Why Appointment Reminders are a Great Idea.

Ten days ago, Caroline was looking to book a manicure for her wedding day. She was browsing businesses online when she found Sally’s Nail Salon. Sally’s Nail Salon uses online appointment software and has its own booking page. Caroline finds an available time slot and books an appointment for next friday. She gets a confirmation email and feels excited about getting her nails done for her big day.

Today, just a day before the wedding, she gets bogged down with details and then realizes she had missed her appointment with Sally. Now she’s left with no time to get her nails done. Caroline is disappointed that she won’t be looking as good as she wanted to in her wedding dress.

Feel sorry for Caroline? You should feel worse for Sally. Had her online booking software offered a simple, yet essential, feature like appointment reminders, Caroline wouldn’t have missed the appointment, and Sally, a hard-working and talented professional, wouldn’t have missed an opportunity to turn a new customer into a loyal regular.

If you can empathize with Sally, you’re in the right place. Here’s why we think appointment reminders are a crucial feature in an appointment scheduling software.

No-shows are more than an opportunity lost

One of the biggest problems for a small businesses are no-shows. The underlying problem is much bigger than just the inconvenience and the wasted time. A customer who doesn’t show up for an appointment is not just one missed opportunity, but three:

The customer who didn’t show up
The customer who would’ve showed up, and
The customer who could’ve been a returning customer.

A simple reminder in the form of an email or a text message is a great way to minimize the number of lost opportunities.

► Setup SMS Reminders For Appointments

One Less Worry

A small business is not a small endeavor. It takes as much effort as building an enterprise (just on a smaller scale). There’s tons of overhead like employees, raw materials, equipment, real estate, marketing and much more. You’ve worked hard to get your business running and with a little luck, you get some customers to actually use your services or products. Shouldn’t you put a little more one-time effort into keeping these hard-earned customers?

Set Automated Email Appointment Reminders with Setmore
Would You Love a Little Extra Money?

Here’s a bonus reason to start using appointment reminders: it REDUCES NO-SHOWS BY 30%. Let’s do some quick math. Let’s say you run a barber shop. You charge around $10 per appointment, and you’ve missed 30 appointments a week. Once you start sending automated email/SMS appointment reminders, studies suggest that you can reduce that to 21. That adds up to an extra $90 a week and $360 a month. Plug in your own figures. Every extra buck earned is worth it.

If you’re looking into ways to increase your cash flow and boost sales, here’s an opportunity you might be losing out on. Setting up automated appointment reminders takes less than 10 seconds once you have an account with Setmore appointment scheduling software. And, if you’re one of those businesses who has already benefited from this service, please leave a comment in the section below.

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