The Setmore User Interface Update Is Coming, Here’s What to Expect

By Cassandra @ Setmore

Writer, editor and scheduling product expert at Setmore Appointments.

This Martin Luther King Day (Monday January 16th), we’ll be posting a major update to Setmore’s user interface in the browser app. The biggest change will be the top navigation menu, which will change into a sleeker and simpler side navigation menu. Your calendar, your appointments, your staff and client listings will all remain the same. We’ll explore all the changes below so there won’t be any surprises.

Mark your calendars: the new interface launches January 16th.

The new Setmore user interface has a cleaner, simpler, easier to use layout.

The new UI in all its splendor

New icon-based side navigation

The top menu items: Dashboard, Calendar, Customers, Profile, and Settings – all of these will remain the same except for Profile, which becomes the new “Apps & Integrations” section.


Section titles appear on mouseover

Apps & Integrations

The new Apps & Integrations section replaces the old Profile > Integrate section and provides a more organized view of all the 3rd-party plugins that Setmore has to offer. The updated layout also makes it easier to access your Booking Page or download the mobile app.


Old Integrations page vs new integrations page

We’ve taken all the information currently in this section and added more instructions, tutorials, and links to relevant support articles. Now you’ll be able to deploy the integrations of your choice with all the necessary data at your fingertips. As we add new plugins, you’ll be able to access them instantly from this page.

Everything else, right where you left it

The sub-menu structure will remain the same. So for example, everything under the Settings > Account tab will be the same from old interface to new interface.

The new vs. old menu structure

Paving the way for future growth

So there you have it––by making everything a lot more accessible and intuitive, the new Setmore interface is a precursor to new feature releases down the road. I can’t spill the beans yet on what to expect in 2017, but stay tuned for some exciting announcements coming to a blog near you.

-The Setmore Team

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  • Two things:

    (1) Why isn’t there a LOCATION or APPOINTMENT DETAILS section? Will this be added anytime soon? What’s the workaround for adding call-in details for appointments and physical addresses for classes? We don’t have one physical location, so the details for each service and class are very different. I don’t see anywhere to include those details.

    (2) Why can’t we customize EMAIL REMINDERS? Will this be added anytime soon? We just upgraded to Premium under the impression that we would be able to customize email reminders (like in Calendly and Acuity). To our dismay, “Custom Reminders” means adding a custom message to text reminders, which doesn’t work for us.

    • Hi JG, good questions all. (1) You can add location to the service description under Settings > Services. If services vary by location, I’d recommend creating separate services for each location and inputting the name of the location into the service title. You can also use service categories to organize how the services are displayed on your booking page (See support article here for more info, and see the tutorial video on multiple locations)

      (2) You may customize the signature field of your email alerts under Settings > Notifications > Customization. The signature field supports longform content, so you can add a few paragraphs of information if needed. See support article here for more info.

      I hope that helps! Our dev team is aware of limitations with regards to email alert/reminders and location-based services and it’s something we’ll be looking into later this year.

  • I noticed none of the new features included annual, semi-annual or quarterly reporting. This would be really helpful with taxes.

  • It will be nice to have the ability to search in the client list with a number except names

  • Cassandra,
    Another issue I forgot to mention again is if you don’t logout, TODAY remains as whatever day you last logged in. Very inconvenient!



  • Cassandra, the update got rid of the ‘Agenda’ option on the calendar. I use this to print a week of appointments in order to pull patient files. Could you please tell me where it went? (Hopefully!!!) Or, how to hack it?

    Thank you!
    Doc Laurie

    • Hi Laurie, I’m so sorry! unfortunately the Agenda view was phased out. At this point in time I don’t believe there are plans to bring it back. As for hacks, you can export a spreadsheet of appointment data for a specific team member by navigating to Settings > Account > Export Schedule. Use the “Resource” drop-down menu to filter by staff. After you submit the criteria and generate a listing, a button will appear below the table that reads “Export as .XLS.” You can then download the file and print it.

  • Hi, I have mentioned some issues elsewhere a month or two ago. So I thought I’d mention them here as well.

    1. In the customer list, Sort By Last Name, does only exactly that. For the same last name, first names are randomly ordered. Similarly, with sort by First Name.

    2. In Staff>-Services, the services are listed in a completely random order. It makes it hard to select.

    3. As mentioned by others, there should be separate fields for first and last name everywhere a customer name is input. and preferably both should be mandatory.

  • Hi, Cassandra
    When is coming the russian Language? or at least an email notification customisation? At the moment, there are Russian language in the booking form and email, but too many translation mistakes do not allow to use the service.

  • Hi, I’m having a problem booking in as when i click on the appointment time the box that you fill in with save appointment at the bottom is half way off the page so cannot be accessed.

    • Hi Linda, first check to make sure the browser window is maximized, as the Appointment Details box may be cropped by smaller screens. You can also adjust your browser’s zoom level by using command – (minus key) on a Mac, or ctrl – (minus key) on Windows. If this doesn’t work, please send an email to with a screenshot of the window. I hope that helps!

  • Does setmore allow us to regulate how close to the schedule appointment times that clients are allowed to make an appointment. For instance if we don’t want clients to have the ability to book a 11am appointment at 10:45am, to allow us a given amount of time that a client has to secure an appointment to avoid “walk-in like” last minute clients that can be disruptive to planning, giving us more control over “booking habits”. Some other apps have allowed this feature to give us the service providers more advanced schedule notice.

    • Hi Jeffrey, yes we offer this feature as “Appointment Lead Time.” You can adjust the lead time by navigating to Apps & Integrations > Your Booking Page / Configure > Booking Policies > Appointment Lead Time (it’s the first feature listed). I hope that helps!

  • Great improvement, and with premium acess the software is an excellent tool! However, since 16th january, the recepcionist acess does not see the customer folder. Please check this bug

  • Hello,

    What has happened to the customization feature? I need to remove a pop up message now that it has expired and I don’t see it anywhere in the new format.


  • What happened to the agenda button so that we can print the schedule for today???

    • Hi Paula, the agenda view was removed due to its functionality being roughly the same as the dashboard. I apologize for not mentioning this change in the announcement, I was unaware of this change. I’m not sure at this point if our development team intends to roll the feature back into Setmore.

      • Hi Cassandra,

        I just wanted to chime in that our offices that use SetMore also really miss the Agenda view — it was a very convenient way to get a printout of that day’s appointments and have it at our check-in desk! We were surprised to see it had been removed as we thought it would be a fairly common need for multiple location or multiple staff users of Setmore to see appointments listed separately. For now we’re just printing from daily view and as we only have 3 locations it’s not terrible, but it’s not as nice of a format and view as the old Agenda view was!


        • Hi Tom, I totally understand. As we add new features to Setmore, we’re trying to make sure the app doesn’t become bloated and overly complex. Our usage data showed that agenda view was relatively unused (among all our users), so someone higher up on the food chain made the decision to axe it. This is a fairly common practice in the tech world, but it will result in some toes being stepped on, and I’m sorry about that. My hope is that Setmore’s growing feature list will prove itself in time and make up for the loss. Thanks for commenting!

      • But the dashboard cannot be printed. Besides, the Agenda mode allowed to print the daily agenda for each Staff. It was our most used feature (aside from the bookings, naturally). It would be greatly appreciated if it could be rolled back.

  • HI, thank you for creating such a great booking system that works so well! I was just wondering if there is a feature to have a waitlist?

    If not is this something the developers would consider in the future with the premium plan?

    I get booked out and would like to have a list of my clients who might want to book in a certain time and then I can contact them if there is a cancellation.


    • Hi Christine, we have something like this on our product roadmap, but as of yet no priority or timeline designated for it. Keep an eye on the blog for any major feature announcements (social media works too). Thanks for commenting!

  • If Setmore and TeamUp were to combine this would be an awesome app!

  • Hi, We are trying to use your ‘services’ feature for room bookings but need to be able to switch between the calendar view of services and staff.. is this something you’re working on currently? or likely to in the future?

    thanks xx

    • Hi Rosie, it’s doubtful that we’ll include an option to view your calendar by services instead of staff. However we do have planned a multiple locations feature that may likely work better for a room-based booking situation.

  • Nice! One feature i would really appreciate on the iphone app is being able to see which days you have clients on from calendar view.

    For example: on the iphone calendar app, a single dot appears under the days out of the month you have an event!

  • Will it ever be possible for customers that are booking to choose their start AND end time for a service? I have a nanny & sitter agency, and it would be great/so much easier if the parents that are booking could select their start and end times when booking themselves!


  • Can we add the recurring booking on the free account?

  • Where can we submit feature requests?
    Is there a way to create custom features?

  • In the mobile app we need a navigate button so we dont have to copy and paste every address we go to.. would be really nice if google maps was linked with the address..

  • When is coming the german Language?

  • Some good changes but how about we fix some of the other issues first. I reported and have been waiting for months for a fairly basic fix to the web based email that is sent to clients with their appointment details. All works fine except one of the link on the side with the business details. The View website link will not work on many computers unless you open with a google gmail client. Given that customers choose a variety of email clients its not acceptable to not have a universal implementation of the link. Until this is fixed or we can remove that component from the email sent out its not workable for my clients.

    • Hi Rob, I’m not able to replicate the issue on my computer, but I’ve asked our support lead to look into it. He will likely be reaching out to you in the next 24 hrs. Thanks for letting us know!

  • This is amazing! Can’t wait!

  • I wish the program would reschedule reccurring appointments to working days.

  • The revisions look good, but I am nervous about whether there is ANY chance this will result in another server meltdown. I currently have 380 appointments scheduled for the next 3 months and I cannot afford to have such an occurrence.

  • Hi there, i don’t know if this is the appropriate place to comment on this, but i would like to have the country number removed from the booking form. Customers find it annoying and when they skip it, its default is +91 (India) which is of nu use in my country. Just one box for the phone number would be nice.

    • Hi Bart, thank you for commenting, I was not aware of this issue. I’ll notify the dev team.

    • I forgot to mention that i now created an extra field to the form to fill in the phone number in one field, but this makes the form look a bit messy, since an extra header ‘additional information’ is created.

  • is there any chance that you could put a feature in so that you can assign your regular customer a unique account so they pay specific price for the service i provides.e i have regular customers who pay different amount than a first time customer, and i don’t like the idea of new customers seeing regular customers rates when they book, they need to be using my service regularly to benefit from this price reduction.

    • Hi Neil, thanks for commenting. This may get addressed in a future feature rollout. In the meantime, I think the only way to accomplish this is to apply the discount manually in the Appointment Details menu, from your admin calendar. I hope that helps!

  • I am having an issue with customers making double bookings when they only mean to book one. I could have passed it off as a customer’s mistake but it has been happening far too often. Is there a reason for this?

  • Greeting

    thanks for the update ; we need able to send sms reminder to our clients by using our own sender id instead of different sender id every time witch is unknown to our client .

  • Hi,

    We are using your systems and its working reasonable well.

    Can you let me know if, and when, it would be possible to FULLY combine appointments, I don’t mean add-on bookings (we use those), but make for a single customer AND adjoining appointments into 1 appointment.

    We have many customers who book several items in 1 session (hair, nails, massage, tanning) and at the moment they get a notification for EVERY appointment, even if its a 5 minute item. This is very annoying. Sometimes 4 in 1 hour)….

    It would be great that if a) for the same customer, and b) the appointments are adjoining (or add-ons) they are seen as 1 appointment, not separate reminders, emails, and sms’s…

    Any chance that would be working?

    If so that would be a great benefit and I would use it on a lot more websites than the current one!

    Thanks for your response, if you have any questions happy to explain.

    Thank you

  • Will there be a possibility to cancel or reschedule classes in emails as well? It is only available for appointments.

  • Hi Cassandra. EXCELLENT APP, Aesthetically and functionally. I love it!

    I once made this question

    Are you planning to give the “BOOK APPOINTMENT” button another language? It would be great to have an option in spanish

    • Hi Ricardo, great question. We don’t currently have plans to change the way the button looks, but please note that you may create your own button image and embed it on your website, then hyperlink it to your Setmore booking page. That’s essentially all the Setmore “Book Appointment” button does – it’s a hyperlinked image file.

  • Will it have increased character count to reminders so we can actually fit in information about changing appointments. Too many times clients have replied to the text message re changes/cancellations and we’ve never received it. Makes us look unprofessional and wastes other potential income.

    • You can customize your text reminders under Settings > Notifications > Customization. Currently the character limit for text reminders is 160 and you should be able to squeeze in a “Do Not Reply.” I hope that helps!

  • Glad to see that the app is improving! I hope 2017 will be the year of new useful features 🙂

    I have 2 questions:
    1. I would really like to have an option for one service to be provided by multiple staff members for a single appointment. We are in the moving business and right now I have to add each appointment several times for each team member that has to do the move. It would be much easier if some services had the option to include more staff members to provide them simultaniously.

    What I mean with an example. You want to move your office and we arrange everything. We are going to need 4 people for the service. I add you as a customer.
    How it is right now:
    I add an appointment with staff member 1. Then I copy and paste the text and add the appointment with staff member 2. Then I do the same with staff member 3. Then the same with staff member 4.
    If I have added your e-mail, you get 4 confirmation e-mails. If I have activated SMS reminders, you get 4 text messages.
    Not perfect, right?

    It’s the same with our cleaning services, it’s very rare that only one staff member is required.

    How we would really like it to be:
    I add the appointment and have an option to change the number of staff members required. Then choose the staff members from a dropdown menu. The appointment gets automatically added to all staff members’ calendars and you get only one e-mail and SMS reminder. Also, the appointment is linked accross their calendars so when I change it in one calednar, it is reflected in the others as well.

    That would be absolutely brilliant!

    2. I have already contacted support about this and they said they will work on it but I want to bring it up again – we are using cyrillic and we have numerous issues with the Android app. There are 2 main ones:
    – When I add a customer through the app, I can’t find him on my PC neither through the browser, nor through the Windows app. On the PC I have to go to the customers tab and search with the customer’s phone number to find him and then add the appointment from there.
    – When I add a customer through the browser of the Windows app, on the Android app his/her name is replaced with ??? ?????? signs and for that reason I am unable to book appointments from Android app with that customer. It’s probably a simple unicode problem, but it’s quite annoying to have.

    With all these things being said – I really like Setmore, it really helps organize my appointments much easier and my staff members are very happy with it as well. It’s great, it’s easy to use and has a lot of potential! I would love for us to grow together!

    P.S. Sorry for XXL comment 🙂

  • Will I be able to set up the class function ie multiple clients for the one appointment use the iPhone app??

  • Hello, will I be able to schedule multiple services for individual bookings with this update?

  • If we like the old version better, is there a way to keep it and not have the updated one ?

  • Hi Cassandra.
    Can I manage appointments for 2 business locations in the calendar? (same business)
    Thank you for your answer

  • I would like to be able to mark my appointment start times so that whoever books my appointments can clearly see what appointment start times are available. I would like to place a colored line at the various start times. I would also like to choose the color of the line. My start times are at odd times, such as 8:45 A.M., 10:15 A.M., etc.

  • This is awesome news Cassandra!

    I’ve recently discovered your booking package and love your well-designed interfaces.

    This is a blessing sent from heaven for our newly-registered Non Profit Organization in South Africa.

    God bless you!

  • The app add on is such a great idea!

  • Hi there,
    any plans to implement a 2 ways sync with Apple calendar? Would be a huge help.
    Best Jens

  • Will I be able to view/edit my custom classes and see my class schedule?

  • Will the classes be available on the app too? Just like on the Mac?
    Because It’s not possible to check on attendee on the phone app right now.

    Oh and it would be nice to add a buffer time also for classes.


  • Hi,
    My Customers are asking how they can see their schedule, when they have booked several appointments. Currently, they can only go to their emails to check when they have a lesson with me.
    Is there any other way?

  • Two things I’d like – or love – to see would be 1. separate fields for first and last name when the client is booking online. Too many times I get someone booking with just a first name and it’s annoying when I don’t know what file to pull to go with the appointment. On that same note, is it possible to get it to merge automatically by recognizing when someone books with slightly different spelling or something. I have so many clients that have multiple profiles because they put hyphens in their phone # one time and didn’t the next, or some other minor difference like that. Then 2. Custom service labels would be nice if I could save the ones I use regularly.

  • It is well needed I could select the appointment and copy/paste it in different time / service provider slot. Frequently 2 and more customers are orderig massages in our spa. it is too slow to add ecah one manually having a group under one prson’s name who place the order

  • Looking good guys

    Random Question – do you think you will ever create or add and option for Stock Control. I use your system for most things, however this is the only thing missing for my business

    Look forward to your reply

    • Hi Karen, you mean like Inventory? Our goal is to make Setmore a small business growth app so there’s a possibility that something like this might be added in the distant future, but it likely won’t happen in 2017.

  • Oman.
    We are waiting for the new changes. best wishes.

  • It would be nice if the calendar view was available in the ap as well. Calendar view makes it much easier to visualize your day. Just a suggestion!

  • Is it possible to get the laptop view on my phone instead of just time slots. When I have booked out extra time or multiple appointments for a client it is hard to make a remote booking because I cannot visually see how much time is set aside. Also as previously mentioned about booking multiple services for the one client at the same time- the app sends out multiple reminders which clients constantly only look at the last time sent meaning they often turn up late and cant have full treatment. Thank you

    • Hi Tania, you should be able to open up Setmore in your phone’s browser, rather than the app. It may be difficult to navigate through the menus as the font type will be small, but it’s doable. As for the multiple services booking issues, we are aware of these issues. I agree the feature needs a major overhaul, but I don’t yet know if we’re going to get to it this year. Keep an eye on the blog for future updates; I’ll be putting up more announcement posts when new features are set to come out.

  • Hi Kassandra,

    Is it possible to add a POS (point of sale) feature? this will add the reports and functionality that many members are asking for.

  • Hi there, thanks for the great efforts!

    May I ask will be able to check the cost per month, currently the cost is calculated only per week. and weekly counting included previous months if it’s the first week, sane happen in the last week calculation.


    • Hi Jenix, there may be a workaround here. If you go to Settings > Account > Export Schedule, you can generate a log of all appointments taken for a specific time range. Then, export the data to .XLS by clicking the button “Export as .XLS” at the bottom of the table. The exported file will have service cost values attached to each appointment.

  • Setmore needs to get of multiple ways for a client to sign in to Setmore. It also needs to block a person from creating a duplicate account. Thsi creates so much work on my end, having a client call me because they cant find their prior appointments because they created multi accounts. Then I have to go in, look for all the accounts they made and under different aliases, merge them & then open up my email when I get a message so I dont miss messages its a totally unnecessary email saying that the client is merged. Why does it not work like Facebook or Amazon? If I try to log in & cant, It will not allow me to make another account with the same info, but Setmore does. Also we need to be able to book multi services from our end as well as the client being able to. These are the 2 biggest drawbacks to this system. other than that it is fine. Messing around with the look for a streamlined look is so not as important as the functionality. I work in the biz for 30 years & this makes me nuts. Also I have to rely on what the client now tells me as to why she had to create multiple accounts. clients can be very lazy and they don’t realize what a mess that makes.

    • Hi Denise, I feel ya. We know this is an issue and we have plans this year to create unique customer logins that restrict it to 1 login per customer email. I’ll post updates on the blog when this becomes a reality. Thanks for commenting.

  • How about fixing the SMS reminders so they actually go out? I’ve contacted setmore support on numerous occasions now and this is still occurring. It’s a weekly occurrence where some reminders don’t go out and very frustrating since I’m now having to manually check this every couple of hours!

    • Hi Maz, we are putting together a team to try and strengthen SMS reliability worldwide. In many cases is has more to do with the SMS service provider we partner with than the actual Setmore app, so it’s not really a technical bug that has to be fixed. Regardless, we’re working on it and I hope to have good news for you later this year.

  • Will there ever be an iPad app?
    So many businesses, including my own, only use an iPad and the booking system iPhone interface on an iPad is so poor.

    • Hi Ceesee, an iPad app is on our roadmap, but I don’t know if 2017 will be THE YEAR for it. If I receive confirmation that it’s being worked on, I’ll be sure to post an update here on the blog.

  • the Android app really needs customize audible alert. Then tell the alert apart from other alerts such txts or alarms or viber or whatsapp etc.

    Cheers Mick

  • Will you put a feature on the app that alllows private services (exclusive offers) to be self-booked by way of a link sent directly to targeted clients so that other clients can’t access it the way they book non-private services?

  • I need to send text/emails to a single client or a bcc text/emails to multiples clients (blind copy). Are you considering to add this feature?

    • Hi Tamara, we have a communications update planned for 2017 that will give you more ways to connect with customers on a 1:1 basis, but it’s still in the conceptual phase. I’m not sure at this point if it will have bcc functionality. Stay tuned.

  • Would you please make a iPad app that would sync with my phone ?

  • Can you add a search for client previous bookings ?

    • Hi Mandy, you can access a list of a single client’s appointment history from the Customers tab in your account. From here, if you need to find a specific appointment, you can use your browser’s search function to search by date, service, or service provider name. Just Command + F if you’re on a mac, Ctrl + F on windows (works best on a laptop or desktop). I hope that helps!

      • It would be great to be able to look up their previouse and future appointments from the scheduling page- now I have to leave the schedule and go to the client name.

  • Hello
    i would like to be able to send a text message to my contact who are in my contact list and the ability to import clients numbers.

  • Sounds like some interesting changes and tweaks. I have requested this before, and want to request it again: for purposes of my billing, it would be very helpful if I could search (or generate a report) by customer name and by service, limited to a specified period of time (e.g., previous month). I can, sort of, do that now but have to switch to Google calendar which does it, but without the time period limitation.

  • Will actual google calendar integration be one of the updates? So far everything is cosmetic and while visual changes are an update if it doesn’t improve the program then it is not an upgrade or improvement. Improved Income reports and not just projected income? Since it is a calendar and also has rate, payment and financial information it only makes sense to be able to export income. I would to be able to know the program is going to continue to improve in function’s and not just visual graphics otherwise it will be too costly to continue to use if I have to add another program.

  • Hi I find very annoying that if I need gab between the apps I have to do two ..I know u can do slot between but then I can’t pin anone else in colour 30min 30 min space and then second app 30min blow dry. ..If u know what I mean

    • I think if you enable double booking, you should be able to schedule another client during that processing time before the blow dry. So, if you create your chemical service for the whole length of time it will take from start to finish instead of multiple smaller blocks, enable double booking and you can fit in a haircut or whatever while the color client is under the dryer.

  • I’d love it if customers would be able to get the Setmore App on their phones and book their appointment that way rather than going to the booking page. So would they!

  • Hello,
    Is it possible to make a different prices for a services with a different staff members? ( Martina -haircut £50 … Nicol haircut £60 )
    And also, is there weekly or monthly dashboard, so I can check it backwards?
    Thank you for your great app

    • Hi Martina, you would have to create them as separate services, and assign each service to its respective team member. For your second question, can you clarify what you are trying to check backwards?

  • Currently this setmore app isnt allowing me to view or edit the appointment scheduling portion. Also I am unable to jot down notes in the note tab. The app freezes up everytime I click on the old appointment tab. If I can get someone to help me with this that would be great! Thank you!

    • Julia I can’t seem to find your account (based on the email you used to post the comment here) in our system. Can you send an email to along with your business name and let them know what’s going on? Our support team will be able to investigate. Thank you!

  • Any chance we might see integration with Clio contacts or Google contacts?

    Working through Zapier is not foolproof.

  • Is there ever going to be a way to make people inactive who no longer perform jobs without losing history of any work performed?

    Also will setmore ever have a interface for Quickbooks? That would be great!

    • Hi Brigitte, under the Staff Details (Settings > Staff) menu you should be able to remove all services provided by a staff member. This will prevent team members or customers from booking future appointments with the staff member, and you’ll still have access to their work history. As for Quickbooks, it’s not being discussed at this time but I will post an update if I hear otherwise. Best of luck!

  • can you upgrade the scheduling section as well. it is quite annoying that i cannot schedule to my liking.

    • Hi Devra, can you say more? What do you not like about it?

      • It’d be great to be able to edit recurring appointments from the Android app! (And a Windows 10 app would be awesome too!)

        • I agree, I do 99% of my booking from phone app. To be able to edit the reoccurring appointments from there instead of trying to remember to do it when I get home on my laptop would be so nice.

      • Please allow booking of multiple services for one client at a time! The only way to do it now is through the online booking, and I’d like to be able to do it through the app or through the dashboard!

        • I totally agree with Kaitlyn comment Please allow booking of multiple services for one client at a time! The only way to do it now is through the online booking, and I’d like to be able to do it through the app or through the dashboard!

        • (for example if a client wants a manicure AND pedicure, to be able to book them at the same time, instead of having to go through the whole booking process twice)

  • Is there a way to make a calendar view for all employees, daily, weekly? Not dashboard view.

  • Great! Just like on the mac app! But please tell us about the new features.

    • Vinnie
      Can’t wait until it gets here super excited!!!

    • Hi Mert, sure thing. This UI update will allow us to add more new features without the menu selection getting super cluttered. Stay tuned for new feature updates later this month.

      • Hello

        The system looks great

        Will there be a way to send SMS to all of my clients at the same time to inform them of an impending change of address with Setmore??

        thanks Joseph