Now Buzzing: Drone Reminders.

A recent user survey shows that the biggest hurdle to business growth is customers not showing up for their appointments. People are forgetful, and they need a helping hand. Right now text reminders are a great way to help minimize empty seats. Insightful, yes, but how can we completely eliminate no-shows? Lab geeks at Setmore HQ have discovered the solution.

Feast your eyes on the next big thing in reminder technology. On April 1st, 2017, the drones are coming. (OK not really, we’re just beta testing for now. Last one to sign up is a rotten easter egg!)

There is a “before drone reminders”
and an “after drone reminders.”
Welcome to the afterparty.

How it works:

Now buzzing: Setmore Drone Reminders!

  1. The solar-powered Setmore Mothership (codename: Queen Bee) is in continuous flight in the Earth’s stratosphere.
  2. Your customers book an appointment. Setmore sends a message to Queen Bee requesting drone deployment.
  3. Queen Bee dispatches a drone (codename: Worker Bee) on a “seek-and-remind” mission. You don’t even have to lift a finger!

No-shows stand no chance.

Key features:

Now buzzing: Setmore Drone Reminders!

Attack of the drones

There’s nowhere to hide from our drones! Pursue your customers relentlessly across all terrain and make sure they show up for their appointments.

Now buzzing: Setmore Drone Reminders!

Self-aware with lots of care

Our drones are fully autonomous, observing human behavior and making silent judgments about our collective worth as a species.

Now buzzing: Setmore Drone Reminders!

Rechargeable – so you have all the power… for now

These drones depend on you for sustenance. Surely this won’t come back to haunt us in a future robot uprising.

Beta test drone reminders –
Post a comment below to sign up.

Only fools rush in

Sign up for the Setmore Beta of Drone Reminders by posting a comment expressing your interest, and we’ll email you if you’re selected. Once we have enough clients using the service and we work out all the bugs, we’ll open it up to the general public *ahem* at an unspecified future date.

– The Setmore Team

by Cassandra @ Setmore

Writer, editor and scheduling product expert at Setmore Appointments.

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