Do You Think An Unhappy Returning Customer is A Good Idea?.

“I book a session with you every month. Do I really have to call in to schedule every time? Can’t you just reserve a monthly time slot for me and save us both the trouble?” Sounds familiar? If you’re a business owner tired of booking recurring appointments manually, Setmore recurring appointment scheduler is your solution.

Booking appointments is essential. But it can be a tedious task. So let’s  automate some of the legwork. We’re already scheduling your appointments with our streamlined, cloud-based software. Let’s take it to the next level with our recurring appointment-scheduling feature. If you have clients with regular appointments—be it daily, weekly or monthly—you can save the time and energy spent on manual booking.

Recurring Appointments Set a Professional Tone

Next time you schedule an appointment through Setmore, just opt for the recurring appointment option. Select the date and time along with the service and provider, and the appointment is fixed. The booking page will automatically update the customer’s appointments for those recurring days and times.

But wait, there’s more! You and your customer will receive an automatic reminder to avoid any possible no-shows. If the appointment for a certain day needs to be changed or the service provider adjusted, you can change it without affecting any of their other appointments.

Remember, unlike regular appointment scheduling, the option to set recurring appointments is limited to just you and your staff. But your customers can still schedule their own single appointments. This gives you optimal control over your calendar while still enjoying the benefits of collaborative software.

Doesn’t it sound like work is getting simpler? Next time you get a call like the one above, go ahead and lock them in with just one click. You’ve just saved yourself the work and your customer the extra phone calls. It’s a win-win!

Editor’s Note:

This is an outdated post from March 2014. Setmore has been revamped with more features and a great new look. Check out our support site for more information.

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