Setmore iOS Update: Version 1.7.4.

Following the release of a spectacular update, version 1.7.3, that gave you a lots of add-ons to improve your scheduling experience, here comes another release. Setmore iOS Update, version 1.7.4 brings alive a feature that was requested by you. Still guessing? It’s the Double booking, also known as the Multiple Booking feature which is all set for use from your iOS powered devices.

Features of 1.7.4:

Double booking: The major treat of 1.7.4 is the feature to include multiple appointments into a single time slot.

Enabling Double Booking: Reduce the need to navigate to the web app to activate the Double booking feature. Users with Admin access can enable the double booking feature from the iOS app.

Staff Edits: Staffs will have accessibility to edit their working hours and breaks when granted access by the Admin.

Staff Login Improvs: View appointments and send SMS reminders for the appointments from the iOS app.

So you got the insights into what the new update brings to your iOS appointment scheduling wonders. What’s left? Update your app to match the latest version on your devices. Tell us more at Enjoy the month with scheduling made easy only here at Setmore.


by Srilakshmi @ Setmore

Content writer and scheduling expert at Setmore Appointments.

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