Sneak Peek: The Future of Setmore

By Cassandra @ Setmore

Writer, editor and scheduling product expert at Setmore Appointments.

We won’t keep you waiting. The future of Setmore can be summed up in one simple phrase:

Helping you grow your business.

For days, weeks, and months we’ve been hard at work to bring you a more beautiful, more powerful Setmore in 2016. New features are on the horizon, such as automated messaging, birthday reminders, and advanced business reporting. With these improvements you can truly understand what makes your business tick so you can make it thrive.

A Crisp New Look

For all Setmore does, we’ve been told it’s incredibly intuitive and lightweight, and we aim to keep it that way. That’s what our new design is all about—catering to your intuition while appealing to your aesthetic side. We’ve carefully planned out every little detail and interaction to make our software more welcoming, easy-to-use, and navigable.

A new Setmore for a new year, designed to maximize your productivity across mobile and more.

Coming to a Desktop or Tablet Near You

The more platforms, the better. This year we’re adding versions of the Setmore app that are tailor-made for tablets and desktops. No matter where you are or what device you have available, you’ll always have access to your appointments and business tools.

Free, downloadable app syncs across all your devices.

Accessible Integrations

We’ve also built in a library of valuable information, allowing you to see available integrations and plugins from inside the software. Use Infusionsoft or Zendesk? You might just discover the perfect pairing you didn’t know we offered.

Straight from the app, see versatile integrations that Setmore has to offer.

Staying in Touch

Okay, full disclosure: we love your comments and we love what you’re saying about Setmore. Communication is key to keeping you up to date on all the amazing stuff we’re doing and to opening the lines for feedback and suggestions. So we’re planning more frequent blog posts and updates, that way you’ll know how to take advantage of new improvements as we make them.

We’re Just Getting Started

Setmore is as much your software as it is ours, and this is only the beginning. With your growth in mind, we’re dedicated to constantly improving and fine-tuning Setmore to make it the best appointment-scheduling platform available.

– The Setmore Team

Like the new design? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

UPDATE 01.15.2016: Wow! Thank you all so much for your comments and feedback. We’ll be working to respond to individual questions while prioritizing requested features. Keep on bookin’

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  • Still no iPad app mid 2017?

    Any developments on this at all?

  • Hi,

    Brand new to setmore. Question- if i have an android phone i use outside of the salon to book and update appointments but and ipad mini in the salon… would that be a problem or would it be seamless. Sorry i am a complete Luddite. Thanks!

    • Hi Anna, good question! Setmore will sync your data across all devices, provided you’re using the same account and login credentials on your Android phone and your iPad. So yes, if you update an appointment on your phone, it will show up on your iPad and vice versa.

  • Our business is using Setmore to schedule individual classes each at different locations and we need the ability to add a specific location to the class. So far I have not seen this option in Setmore. Any chance this could be in the agenda for the future?

  • I’ve tried online booking before and setmore is my all time favorite!. It’s easy to use, fully functional. I love it. I currently have the free version as I’m just getting started in my business. When I log into my account on my computer, I get an option to put clients cash payment on their appointment and a receipt. I don’t have that option on the app. Or am I just missing it? I’ve been having to fill in all my payments on the computer when I get home. Thank you!

    • Hi Misty, you’re not missing anything! The mobile app currently doesn’t support receipts or payment tie-ins. The team is currently busy updating the app’s interface, and as far as I’m aware there aren’t plans to implement these enhancements in 2016. So stay tuned for next year!

  • Hi,

    I offer multiple services and need a feature where I can book out certain services and offer others. The slot blocker blocks everything out, please can you add a feature to block certain services for certain times?

    • Hi Suzi, I’ll pass on this suggestion to the dev team. In the meanwhile, a possible workaround might be to create a service and tag it to a staff member who has working hours only within the specified time period. Customers will only be able to book the service in the specified time period.

  • Why is leave a comment section way at the bottom? I had to scroll down several pages to get to this section, 🙂

    I’m a new start up and I love Setmore app. I just started using it and it’s great!!. I am in the transport courier services. The only improvement that I would suggest is to allow the customers to attach a file at the time of appointment booking. In my line of business, my customers will need to attach a packing slip or bill of lading so that I have a copy of it when I get their booking. Since there’s no way to do it in Setmore, my customers have to send me an email with their attachments. This defeats the purpose (and redundant). So please, allow the customers to attach a file at the time of appointment booking. Thank you!!

  • I am interested to know if either of these features will be available or something your considering adding in the future –

    1 – The ability to accept a deposit via stripe to book (accept partial payments) and send client invoice for remaining balance. I am just doing this through 2 different service providers at the moment and it would be amazing to simplify that process. It would even help if i can have the full prices LISTED in SetMore and be given more advanced checkout features (deposits, promo codes etc).

    2 – The ability to limit the number of appointments in a single week then automatically have that week marked “unavailable” for additional appointments. I am a photographer and i have multiple different “services” listed for clients to select. I would love to be able to only book 3 appointments a week then once those 3 are taken, regardless of service, date or time, i would want the rest of that whole week marked “unavailable” for any services. Right now i would need to manually go in and mark myself as “unavailable” for a time period once those sessions are booked and will begin to get out of hand once business picks up.

    • Hi Kim, regarding item #1, I believe the requested feature is on our to-do list but it likely won’t be added to Setmore this year. Regarding item #2, we don’t offer appointment capping in an official capacity, but a workaround is available by using “booking slot size” to limit the number of appointments you can schedule in a day. Check out Hack #2 from this recent blog post. I hope that helps!

  • Hey lovely people. love how smooth and efficient Setmore has become. Just a quick request to see if your working on better website integration, i.e the button via wordpress etc. Currently theres the widget option (few people use widgets in building their sites these days so a shortcode or full blown plugin would be lovely) – i heard from a support agent that you were working on a fully customisable button plugin but haven’t heard anything. Any news on that front?


    • Hi Brad, you should be able to get copy-and-paste-ready code to plug into the HTML of your WordPress site. Check out this article for a quick how-to.

      • Hey Cassandra,

        The problem with both of the current options is the do not allow us to customise the look of the button – which, if our websites are carefully designed, can really look out of place. I spoke to a support agent once who said there was an experimental plugin that he showed me, that allowed you to design your own button – i didn’t want to use it yet though as it was not official and finished.

        • Hi Brad, ok so I’m not 100% sure this will work, but there may be a way to customize the booking button. It’s a little technical so, depending on your comfort level with HTML, this might be a no-go.

          Basically, when you add the code to embed the booking button on your website, the code references a specific URL to pull the image from: src=”” (“src” is shorthand for “source” and is part of the img or “image” tag). You can replace this URL and have it pull an image from somewhere else, and naturally it follows that you’d need to host the replacement image somewhere online. Attempt this at your own risk (but really it’s not too difficult to revert back to old code if it doesn’t work). Otherwise I’d recommend trying the experimental plugin.

  • Hi there

    It would be very useful if I can tick off prepaid sessions used by clients (similar to that of a rewards system)


  • Please add custom text message reminders to your updates.
    Please also remove the text limit for booking policies etc.

    • Hi Neeco, we do offer customizable text reminders with Setmore Premium. You can check out how to set those up with this support article.
      As for the character limit on booking policies, I believe this was put into place to ensure optimal usability for customers on your booking page. If there’s more information that needs to be communicated to the customer, it might be more effective to include that information in the description for each of the affected services. I hope that helps!

  • Custom emails (especially welcome email for initial appointments), recurrent slot blockers, automatic waiting list, ability to select premium services to add on (eg just text reminders), ability to view empty slots (not just bookings) on mobile app are all features I give a second vote for requesting.
    Also it would be great if in the situation where I create a booking for a client and they receive an email, they can create a profile straight from the email that would be linked to their appointment as opposed to them creating a profile and then me having to notice it link it to their previous bookings (or maybe I just don’t know how this works).

  • It would be nice if you guys can sexy up the booking page a little bit other than that great software

  • If it is possible to be able to put more info for your dispatcher and/or answering service. The problem we have had is they tell them for example your service tech will arrive at 8am that is the beginning of the estimated time of arrival. An 8am appointment is eta for staff they have a two hour window. If it is possible to specify on certain services personnel will arrive between 8am-10am. Instead of it just saying its an 8am appointment then you have customers calling at 815 asking where we are.

  • If you could make each service have the possibility of multiple times and prices that would be awesome! I have to make a new line for each time length and it looks so repetitive. (Example: Swedish Massage 30/60/90/120 minutes makes 4 services with the same name bulking up the schedule appearance.)

  • I have been using setmore for almost a year and I like it a lot. It’s just great!
    I have only one problem with exporting the customers.
    The customers’ notes are missing in the exported excel sheet.
    Is there any way to export the Notes as well?

    • Hi Arash, thank you for your comments! Unfortunately, the customer export feature does not capture customer notes at this time. I’ll forward your request to the dev team and we’ll see what we can do. Thanks again!

  • I’m going to start using the pro version this week because it has all I ask for in a CRM app, but I’m most interested in the birthday reminder feature which I’m glad is expected because it was almost a deal breaker to me, the question is, how soon can we expect it as i have to pitch this app to my partners this week? Thank you.

    • Hi Saleh, I’m excited to hear you’re starting with the pro version! The birthday reminder update is being worked on but we don’t have a release date, yet. When it does come out, I’ll be sending announcements via the app, email, and (most likely) another blog post. So stay tuned!

  • Oh! and one more thing. I don’t know if it is possible, but it would be SOO helpful to have the option for separate client lists for different staff members. Or at least be able to tag them.

    And be able to choose for each service/staff member if a cc is required. Right now I think it has to be all or none?

    And the ultimate wish list: if we could choose what account each service/staff would link to with a cc that would be amazing. (i.e. could have multiple accounts capturing credit cards).

    We are a collective, operating under one name so need one access point for clients. So as much as we can have individualization possibilities within the app setup the better!


  • Thank you for continually improving!

    My wish list:

    Ability to update more from the apps. Especially set vacation blocks, change working hours. More ease in blocking time in general would be great so don’t have to set vacation times every time I want to block out large chunks of time.

    Ability to have different session lengths for different staff members. We have different practitioners with different scheduling needs. Some need to start on 15, some on 20 min time blocks. Also, a number of my folks want to only offer sessions at particular times (i.e.. 7:15, 8:15 etc, and worry that if someone books at 7:30 it will mess up the rest of their schedule). This has led to a lot of them being able to join our setmore calendar. Would be great if there was more customization for different staff members.

    Thanks for all the hard work!

  • Is there a feature in set more that could send send different sales people to different zip codes or area’s.
    I effect it would ask for there zip code, then be able to pair up the calendar schedule with somebody that services that area.

  • I am new to using SetMore. I have gotten the website interface mostly worked out and it seems fairly simple use. I went to use the iPhone mobile app and for some functionalities it worked great, but for the life of me I could not find where to adjust time off for a provider. I am the sole provider right now and had a sudden change that I needed to implement and could not find it at all on the mobile app. Help??

    • Hi Scott, unfortunately this feature isn’t currently available in the mobile app. However, as a workaround, you can access the web app login from your iPhone’s web browser by entering the URL – from here you can log in and access the full functionality of the web app, including the ability to adjust time-off for a provider.

      Here’s the support article for how to add time-off, just in case. Hope that helps!

  • I like Setmore a lot. My biggest issue is that we have multiple services and we can’t send someone a direct link to the service. So there’s always confusion about what they should click. This has us about to switch to another service. Any insight or help around this, please let me know. We’re also looking at Answer Connect for our phones so I would love to use them together! Help us out… Thanks.

  • again does anyone else want a credit card holder to schedule an appt? – no charge made but can charge later if client does not showup/or reschedule

  • I’d love to be able to view all the Staffs calendars in one, rather than switching between tabs all the time.

    To be able to add custom slot blockers would be good as well. i.e for lunch or tea breaks.

    Someone else said cancellation lists, I second this!

  • Does this have outlook integration (office 365)

    • Hi Janaka, Setmore can sync with your calendar, but not with the Office365 calendar. Eek, sorry about that!

      One-way sync with is available with the free version (so, appointments made in Setmore will be viewable in Outlook). For instructions on how to set this up, check out the support article.

      Two-way sync is available to users with a Premium subscription. Appointments made in Setmore will show up in Outlook and vice-versa. Here’s the support article for how to set that up.

      Hope that helps! Thank you.

  • I would like to see a full POS where we can add products and charge for those.

  • Please add an option to display the time for appointments, classes, etc. expressed in hours, and/or, minutes. Currently, the only option is minutes. Please add an option in “Settings/Notifications” for changing the verbiage of the cancellation policy.

  • HI – I have only been using Set More for the last 10 days – so far I am very impressed.
    I have only really had one thing that has really hindered me with the reoccurring appointment selector. I have a lot of clients who rebook every 6 weeks, and there is not 6 week option to set a reoccurring appointment.

    If you guys could get this added – it would be extremely helpful

    Thanks for allowing the feedback 🙂

  • Keep up the good work. I like the product and the improvements just make me like it more! My request would be always find ways to make it faster, cleaner, and smoother on all interfaces.



  • I absolutely love this app it is a game changer. My only issue is that while using the desktop version seems to have a glitch when trying to add an appointment with a client. It allows me to search for a client and then it won’t populate unless I want to add someone new. So the only way I can add the appointment of a current client is by going straight to the client’s profile (which then transfers me away from the calendar view) in other words I would like to be able to go to the calendar click add appointment and when it goes to client I can add the client and it recognizes the clients in my contacts. Right now when I get to the stage of adding the client – it freezes.

  • We have multiple venues which subsequently means multiple Setmore accounts :/ please can you have one where the admin can select the necessary venue when booking. I appreciate you’re doing this to make (even more) money but even if you had to charge me an additional fee to add venues to the main Setmore account I’d be fine with that! At least all clients would be in the same app.

  • Great app. Is it possible to allow staff members a personal login so they can also book appointments in for themselves while they are out in the field by using the iOS app?

  • Another question – will Setmore be bringing out customer loyalty programs? Such as ‘book 5 appointments and get the 6th free’ kind of thing? Customers would need to create an account to do this, but when they book their 5th one, they get a coupon code or something emailed to them for their next use to be free? Cheers. Keep on making Setmore more awesome, I love it.

  • A better way to say it:

    It would be great if you offer clients the option to book a Service for the same time slot a Class is scheduled if no one has booked into that Class yet at all. Ie; When creating a Class in the backend, we would be given an option that said, ‘Allow a Service to be booked in the Class slot if no one has booked into Class yet’. This would then give users the option of either booking into a Class OR booking a service IN THE SAME TIME SLOT. Either one cancels out the other, but there is a choice.

  • Hi guys,

    I have a request for Setmore Classes/Service bookings. It would be really great if I could offer users a Class OR a Service in the same time slot as an option, and then when one is chosen the other is now unable to be booked.

    For example, my client wants to allow the option of two people who don’t know each other to use her service at the same time for one hour (doable with a Class with 2 slots) but if I schedule the whole day with Classes for 2 each hour on the hour, people can no longer book a different Service (such as booking that hour time slot for only themselves, or for four people at once) for that time slot, because the Class has been scheduled and it shows the day as fully booked even though it isn’t.

    It would be great if you could book a Service for the same time slot a Class is scheduled if no one has booked into that Class yet at all, and then if behind-the-scenes when creating a Class we were given the option like a checkbox that said, ‘Allow a Service to be booked in the Class slot if no one has booked into Class’. This would then give users the option of either booking into a Class OR booking a service IN THE SAME TIME SLOT.

    Hope this makes sense! Thank you!

  • Setmore is great right now, it has saved me so much time and effort, and clients like it. Excited to see the updates. Is it possible to send different reminders? There is the initial appointment tomorrow reminder, but can a followup reminder in 3 months, for example be sent?

  • If you could add a package then have sessions deduct from the package
    that would make personal trainers and small studios all come to this system and leave mind body behind

  • The new design looks awesome

  • I am super excited for everything setmore has to offer in the near future! It’s a great and easy to use tool as is! It can only get better!

  • It would also be really helpful if a direct link to the class page was shown so I can link that form my website.

  • I love setmore and would love it even more if I could set dates for classes to be FORTNIGHTLY and if clients book for the whole course of multiple classes and not individually for each class.

  • Please move the delete button on mobile devices, it’s too close to the home bottom on my iPhone and I regularly accidentally delete appointments.

    An apple watch app would be brilliant !

    Also would be good if clients could see where my appointments are when they book me, rather than them having to log in to my setmore account

  • So a couple more things. When looking at booked appointments on the calendar screen there’s no reference to time unless by tapping each appointment but looking to see what I have available at glance would be very helpful.

    Also if one client books three services, it books three separate services so when it comes time mark as paid or edit or add info or hair colour formulas, I have to do it three times.

    Also from dashboard it would be nice to view more than one week at a time.

    Also when choosing time to book it starts at midnight?? and goes in increments of 5 or 10 minutes, takes a while to scroll to noon for example.


  • First let me say that I’ve been using this system for a couple days and I absolutely love it! So thank you for creating it! I have noticed two things so far…….when booking a client on my end I can’t book two services for the same client but yet a client can on the client booking page? And maybe on the client booking page it could ask for “full name” or “first name” and “surname” as its vital information for keeping client records. Cheers and look forward to new features. Miguel

  • I have been very happy with setmore in the past but have recently had problems receiving email reminders for my clients appointments. It seems if I set up a appointment using the app for my client they receive a email reminder but I don’t. I seem to receive reminder emails if not setup via the app. Please fix this, it has been going on for weeks. I love it otherwise.

  • Hi there,
    I use this booking system and im very happy with this service. But for me it will be very important if I can add multiple locations on the profile page and also a possibility to choose for my customers. My business it’s growing fast and this year I plan also to open new locations , PLEASE !!! Make this option possible!!!

  • Hi, I was wondering if you can add last minute special and open it for specific hours or days especially when someone cancels and you need to fill that appointment quick.
    Thanks a lot for the awesome job

  • One feature I would love to see is the capability to put time off with an explanation under the Business Hours. For me, if I am traveling for a week, I want people to see that on the booking page. {For example, March 1-March 6 – Texas Tours}

  • Glad to see the updates. Can we please also see an improvement in the availability inputting, making it easier to put in a full monthly schedule when you don’t have consistent weekly shifts.

  • Here are a few thing that I think would help setmore be more user friendly:

    Reminder texts: I run a salon business where it is not uncommon for a client to be booked for more than one service. When the SMS are sent, you have to send more than one if a person is booked for ex. cut, color, brow wax. Sometimes clients get confused when I only send out the reminder for their first appointment as opposed to sending out two or three.

    Mobile view: On smaller phones the modal window for choosing services isn’t always fully visible, which renders the booking page useless.

    Ability to click on a specific day in calendar view (from monthly or weekly) and see the whole day, not just one appointment.

    Payment from mobile app… get Sqaure pleeeeease!

  • Great software for the simplicity of its use and features available!

    My suggestion: In the booking page, it would be helpful to display booked appointments as crossed off appointments rather than taking them off the display and blocked appointments displayed as crossed off as well.

  • Hello,
    Setmore has been an excellent tool for our sales team. We are not using it for what many other business’s do; but we have utilized it as the best communication tool within our dealership (quotes, scheduled deliveries, follow-ups).

    We are looking to use it for our daily Sales Activity log. Is there any way the ‘Notes’ section could increase the available character count? This section caps you out if you are using it daily. Also, will there every be a time that attachments can be scanned in (Word, PDF or Excel doc)? Thank you for your continued support! – Elissa

  • When will add the ability to have of having multiple locations?

  • I would like to see an option to send more than 1 reminder…as of now I can only send 1 & since I am booked in advance I like to send 2 weeks out then 1 week out & as of now I can only send 1 reminder…period. Thanks.

  • We love Setmore! It has helped us in our hiring process immensely! We would love to be able to print a roster for each class and be able to close the classes a few days before like you can with the appointments. We also would love to be able to specify where a class is held. Right now the default is our business address but some of our classes are at a different address or certain classroom. It would help us with having to send manual emails to make sure they know what room/location to attend their class. Thanks for being such a great company and listening to your customers! You guys are awesome!

  • Great updates! I would love if you could make a repeat option on the slot blockers in order to pick numerous days in a week or month rather than having to fill one out for each day separably.

  • I was wondering if there were going to be any appointment limits added for the client? We are using this to schedule tutoring appointments and some students are scheduling multiple appointments and I would like to be able to limit that to two appointments per week.

  • What is the timing on the changes? We use Setmore to schedule our VITA tax appointments with a staff that is not very computer savvy and I would hate to have changes come out in the middle of tax season! Yikes – it took me four months and many arguments to get them away from a looseleaf binder to schedule over 500 appointments a month (they are still resistant, but they are using the tool) — I love how easy it is to use.

  • I love the new design. What about adding a way to send invoices to customers?

  • Hi I really like this program as well however, I would like to send notifications separate. I mean I would like to send an email 2 days before and then a text message the day of and it does not give that option. Also creating invoices would be great as well. If I am missing something on these two subjects please let me know thank you

  • I agree with this:
    “Amazing! Would love if customers can cancel and reschedule online (by entering email, for example) instead of having to do it through confirmation email.”

    One of my customers had this problem just last week. She went back to my website and clicked the Book Appointment button hoping to reschedule her appointment. When she could not figure out how to do it, she double booked. Thankfully, I saw it and queried it. She didn’t realize that she had to go back to the confirmation email to reschedule.

    The fact is that most customers, if they have set up a customer profile, expect to be able to log in and reschedule or cancel appointments and even view their appointment history.

  • First I LOVE setmore and I use it for my personal business and I’ve implemented it at my daytime job at a state university medical school. I would love to see an option for ad haoc scheduling. We have faculty who do not have regular availability and so the business hours feature doesn’t work for us. we got around it by using the class feature, but having the ability to click a time cell and open a time frame up for business hours would be awesome. Also I would love for the ability for people to request a time for approval. This would be soo helpful. I love the new look tthough. Can’t wait to see what 2016 brings.

  • I love how this site has grown!!! My assistant and I are thrilled! I giggled when I saw your introduction listing it as “intuitive” since that’s exactly what I do for a living! I recommend it to a lot of other colleagues. My only request is; when I use my app on my phone I can’t see where my breaks are and I often schedule an appointment were I should be having a break.
    Keep up the good work!
    Thank you!

  • Hey,

    So can my customers download this app themselves and book me in at a time that suits them instead of going onto the website?

    I wasn’t sure but just read somebody’s comment.



  • Hi,

    Can you update the payment options for Indian Customers.


  • Fantastic work guys!! Will you be able to view patients that haven’t been in for over 3 or 6 months, so they can get an offer txt message and an option to opt customers out from marketing if they don’t give permission.
    Thanks again:)

  • Would love to see some syncing ability between Setmore customers and Google Contacts!

  • I’d love the option to sell gift certificates through the app. Is this a possibility?

  • Would love if you could multiple click on services. As a combined hair and beauty salon it would be so much easier.

    • If you are talking about booking multiple servcies from the booking page, we do have that! Check out this handy support article for a quick how-to.

      • Hi, not in the booking page… just in the normal process of booking in an appointment. to be able to add 2 or more services..

        • Hi Brooke, I could be wrong (one of my cohorts may correct me), but I don’t setting up multiple services in one appointment is supported from the admin’s calendar view. The best solution I can think of would be to manually run through your booking page on your customer’s behalf to get them the services they want.

          I know what you’re thinking – shouldn’t it be supported? Yes, yes it should. I’ll bring it up to our dev team’s attention. In the meantime, I hope this workaround helps.

  • Setmore is a big part of my business and I really do love it. One of my requests would be to add files (images) to the customer portion. I know we can add a file for the profile, but it would be great to do a little more. Keep up the great work 🙂

  • I use the Pro version but it
    Would be most usefull if stripe could be used from the calender to pay for a booking at time of appointment some customers ask to pay by card.
    I don’t want to ask bank for a pin machine.

    Thanks for a great product

    Ed Crompton

  • I’d like to be able to personalise the text in the reminder SMS.
    Love the app.

  • Windows phone app, do you intend to make ?

    • I second this. With Microsofts additional support tools to enable iOS and android built apps to be easily ported and universal apps for all windows devices you’d open to many mainstream offices too . 🙂

  • Hi, great app and love it. We are using it for little while now and will contuniue using it too.

    It would be very practical when we would be able to add links (html links) to refer to much more information like detailed bookingpolicies on our website.

  • Hi

    My clients and myself absolutely love Setmore. I am looking forward to the changes especially the customisable text.
    I love that you respond quickly and give good advice, support.
    I would also really like to see a cancellation list as above and a faster service as it can be a bit slow on iPad.
    Is there any chance that you can put a recurring button on slot blocker as this would save having to do it individually?
    Keep up the good work!


  • Looks nice! Few suggestions.. I would like to have a drop down type of list of services in the booking page like massage services, beauty services etc. I have a long list of services so it would make it more simple.
    Service pictures need to be downloaded and re sized for every service, it would be nice to reuse the existing ones.
    And for the most important feature, I would like the option to book services from certain room offered by different persons like massage room can have only one appointment at a time, but beauty room can have an appointment at the same time, but not by same person 🙂

  • Setmore Rocks! I like the fact that your team is always putting features that customers really want.

    Here are my request:

    -Please bring Credit Card deposit holder when booking an Appointment. So later if they cancel we can charge them our Cancellation fee, or full amount if they do not show up. It will be easier to manage the payment if we hold the payment instead of charging it, and refunded back in Stripe.

    -Monthly View for Mobile App (Similar to Desktop Version)

    -Mobile Booking website for Client: Have a Top header Bar:

    Book Appt | About Us | Services | Photos | Reviews

  • I’ve not long been a registered with setmore but im pleased so far.

    Great product!

    Looking forward to the new update.

  • Looks good!
    I just hope you didn’t sacrifice speed in the process.

    – I would like to have the possibility to send an email to all clients that are currently booked in my calendar.

    – I would like to be able to send an email to all clients in my contacts.

    – I would like to be able to reschedule all bookings in my calendar like this:
    1. send an email to all affected clients telling them I need to reschedule.
    2. move all bookings forward for example one week.
    3. send confirmation requests to clients to accept or reject the new booking.

    – I would like to be able to cancel all bookings for a specific time period like for example 2 days. The clients should get an email that they need to book a new appointment.

    – I would like to be able to change the emails sent to clients or at least parts of those emails to make them more appropriate.

  • Thanks, looks great! Loading faster and keeping cancelled apts in the database would be awesome.

  • i think it would be nice to see a live version of the improvements
    i currently use set more on my desk top, tablet and phone – it is brilliant
    thank you

  • I love Setmore, it has simplified my life! I would like to request the ability to add multiple services/apt to one client? So, in my case, I can add a pedicure apt followed by a massage all in one go rather than adding it separately.

  • Hi! We love this app!

    My suggestions:
    1, “timetable” view in app also
    2, it would be nice if I could create a service that is provided by 2 staff members at the same time, (we offer services that are provided my one staff member, but we also offer the ones for which we need 2 members)

  • Hi Thanks,
    Setmore works well for us,

    We use Setmore as an appointment to go do quotes at peoples premises, not ours, Works well,
    I Love the SMS reminders to the clients, What i would like to see, is a SMS reminder to the staff as well, maybe an hour before or so.

    Otherwise, Excellent product

  • I would like a notification if my client has put a note in her appointment. By looking at the overview on An I phoneI can’t tell the difference.


  • Hey guys,

    Great service and I’d love to use it.
    The only reason why I am not still using it is the payment option which can’t be done via PayPal.
    Why don’t you use the most popular payment system across the globe?
    I am sure it will increase amount of your subscribers.

  • Looking great!

    We would love to see the option to distinguish cash and card and other (like loyalty card) payment options to be able to reconcile payment history with our bank statements end of the month.

    Also a basic customizable app platform for clients to book their own appointments would be great.


  • Wish list: Option to merge customer profiles from ipad since I VERY rarely log on from desktop. For some reason, I have many customers who only book online and a new profile is created every time, even though they enter the same info; multi appointment booking from my page. Customers can do multiple appointments now, why can’t I?; Automatic custom email for appointment labeled as a no-show would be great.

  • I would love it if you could select more than one mailchimp list to pick from. Here is example if this a first time service booking then I could pick new client list from mailchimp to integrate with which houses my automated emails specifically for new clients. If this is a follow up service booking then I could pick current clients from mailchimp to integrate with which houses different automated emails for current clients. Right now I only have one choice which is limiting. Otherwise I adore setmore 🙂

  • Hi
    We have 2 separate sites which our practitioners travel between. When our patients are making online bookings, how can we ensure that they book into the correct location, can there be a separate tab created for “West Perth” and “Ocean Reef”, can you let us know the best way to ensure that they do not book into the wrong office as this does occur at times.

    • Hi Adam, you can create two categories, West Perth and Ocean Reef, and add the services to the respective categories. This will help your customers to distinguish between the services. Send us a mail to if your require additional help. Thank you.

  • Can you please add the ability to open a customer’s address for navigation purposes when using a smartphone?

  • Would like to see where we could open up one day such as if normally I am unavailable on Thursday and for some reason I can do that one day one week that it can be op need up with out opening every Thursday.

  • I have been extremely pleased with setmore over the years. I was one of the early users and have always found your updates great.I loved the app for my phone when it came out I was able to book appointments where ever I was. Unfortunately I updated the last app and found out it was not compatable with my samsung phone and I was no longer able to make appointments on the run. I would like to still be able to use the app with my existing phone or have a old version put back on mu phone because it was great as well.

    • Hi Derrick, thank you for your kind words and I’m sorry the app is no longer working on your Samsung phone. If convenient, could you please send us an email at with your device information so we can look into the issue? We’d like a chance to figure out what went wrong. Thank you!

  • I would like it if we could see the times available in addition to the appointments scheduled on our phones.

  • Please please please add an option to book gap time interval: ex. 10am-12pm, or 12pm-2pm. Because we had to cancel online booking of setmore, due to exact time strict option in setmore 10:00am 12:00pm or 2:00pm. Customers expect us to come at 10am sharp or 12pm sharp that is absolutely impossible in a city. It’s very easy to fix for you, just to add an switch to show Booking Slot Size in Full, so appointments slots will be shown as 10:00am-12:00pm instead of 10:00am.

  • Looks Good !
    its a great system already & very easy to use…
    so it’ll be nice to see the new version
    Happy New Year !

  • Quite honestly I am switching from setmore (although I LOVE IT) for one main reason. It’s that when my clients book they can’t see the availability according to THEIR time zone…not mine. I have had so many people not showing up then when I’d call they’d say they thought in their time zone when the booked. There is only a small CST to indicate my time zone. Most people don’t notice that.
    Also the email reminder it sends my clients, it doesn’t even have a time zone! So they definitely don’t remem that it’s mine. Quite honestly this feature is a no brainer to have. It shouldn’t be on the customer to calculate difference of time zone, it should be automatic like all other websites. When I contact CS they said that they could see time zone if the client “hovers” over. My clients book on phones mainly. So that feature does me no good as far as time zone. It’s sad because I love so many features of setmore. Simplicity to use. Great customer service. Inexpensive if I want to upgrade.

  • Love setmore and so do my clients.
    Looking forward to the updates

  • I agree with Ben. Class booking that spans multiple sessions are one of the big features that Setmore misses for me. I would also like Coupon/Discount codes to be applied for customers who book and pay online. Otherwise great progress in 2015 and look forward to improvements in 2016. My staff loves the UI of the iPhone app.

  • I really really hope that SETMORE can finally sync correctly with our Google calendar and the tech customer service can return calls too.

    • Hi Jay, what issues are you having with the calendar sync? If you could, please send us an email at with the subject line “CallBack Request”. In the email, please include some details about the issue, along with your contact number and the best times to reach you. One of our representatives will call you back.

  • Hey! Love the slick look! I’d love to do some beta testing if you are interested!

  • Looks so great!! When can we expect it? Looking forward. Any chances of a Windows10 app? Many businesses rely on Windows, it would be great to see some love with a Univeral app 🙂

    • Keep your eyes peeled for development updates, and we’ll continue to post news of our progress here. We’re constantly trying to transform Setmore into a universal app so it’s definitely on the table. Thank you!

  • I would like:

    1. Two-way Google Sync so that edits can be made to Google Calendar events.
    2. Ability to do two SMS reminder — one 24 Hours in advance, and one 30 minutes in advance.
    3. Ability to have SetMore contacts added to Google Contacts without having to go through Zapier.
    4. Ability to have SetMore contacts added to Clio without having to go through Zapier.
    5. A promotion for Mayank.

  • Hello,

    Yes you really need to make Setmore booking pages faster. It takes ages to load and often say Error.

    Increase the speed of our booking page please.

    Also a cancellation or reschedule option via the actual booking page using either the booking id or email address or telephone number.

    People often call as they do not realise the cancel link in email.

    Notes to customers on the booking page need to be increased from 200 character to at least 500 characters to allow businesses in UK using the system to explain their cancellation policy for Fair Trading Standards.

    Thanks Steven from Phone Repairz NE Ltd

  • Just a few suggestions. As for someone like me who’s normally booked a few months in advance it would be awesome if you could add a cancellation list. Sometimes cancellations do happen and I get questions all the time from clients who would love to be put on a cancellation list. So say someone cancels the first person on the cancellation list will be emailed that the spot is available. Also I love how the text reminders are now customizable if you could make emails custom as well it would be perfect!! I know you currently only have stripe as an option to take payments but maybe adding another company would be helpful as well. Also, when viewing on desktop the “monthly” view if you were able to delete block slots instead of changing it to weekly view that would be awesome. I love stripe! Keep up the good work. Also when is this new version coming out? I’m so excited!!

  • When the session times out in a web browser, it does not bring me back to the login prompt, until I refresh the page. I have numerous times gone to view a date in the schedule to find the entire week empty and upon refreshing the page, I log in again, and voila! there are all my appointments. This causes confusion especially when scheduling what you though was an empty time slot.

    Perhaps after the session times out, the user is automatically returned to the login prompt. That would be great!

  • I’d love it, when using the desktop version if we could copy and paste bookings and slot blockers instead of making brand new ones, I’d also much prefer it if slot blocker was available in an hour format instead of minutes!

  • a feature that would be handy is to txt confirm a booking when it is made, not just an hr before.

    people who work from home often dont have their address on the site, so, it seems to a first time booker that a confirm would be nice.

  • Will you be able to personalise the automated messages? And will clients be able to respond to confirm appointments?

    • Hi Suzi, great question. We’re still planning out this feature, so while I can’t make any promises, I can tell you that our focus in the coming year will be enabling you to forge better relationships with your customers, and personalized messages/confirmations are certainly a part of that. Our dev team has to be economical with their time, so we often prioritize new features based on our users’ needs and demands… making your voice heard, as in through blog comments *hint hint*, is a great way to advocate for features you want to see. Thank you!

  • I agree needs to load faster. Also I would like to see more reminders for for email and text. Right now it’s limited to one message. Square add in would be good. Also the availability to add more than one email to a customer account. If I have one business and three people I need to remind of a service I can’t do that.

    • Thank you for taking time out of your schedule and sending us your suggestions. We agree the ability to send multiple reminders and add more than one contact email to accounts would be excellent additions, and we’ll be looking into this.

  • The big problem is still the sync among the app and Google calendar. The new one looks great thanks.

  • I would love to see an option that would make it more clear which time zone the appointments are in, or if clients could see appointments immediately in their time zone. I’ve had a bunch of misunderstandings because people book a time and think it’s in their time zone when it isn’t.

    • There are two settings that could help – one allows you to include the time zone in the email, and the other includes an .ics attachments – both can help with time zone issues. Check here for details.

    • +1 for being able to have the reminder sent to the client with the time listed in their time zone, not mine. Or at least listing both and clarifying which is which.

    • I would agree with both comments here re. time zones.

      Otherwise I am very pleased that I found Setmore.

    • I agree with this comment; I too have had quite a few client misunderstandings over timezones.

      Although the timezones are shown when hovering over a time in the booking section, it would be much clearer if the client’s timezone times were shown in the main time selection area.

      I would add that SetMore really is an excellent booking system; congratulations and thank you for implementing the new features.

  • Hi

    Love the simplicity of Setmore but would it be difficult to add the option to apply multiple employees to one service? Eg two employees to finalise a 4 hour service in 2 hours?

    • Hi Darren, thank you for the compliments and the suggestion. We’ll add this feature to our wish list and see where it stacks up in terms of priority. The more heavily demanded the feature is, the higher priority it’s given, so your voice counts! Thanks again.

      • Hi,

        I need this feature so much! Has it been implemented as yet?

  • Amazing! Would love if customers can cancel and reschedule online (by entering email, for example) instead of having to do it through confirmation email.

  • I would like to say that I have been getting great praise for the simplicity of the booking site. It’s clear and to the point. My clients love the fact they don’t need a login and password to make an appointment. I am very happy so far with the new changes that has been happening since I I’ve started using this site back in Sept. 2015. Also I do love the quick response to all my complaints and troubles I may be having. Almost all have been resolved.
    I couldn’t tell from this email but would like to see the same schedule view on the iPhone as we see on the iPad or desktop computer.
    Thank you

    • Hi Sharla, Thank you for the compliments! Regarding the Setmore calendar view for iPhone, this has been designed and optimized for mobile use, so it will not have the same look as the web app. We are continually looking for ways to improve the app, so please feel free to contact us with any further suggestions.

  • Additional information doesn’t sync in order into Google calendar

  • Looks wonderful cant wait

  • Looks really good but still very simple to use.

    Looking forward to birthday reminders and using the iPad mini app!

    • Thank you! 🙂 Our team has already started working on the Setmore app for iPad, and we intend to make it available on the App Store soon.

      • I’m loving using this for our hair extension salon .. We currently all use iPad minis but running the iPhone app on it.. When is the iPad version comimg out?
        Best app I’ve ever used anyway .. Really easy to tootle around and fill in appointments just considering now the upgrade and integrating with our web page

        • Hi Vicki, the iPad app is currently in development and it’ll launch sometime later this year. I tried to get a specific date out of our development staff but then they start visibly sweating and I assume it’s best to just leave them to their devices. Soon, soon. In the meantime, I whole-heartedly encourage you to integrate Setmore with your webpage and see how it works for you!

  • Impressive new features!!!!

  • Setmore can work on being faster. Also when left idle for a bit and then going to book someone it doesn’t always save the appointment

    • We couldn’t agree more, the overall speed of an app/software has the biggest impact on productivity, which is why we have been working to optimize the code and give you the best scheduling experience possible. There’s always room for improvement, and we won’t let you down 🙂

    • Setmore should work a lot on speed and should make this top priority! I’m already asking for this since I started using it

      • We agree speed is key – we continue to upgrade our infrastructure and clean up our code to help with speed. If anyone is able to volunteer to do a screen share with our team that would be great. It is nice to see these issues first hand to make sure we are seeing the same thing. If you can volunteer send an email to with the subject “Speed Volunteer,” this way we have a list of people to reach out to as we test and implement speed upgrades.

  • New layout looks great! Can’t wait.

    Can you please make sure class bookings are exportable to .xls like normal appointments. And, when you make recurring class bookings, you are able to add the same clients to each one – at the moment I have to individually add them to each appointment.

    • Hi Ben, we’re constantly refining the app and enhancements to features such as class bookings are always on the table. Thank you for the feedback!

      • I would also REALLY appreciate not having to book each Indiv for the set of classes of the year!! Almost defeats the purpose of having class options

        • Thank you for the feedback. The “Class Booking” feature is still in beta, and we are persistently working on making this feature as productive as possible. We’re open to suggestions that can help improve the overall functionality of the Class Booking feature and we’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to drop us an email at