Start Your Engines: Setmore iOS Version 2.0

We are pleased to announce the next iteration of the Setmore iOS app for iPhone! Version 2.0 features an all new design, quick action menus for an improved user experience, and faster appointment creation. Click the button below to download Setmore 2.0 for iOS.

 Start Your Engines: Setmore iOS Version 2.0

Looking for the Android version? Click here.

Because some features were shifted around, we’ll provide a brief walkthrough for where to find the most common and essential functions, like booking an appointment.

Create customers, services, staff and appointments

All event creation is now available from (+) button in the bottom right corner. One tap opens the expandable menu, and you can go anywhere from there. No matter where you are in the app, a new appointment is just a tap away.

 Start Your Engines: Setmore iOS Version 2.0

Updated “Activity” feed

You’ll notice that the main menu is now positioned along the bottom edge of your phone’s screen. From here you have direct access to your Activity feed, which lets you see recent changes to your Setmore account, including new or modified appointments, customers, and staff.

 Start Your Engines: Setmore iOS Version 2.0

“Account / Settings” menu

Access your staff, services, and service categories all from the new Account menu. Here’s where you’ll also find Settings, to change your business hours or enable bonus features like double-booking.

 Start Your Engines: Setmore iOS Version 2.0

Here’s what you’ll find in the Settings sub-menu:

  • Business hours, Currency, Timezone
  • Off-hours booking, Double booking
  • Appointment slot duration and Week start day
  • Show/hide Google events or Outlook events
  • Show/hide slot blockers
  • Show/hide weekly income

“More” menu

The More menu has everything that’s related specifically to using Setmore on your smartphone. Here you can import staff or customers from your phone contacts, or copy a link to your Booking Page for sharing purposes.

 Start Your Engines: Setmore iOS Version 2.0

Room to grow

This new version will give us space to add new features to the mobile app that weren’t previously possible on the older design. If you haven’t already, be sure to update your version so you’ll be ready to use new features when they’re deployed in the months ahead.

Encounter a bug with the new iOS app?

Send us feedback directly in the app by navigating to More > Feedback, or start a 1:1 chat with our support team by going to More > Support > Chat.


– Team Setmore