Ready, Set, Go: Setmore v2.0 for Android

By Cassandra @ Setmore

Writer, editor and scheduling product expert at Setmore Appointments.

The wait is over: Setmore version 2.0 for Android is now a reality. Version 2.0 features a sleek new interface, rebuilt from scratch to be more intuitive and effortless to navigate. You can also create new appointments, staff, services, and slot blockers faster than ever before with new quick-action menus. Click the button below to download Setmore 2.0 for Android.

Download Setmore 2.0 for Android on Google Play.

Looking for the iOS version? Click here.

Because everything got shuffled around in the rebuild, we’ll provide a brief walkthrough for how to find the most common and useful functions, detailed below.

Create customers, services, staff and appointments

All event creation is now available from the pink (+) button in the bottom right corner. One tap opens the expandable menu, and you can create anything from there. No matter where you are in the app, a new appointment is just a tap away.

All event creation is now available from the pink (+) button in the bottom right corner.

Call or text customers easily

Want to get in touch with a customer before their appointment? Simply open the Appointment Details menu, then tap the “eye” symbol to the left of the customer’s name. You’ll be redirected to the customer profile, where you can tap to call or text the customer (if you have a valid phone number on file for them).

Tap to call or text a customer from the customer profile screen.

“Account / Settings” menu

Access your staff, services, and notification triggers all from the new Account menu. Here’s where you’ll also find Settings, to change your business hours or enable bonus features like double-booking.

Access your staff, services, and notification triggers all from the new Account menu.

Here’s what you’ll find in the Settings sub-menu:

  • Business hours, Currency, Timezone
  • Off-hours booking, Double booking
  • Appointment slot duration and Week start day
  • Show/hide Google events or Outlook events
  • Show/hide slot blockers
  • Show/hide weekly income

“More” menu

The More menu has everything that’s related specifically to using Setmore on your smartphone. Here you can import staff or customers from your phone contacts, copy a link for sharing Setmore, or customize your Android widget settings for the Setmore app.

The More menu has everything that’s related specifically to using Setmore on your smartphone.

Room to grow

Not only will the cosmetic overhaul provide a better experience overall, but it also makes room for us to add new features down the road. If your Setmore app hasn’t already auto-updated, be sure to update your version now so you’ll be prepared for future updates and releases in the months ahead.

Encounter a bug with the new Android app?

Send us feedback directly in the app by navigating to More > Feedback, or start a 1:1 chat with our support team by going to More > Support > Chat.

– Team Setmore

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  • Hi I do most of my work on the go so having the ability to issues an on the site receipt via your app is great but it only allows me to enter “Cash” as the method of payment. Is there a way to change this? I don’t need to charge the customers via the app just memorialize the event for future reference. A simple drop down with cash check or card would suffice.

    • Hi there, tap the appointment to bring up the details menu, then tap “Label” to add a label. It won’t appear in Agenda view, it’ll only show under the details menu. If you’re using a laptop, then it’s a different story – the label will show in the top right corner of the appointment block. You can refer this here

  • Hi setmore,

    since a couple of days the ‘Provide Multiple Services’ screen has disappeared from our booking website, even though it is turned on in the ‘booking policies’ settings. Is there a possibility to turn it back on again? The customers liked it. Now they need to go through the booking procedure twice…

    regards Nail Salon MB

    • Hi Nail Salon MB, you need to de-activate “Skip the Staff” in your Booking Policies. Setmore needs your customers to pick a staff member before it knows which additional services can be added. If you turn “Skip the Staff” off, you’ll see the multiple services option will start appearing again. Best of luck!

      • Hi Cassandra,

        thank you for your quick reply. I have a point of attention about the ‘Select staff’ option.

        For our customers, date and time is important, which employee is not important at all.
        We have one full-time employee and one working fri,sat,sunday.
        It would be nice if there is the option to select treatment->date->employee. Now customers need to select the employee first, check if their desired time is available, and go back to check for the other employee.
        The customer does not know they need to check each employee and simply thinks the salon is fully booked at their desired time and might go to another salon.

        So the option to put date first would be nice.

        regards Nail Salon MB

        • Hi Nail Salon MB, I totally understand. We have the same issue with an internal account we use to schedule account setup calls. The best workaround we can think of right now is to input the staff member’s available days into both their name and their profile description (Settings > Staff > Staff Description in main window).

          So for example, my current profile says “Cassandra (Thurs.)” as my name, and in my description it says “Available Thursdays” because that’s when I’m scheduled to take calls. I hope that helps!

          • Hi Cassandra,

            thank you for your answer,
            what i do now is manually assigning appointments from employee 1 to employee 2 if employee 2 still has the appointment time slot available. In this way employee 1, who is first in the employee list, always has the most available time. Although this is not much work, i have the feeling that this process could be automated.

            An option ‘all employees can do every treatment’ would be nice in order to skip the ‘choose provider’ window.

            There seems to be a layout problem with the ‘book additional services’ window. A square pop-up window appears, but the list of treatments is displayed in the background.


            Nail Salon MB

          • Try activating “Skip the Staff“. Setmore will automatically choose the first available staff member. The only thing i’m not 100% sure about is whether, if Setmore picks your Fri/Sat/Sun employee before displaying times, it then restricts the customer from booking other weekdays. You’ll have to experiment with that and tell me what you find out!

            Send me a screenshot of that graphical glitch and we’ll take a look at it:


  • Hi There!
    Love my setmore and have told other colleagues about it… sure do wish I could list 2 Customer email contacts that are both given notice of confirmed and reminded about upcoming appts in the free version… any chance that will happen? Deborah

    • Hi Deborah, typically appointments you book in Setmore are 1:1 and therefore you can’t add multiple customers to a single service and timeslot. However, you can book a class session with multiple customers in it, and each of those customers will receive email alerts & reminders per usual. It depends on how you want to use it.

  • Hi Cassandra

    I agree with all the above points.

    Another to add. On the desktop version, my appointments start at 0930 and run for 1 hour slots, starting on the half hour. This is not an option on the mobile site, therefore does not sync with my desktop. It pretty much renders the mobile site useless for me. Is this something that can be amended?

    Great site otherwise. Keep up the good work.

    Best wishes.


    • Hi Lesley, the mobile app should adopt all the same settings for timeslots, appointment duration, and starting time from the settings on your desktop version. If it’s not, then it’s either a bug or you may be logged into a separate account on your phone. I’d recommend messaging us in-app to get in contact with a support team member and they will investigate.

      From your desktop, click the chat bubble icon in the bottom-right of the app. From a mobile device, navigate to More > Support > Chat Us. You can do this whenever it’s convenient for you; our support team is up 24/7.

  • Font is much too small throughout. Makes the app feel more difficult to use on account of this single thing.

  • Hi There,

    We have loved using the setmore app first and foremost, but please find initial feedback from the new andriod app that i have been using :

    I have been slightly peeved that its easier to do things now on the website than the app my thoughts below

    1. i have issues where i have ahd to log out of the app and log back in to see apppointments that i have generated for my colleague on the website, it doesnt automatically push for some reason – where previously it did

    2.When adding a new customer in it doesnt recognize letters in Zip Code – I am personally based in the UK – where Post Codes are used and they contain letters – i now need to put this in the second line of address – which i suppose isnt correct

    3. I do not like the new adding an address in as you now need to do line from line – when i get appointment details in from client via mobile i normally just copy the address text – i now need to manually enter things in line by line – this seems like harder work

    4. WHen i book an appointment via the app and try and book another (different customers) it gives me the ability to book them in in a spot that i have booked, where previously it seems it would shadow it as not available, this again makes for duplication of work

    5. The information presented in the schedule would be good if it was
    Time of Booking (left hand side)
    Name of Customer (centre)
    Location of Customer (centre Under customer name)
    Comments/Notes on Customer (1/2 lines) (Right hand side)

    I personally book my colleague out to do quotes/appointments and sometimes i input details of the appointment and he needs to currently go right into the customer to see that info

    6. The Activity Tab seems more indepth when it doesnt need to be , i like looking at that if my colleague has made any changes (like sold to a client)

    7. Currently as it stands my colelague has no way to differenate if he just does a quote or if its a sale it would be good that this could be noted, so that he can input the Quote price (but it doesnt track at the end of week income) and Sale Price (which does track at the end of week income) – hope this makes sence, even if it is applying labels but the app knows ok Quote Label attached if figure inputted to cost do not calculate or if Sale Label attached update end of week figure from cost inputted

    8. Take away the area code / full number separator in the phone number field – just have full number – which is easier to select when trying to dial

    Apart from that we really love the programme and so glad we came to you guys

    Please email me directly if you have any questions surrounding this post



  • I am also going to send this in an email to you guys. I have a list of things thst need to be fixed ASAP!

    . Enlarge the font. It is too small now. Cannot see it clearly on either my phone or tablet.

    . Bring back the grey background. The white it too blinding. It makes the small font look choppy.

    . Need to see past appointments of my clients. That was a great feature to be able to find those past appointments and see the notes.

    . The “+” button is useless. It was better to slide to that section that was located on the right. It also covers the various “+ add new” buttons making it confusing as to what to press.

    . Put back the “+ slot block” button to make it easier.

    . The color coding of types of appointment are too pale. It would be better to have those colors be the color of the whole block to have so differentiation between appointments. That is if you are not going to bring back the grey background.

    . How do you make classes now? I was planning on starting that soon. I could have sworn that I used to be able to do that from the mobile app??

    That should do for now. I will send you more suggestions in time. At least, work on getting these things fixed so I can actually be able to see my schedule.

    Thank you!

    Katy McCormick

    • Hi Katy, I know you’ve been in contact with our support team so I may be covering familiar ground in my response here. We’re continuing to work on making the Android release stable and are listening to/incorporating design feedback (other users have informed us of the small font & brightness problems). We’ll continue to pump out version updates, as they’re ready, to address these issues over the next few weeks. In the meantime, your feedback is really helpful and I thank you in advance for your patience and understanding!

      As for being able to add classes, I’m afraid that wasn’t in Version 1 of the mobile app. However, once we’ve tied up all these loose ends with Version 2, our team will be focusing on bringing full functionality to the Setmore mobile apps (by which I mean, making sure that all the features in the browser/desktop version of Setmore are also available in the Android/iOS version of Setmore, including Premium features). It’s just a matter of time, so stay tuned!

      • Just wanted to say thanks for your prompt temporary solution from your support team.

        I just downloaded the new version again with the most recent updates and you are on the right track as far as adding some of the features back in. I still wish the background was not white and the font was bigger or one that was clearer looking.

        I will continue play around with this version and send in feedback.

        Thanks for your great support team and customer service!

    • +1 to all the above points made here. Updates should make things easier or enhance what’s there, not take half the features away, surely…..