product.

    • Agreed on the above. This is NEED. Also the ability to double book recurring appointments. You can do it with normal appointments, but not recurring. Huge need for my business structure.

    • Hi Marianthe, currently you cannot edit a recurring appointment in the mobile app. However, we’re planning on adding all the Premium features into our mobile app (iOS and Android) as part of our 2017 roadmap. Keep an eye out for future announcements.

  • Still need landscape view, weekly calendar or daily for multiple staff.
    Still missing events that require 2 staff members or multiple.

    Those 2 changes would be a huge help.


  • Very Nice and useful!
    Thank you