Setmore 2016 Year in Review Infographic

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  • I have been very happy with the software, maybe I have had a couple of issues that were resolved but I love having the app on my cell, that has been so handy because I can actually block myself on certain hours when I take my mother to her doctor’s appointments and the schedule is there year round so I can even schedule someone off season (taxes) thanks for improving the little glitches

  • I am a coach and psychologist and I really like the simplicity of Setmore for my customers. I’m also very pleased with the fast responses of the support team.

    For 2017 I hope the Android app will improve.

    And what I would really love as an extra feature is that I can define the time blocks of a day myself. YouCanBookMe has this amazing feature where you can define timeblocks in your Google Calendar as “available”. I have not changed to YouCanBookMe yet, because of the UI of Setmore. That feature would make me be willing to pay for Setmore.

    • Hi bw, thanks for commenting! We have plans to improve and regularly update both our iOS and Android apps this year. As for your second note, Setmore offers a Slot Blocker feature that lets you block out timeslots in your calendar, thereby preventing customers from booking in those timeframes. Here’s the support article for how to set up a slot blocker in the browser app and the mobile app.

  • I love this app. I would love to see a way to make reminder calls that can be put directly into the system calendar. If there already is a way to do this please let me know!

  • I am a byob painting party company and i use setmore its by far one of the best but it does need some work. We hope that soon we can choose different themes for our booking platform that would be amazing. All in all its great!
    Check us out at Thanks setmore for setting us apart!!!!!

  • I love the simplicity of Setmore for my visitors, and the responsiveness of the team!

    As a photographer, the only thing it’s missing (for me) is the ability to vary pricing / hours based on distance. I appreciate it’s a terribly complex feature, but one that would be wonderful to address down the road.

  • The app has been a great addition to P4T and I echo many of the praises and desires in the thread responses. I will use your idea on the short links and use of google docs in addition to posting my P4T Facebook page.

    Thanks and keep the good ideas coming.


  • Love this app so far! One thing I would like to be able to do is upload files to the About You section under Profiles/Company Details.
    I have some wonderful letters of recommendation and my resume that I’d like to put on there. Any change of adding the ability to upload a file to that section?

    • Hi Lorrie, it’s unlikely for this year. What’s on the roadmap for ’17 is the ability to attach files to appointments that customers & staff members can access. As a workaround, you could host the letters of recommendation somewhere and then set up shortlinks ( for instance), and embed them as text in your About section. This will allow users to copy/paste the short URL (or enter it manually) to see the documents in question.

      If you don’t have a website or FTP server to upload files to, you can instead upload your letters to a Google Drive account and enable public viewing of said documents. Best of luck!

  • I would love to see better reporting features. Only being able to view my current week stats in my dashboard makes things a little more difficult to see how I am doing over an extended period of time.

  • This app is definitely a life saver! Keeps me organized and on time.

  • Well Done guys!
    I love using SetMore, but is there any chance a price plan for just SMS reminders alone would be in the pipe line for 2017?
    As I’m considering using another app which allows this option.

    • Hi Hannya, I can’t give details but the short answer is “yes.” We will likely be making a special announcement in the next 3 months.

      • Thank you! That is amazing news. Looking forward to it.
        I find Setmore so user friendly, I love how you can download the app on various devices, I’ve not found another app that compare. But with payment plan for just SMS service, that makes it perfect! Thank you for listening to us users. Hannya x

  • Its just really slow

  • My wife and I started our “Down d’ Islands tours on our boat last year and used your app to do the scheduling. We could not be happier with how everything works. My customers tell me that it sets our business apart because of how professional everything is handled from bookings, reschedules, notifications. Everything works! Thank you for helping our business suceed!

  • I found Setmore when I decided to open up my own Day Spa as well. I love the accessibility and look of Setmore. My clients tell me how they love being able to book online. It be nice if this year you could make it so that you can see all staff appointments on the same page. Thanks Setmore!

  • The main problem I with this app as people try to book with me on a day I’m not available and they don’t realize it. It would be helpful if they could pick the day and then see who is working. Also looking for something to use for walk-ins it would be great if there was a place to do that

  • Finished year 1 as a small buisness owner (yay!!) and I’m so glad I decided to use setmore as my booking page! My clients love it, and I’m stoked to see the new features and updates coming! The team has always been great at answering even my weirdest questions lol! Upgrading to pro for 2017, can’t wait!! Thanks setmore team!

  • Android app needs improvement. Can’t make changes/delete appointment from app.

  • There’s a reason why we all use Setmore. Smart people use this website!

  • Just opened up my own Day Spa and I am so very happy with Setmore! Clients tell me my booking page is very easy to use and I love how I get texts when a new appointment is booked! I love Setmore and I’ll never use anything else! Thanks for all you do to continue to make this such a great site!

  • I appreaciated the set more app! My clients love getting the reminder text. I would have loved to set continual appt for the month. Like every Friday at 10:00 for each week! Make it a great year and thank you!!

    • Do you set it to go automatically? How do you do that? thanks

      • Hi Catherine, reminder texts are a feature of Setmore Premium. If you have a Premium account, you may enable reminder texts by navigating to Settings > Notifications > Customer > Appointment Reminders. I hope that helps!

    • Hi Shelia, we offer the ability to set recurring appointments with Setmore Premium. If you have a Premium account, you may enable recurring appointments by navigating to Settings > Account > Preferences > Recurring Appointments. This support article provides a step-by-step rundown of the process. Thanks for commenting!

  • I would REALLY REALLY love to see a place to add attachments for appointments in the future!

  • Year 1 as a new business! This app kept me on time and gave me the ability to out perform others in my industry with 20 years of experience! Thank you Setmore!

  • I do think there are still many “issues” and new features which could be integrated with setmore to make it the number 1 platform.

    Please team make 2017 a good one for brand new features

    • I hear you Mark. Believe me we’ve had discussions and will be pushing ourselves in that direction this year, but please do comment frequently and hold us accountable. Thank you for commenting!

  • p.s. in case anyone’s curious and wants to read the 2015 year in review, I dug up the link for you: