Ready, Set, Go: Setmore v2.0 for Android

The wait is over: Setmore version 2.0 for Android is now a reality. Version 2.0 features a sleek new interface, rebuilt from scratch to be more intuitive and effortless to navigate. You can also create new appointments, staff, services, and slot blockers faster than ever before with new quick-action menus. Click the button below to download Setmore 2.0 for Android.

 Ready, Set, Go: Setmore v2.0 for Android

Looking for the iOS version? Click here.

Because everything got shuffled around in the rebuild, we’ll provide a brief walkthrough for how to find the most common and useful functions, detailed below.

Create customers, services, staff and appointments

All event creation is now available from the pink (+) button in the bottom right corner. One tap opens the expandable menu, and you can create anything from there. No matter where you are in the app, a new appointment is just a tap away.

 Ready, Set, Go: Setmore v2.0 for Android

Call or text customers easily

Want to get in touch with a customer before their appointment? Simply open the Appointment Details menu, then tap the “eye” symbol to the left of the customer’s name. You’ll be redirected to the customer profile, where you can tap to call or text the customer (if you have a valid phone number on file for them).

 Ready, Set, Go: Setmore v2.0 for Android

“Account / Settings” menu

Access your staff, services, and notification triggers all from the new Account menu. Here’s where you’ll also find Settings, to change your business hours or enable bonus features like double-booking.

 Ready, Set, Go: Setmore v2.0 for Android

Here’s what you’ll find in the Settings sub-menu:

  • Business hours, Currency, Timezone
  • Off-hours booking, Double booking
  • Appointment slot duration and Week start day
  • Show/hide Google events or Outlook events
  • Show/hide slot blockers
  • Show/hide weekly income

“More” menu

The More menu has everything that’s related specifically to using Setmore on your smartphone. Here you can import staff or customers from your phone contacts, copy a link for sharing Setmore, or customize your Android widget settings for the Setmore app.

 Ready, Set, Go: Setmore v2.0 for Android

Room to grow

Not only will the cosmetic overhaul provide a better experience overall, but it also makes room for us to add new features down the road. If your Setmore app hasn’t already auto-updated, be sure to update your version now so you’ll be prepared for future updates and releases in the months ahead.

Encounter a bug with the new Android app?

Send us feedback directly in the app by navigating to More > Feedback, or start a 1:1 chat with our support team by going to More > Support > Chat.

– Team Setmore