New Features: Summer of Setmore 2016.

The state of the Setmore union is strong. Our development team has made leaps and bounds to bring new features to the app and we’ve rounded up a summary of changes below. As you read on, know that many of these updates sprouted from ideas, suggestions, requests and recommendations from users like you! There’s still a long road ahead and we’re working off a pages-long wishlist, so don’t fret if you don’t see your most requested feature below. Keep doing the awesome things you’re doing with Setmore – your input helps make the app better than ever before.

The Setmore local app is now available!

Do you often lose your Setmore tab in your laptop or desktop’s browser window? Would you prefer the convenience of a dedicated app that’s installed directly to your hard drive, making it easier and more convenient to access your appointment data? The Setmore local app has arrived, delivering all the goodness of the browser-based version and featuring a brand new design that makes it easier to find key features along with some bonus tricks to enhance your productivity:

A laptop and desktop computer showing the new Setmore local app in action.

Desktop notifications – You’ve probably seen those little pop-ups in the top-right corner of your screen before, and now Setmore gives you the ability to stay updated on the latest appointments and reschedulings while working outside the app.

New features first – We’ll be rolling out new features to the Setmore app first, meaning you get to play with the latest add-ons and plug-ins before anyone else.

For Mac and Windows – The Setmore local app is cross-platform enabled, and syncs data with your online account. Book an appointment on your Macbook, and it’ll automatically appear in the browser app and your receptionist’s PC version as well.

Visit the Setmore local app webpage to get started >

Sync events to Office 365

Setmore now offers the ability to sync appointments to your Office 365 calendar. We also offer this feature with your and Google calendars, so your list of options is growing! Per usual, one-way sync that exports appointments made in Setmore to your calendar of choice is free with your basic Setmore account. You’ll need a Setmore Premium account to enable two-way sync (appointments made in Office 365 import to Setmore and vice-versa).

A screenshot showing how to activate the Office 365 integration in your Setmore account.

Check out this support article for instructions on enabling one-way sync with Office 365.

If you’re looking for two-way sync with Office 365, check out this support article instead.

Take PayPal payments from the Booking Page

We recently unveiled the ability to take PayPal payments from your calendar, but now you can also enable customers to pay for their appointments straight from your online Booking Page! Not only can you streamline the online scheduling process, but you can also require payment at the time of booking to cut down on no-shows and frivolous bookings. To use this integration, you’ll need a PayPal Business account and Setmore Premium.

The PayPal logo.

Check out the support article to learn how to activate PayPal on your Booking Page.

Note: Support for taking class payments through PayPal is still under development.

Get paid for classes through Stripe

We’ve also added the ability to take payments from class attendees through Stripe. This will be great for teachers and learners alike, making it easier for you to coordinate and secure payment from your attendees without having to finagle the transaction outside of Setmore. You’ll need Setmore Premium and an active Stripe account to use this integration. And to you PayPal users, don’t worry because we’re currently working on adding this functionality to our PayPal integration as well.

Check out the support article for instructions on how to take class payments.

Receptionists can access the Customers tab

Within Setmore, you can limit your staff members’ access to certain features by enabling “staff” or “receptionist” permission levels. We’ve decided to add more versatility to the receptionist role by enabling access to the Customers tab, which will allow for easy reference to customer contact information. This is great if your receptionist needs to make follow-up calls and the customer doesn’t have a recent appointment on the calendar.

Click here to learn more about staff access and login controls.

Bug fixes: .ics attachments & Instagram

We also fixed an issue where .ics attachments for staff members wouldn’t show up if .ics attachments for customers were disabled. For those of you not familiar with .ics attachments, this is a little bit of calendar data that attaches to emails and makes it easier to manually input appointment data into Google or iCalendar:

A screenshot showing a .ics attachment in Google Mail.

And last but not least, the ability to stream your Instagram photos on your Booking Page has been reinstated! We thank you all for your patience while we worked with Instagram to navigate their updated API. You may need to re-activate your Instagram integration within your Setmore account before photos will start streaming on your Booking Page again.

Click here for more information on streaming Instagram photos to Setmore.

Keep sharing amazing experiences

We’ll continue to expand our feature set and give you even more reasons to love and use Setmore. All we ask is that you hold up your end of things by continuing to grow your business, and keep delivering amazing experiences to your customers.


-The Setmore Team

Is there a feature that you’re waiting to be added before upgrading to Setmore Premium? Let us know in a comment below!

by Cassandra @ Setmore

Writer, editor and scheduling product expert at Setmore Appointments.

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