New Features: Summer of Setmore 2016

By Cassandra @ Setmore

Writer, editor and scheduling product expert at Setmore Appointments.

The state of the Setmore union is strong. Our development team has made leaps and bounds to bring new features to the app and we’ve rounded up a summary of changes below. As you read on, know that many of these updates sprouted from ideas, suggestions, requests and recommendations from users like you! There’s still a long road ahead and we’re working off a pages-long wishlist, so don’t fret if you don’t see your most requested feature below. Keep doing the awesome things you’re doing with Setmore – your input helps make the app better than ever before.

The Setmore local app is now available!

Do you often lose your Setmore tab in your laptop or desktop’s browser window? Would you prefer the convenience of a dedicated app that’s installed directly to your hard drive, making it easier and more convenient to access your appointment data? The Setmore local app has arrived, delivering all the goodness of the browser-based version and featuring a brand new design that makes it easier to find key features along with some bonus tricks to enhance your productivity:

A laptop and desktop computer showing the new Setmore local app in action.

Desktop notifications – You’ve probably seen those little pop-ups in the top-right corner of your screen before, and now Setmore gives you the ability to stay updated on the latest appointments and reschedulings while working outside the app.

New features first – We’ll be rolling out new features to the Setmore app first, meaning you get to play with the latest add-ons and plug-ins before anyone else.

For Mac and Windows – The Setmore local app is cross-platform enabled, and syncs data with your online account. Book an appointment on your Macbook, and it’ll automatically appear in the browser app and your receptionist’s PC version as well.

Visit the Setmore local app webpage to get started >

Sync events to Office 365

Setmore now offers the ability to sync appointments to your Office 365 calendar. We also offer this feature with your and Google calendars, so your list of options is growing! Per usual, one-way sync that exports appointments made in Setmore to your calendar of choice is free with your basic Setmore account. You’ll need a Setmore Premium account to enable two-way sync (appointments made in Office 365 import to Setmore and vice-versa).

A screenshot showing how to activate the Office 365 integration in your Setmore account.

Check out this support article for instructions on enabling one-way sync with Office 365.

If you’re looking for two-way sync with Office 365, check out this support article instead.

Take PayPal payments from the Booking Page

We recently unveiled the ability to take PayPal payments from your calendar, but now you can also enable customers to pay for their appointments straight from your online Booking Page! Not only can you streamline the online scheduling process, but you can also require payment at the time of booking to cut down on no-shows and frivolous bookings. To use this integration, you’ll need a PayPal Business account and Setmore Premium.

The PayPal logo.

Check out the support article to learn how to activate PayPal on your Booking Page.

Note: Support for taking class payments through PayPal is still under development.

Get paid for classes through Stripe

We’ve also added the ability to take payments from class attendees through Stripe. This will be great for teachers and learners alike, making it easier for you to coordinate and secure payment from your attendees without having to finagle the transaction outside of Setmore. You’ll need Setmore Premium and an active Stripe account to use this integration. And to you PayPal users, don’t worry because we’re currently working on adding this functionality to our PayPal integration as well.

Check out the support article for instructions on how to take class payments.

Receptionists can access the Customers tab

Within Setmore, you can limit your staff members’ access to certain features by enabling “staff” or “receptionist” permission levels. We’ve decided to add more versatility to the receptionist role by enabling access to the Customers tab, which will allow for easy reference to customer contact information. This is great if your receptionist needs to make follow-up calls and the customer doesn’t have a recent appointment on the calendar.

Click here to learn more about staff access and login controls.

Bug fixes: .ics attachments & Instagram

We also fixed an issue where .ics attachments for staff members wouldn’t show up if .ics attachments for customers were disabled. For those of you not familiar with .ics attachments, this is a little bit of calendar data that attaches to emails and makes it easier to manually input appointment data into Google or iCalendar:

A screenshot showing a .ics attachment in Google Mail.

And last but not least, the ability to stream your Instagram photos on your Booking Page has been reinstated! We thank you all for your patience while we worked with Instagram to navigate their updated API. You may need to re-activate your Instagram integration within your Setmore account before photos will start streaming on your Booking Page again.

Click here for more information on streaming Instagram photos to Setmore.

Keep sharing amazing experiences

We’ll continue to expand our feature set and give you even more reasons to love and use Setmore. All we ask is that you hold up your end of things by continuing to grow your business, and keep delivering amazing experiences to your customers.


-The Setmore Team

Is there a feature that you’re waiting to be added before upgrading to Setmore Premium? Let us know in a comment below!

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  • Please help! Since I recently made updates to Setmore it is reading “customer information not available”. I need information on my customers to follow up. How can this be modified?

    • Hi Donna, we’re aware of this issue. In this case, the updated app just needs a moment to re-load your customer information. Give the app 10-15 minutes to download your customer information and it should start showing in your weekly schedule again. If it doesn’t, please chat our support team by navigating to More > Support > Chat Us in the app. Please refer the article.

  • Thanks for your quick response Casandra,My clients let me know ahead of time if they are plus one. That would be a nice feature, but still a great app.

  • and also adjust pricing?

    • Hi Michael, great question. Currently there’s no feature that supports “+1” bookings in Setmore. The customer in this case is probably running through the booking process over and over again to add multiple people at a time.

      Extending the functionality of class booking is not currently on our development roadmap for 2017.

      In this case, you might try reaching out to the individual who’s booking all these +1’s. Perhaps they could notify you beforehand if they need or want to book several people for a class at once?

  • For my painting classes,I’m noticing that one person is booking for multiple people. I set my class size to 10 (individual bookings). Is there a way that a “plus one” booking could be monitored to meet my class size?

  • Please add the option of credit card capture/hold with Stripe!! I unfortunately had to stop using Setmore and use another system, since it did not provide credit card holds for client appointments. New clients would book appointments and never show. I love how Setmore is easy to use and how practical the layout is. I have been waiting over a year for this feature and hope you implement it in the near future so I can come back!

    • Hi Shireen, great idea! Our dev team is hard at work adding new capabilities and 3rd party agreements for taking payments, so there’s a good chance we’ll integrate this feature in the near future. Stay tuned!

  • P.S. And one more thing – it would be convenient to be able to duplicate an appointment – at least until you can add several providers when making the appointment. Because now I have to add each appointment 4 times and that’s a bit time-consuming 🙂

  • Great service! I just started using it recently and am currently learning how to properly make the most use of it. I am in the cleaning and moving industry and I would like to see a couple of additions:

    1. what everybody said – to be able to book multiple services per appointment.

    2. To be able to assing multiple providers to an appointment. In my business I need to send teams of a minimum of 2 people, usually 4, to customers and it’s really inconenient having to add the same appointment 4 times for each separate provider. Moreover, the price is only one so it makes it difficult to keep track of the actual cashflow that way – I have the same price added 4 times to the overall cashflow. Would be best if I could choose which providers to assign to a service. This is probably the number one improvement I would really love to see.

    3. Week view of the calendar for all staff would also be helpful in planning when to assign an appointment.

    4. Just as everyone else – I would like to have full features for the mobile app as well.

    Thanks for making this awesome product and I look forward to the next imrpovements!

  • One thing that I would like to see is what card I am currently using, and Setmore has on record for paying for my annual Setmore plan. Other sites where they have a card of mine on record, I can usually see something like the last 4 digits of the card and what card type it is. With Setmore, when I go to the billing page, I have no idea what card is on record. There is only the ability to enter a new card.

    Thank you,

  • My customers a confirmation time is correct, then under agenda it gives a GMT format. Do not know how to correct this. Confusing to customers.

  • Thank you for these updates – very helpful! The thing I would most like to see is the ability for a single staff member to operate from multiple locations (I.e. The person booking to be able to choose a location as well as a staff member) so that there isn’t the risk of double bookings (I.e the diary is tied to the staff member with the appointments simply labelled with a location. Also the ability to set different hours of availability per location would be great, again without having to make a new staff member. Hope that makes sense, and thanks!

  • Another suggestion:

    On the Calendar, give the option to view either customer name or name of service as the top line. Currently, you can only see the customer’s name by opening the appointment, unless the appointment takes up more than one time slot. It’s usually more useful to our technicians to quickly see the type of work they have for the day and not necessarily the client’s name.

    Since the client’s name will be more important for some people, letting us choose which to display at the top seems like a good solution.

  • Exciting updates! Would love to see the ability to track packages in SetMore. At this time we have to log this manually and it’s making it difficult for us to rationalize staying with SetMore longterm. Another issue is the timezones. It would be great to have the system ask the customer what time zone they are in. While the system does show this on desktop, it can be difficult for some customers.

    Looking forward to future updates!

  • I would love the option to select multiple services at the time of booking. Thank you

  • make a russion version of setmore, please))

  • How about a font which supports Polish diacritics? Please please?

  • I like that setmore can link to iPhone calendar now, but it does not allow me to set a reminder alarm in the calander, can you see if that’s possible?

    Thanks, I love Setmore

  • We found a way to make it work with our different parties in different rooms by using the staff as the rooms. A separate calendar for each room, with the selected service.
    However, it would be nice for the receptionist to be able to see all the appointments without switching, even if they were staff. There isn’t a dashboard for receptionists.

    I don’t have a suggestion how you could do staff and rooms, I wouldn’t want to multiply the calendars.

    We can’t accept payments because our price is multiplied by the participants attending the party. Even asking for a deposit is complicated by that.

  • Just a suggestion for future updates, I would love to have a option to creat events on a specific date and be able to change my business hour for a specific date

  • A custom email after booking would be an amazing update!

  • Please add the ability to send out SMS reminders to clients in classes. This would make life to much easier instead of having to do reminder calls.

  • Would love to be able to add to my clients information to do’s
    Been in real estate for a very long time and love setmore and have been using it for almost 2 years now. In regards to payments, I have mentioned that I would love the dashboard to see which client I have closed and signing with but without the client actually receiving that amount in an email as well. Also it would be great if for each customer you add if you can add a to do for example ( client is interested in scheduling an appointment next week but is not sure the day and time, I would love to have a reminder for me to call him ) I have been using both google calendar and setmore and would truly love if I can just use one app instead of 2.

  • I am so happy with the free membership, in exchange, free membership introduces Setmore application to their clients. I am also planing to upgrade membership to get more useful features such as IP or MAC address BLOCK feature to prevent someone booking appointment. I wish Setmore will add this BLOCK feature soon, Thank you so much.

  • As stated above, not being able to edit recurring appointments in the mobile app is the most annoying restriction. I really hip this is fixed soon

    Otherwise I’m very happy with the service

  • Only recently downloaded and upgraded to Premium. We haven’t started using SetMore in our piercing/tattoo studio yet, but I’ve already run across some features that would be very useful to us. I know SetMore is starting to get some traction in the piercing/tattoo industry, and I think with the proper attention/tweaks, it could be an area where you would see a lot of growth.

    Here are our suggestions so far:

    1) For online booking: options for clients to be able to choose who does their service OR a “No preference” so it’s randomly assigned, at the same time. Currently it can only be one way. However, many studios have a mix of clients (especially for piercing) who don’t care who provides their service, while others who want a specific technician. To allow clients to pick they provider currently forces other people who don’t know/care who does their service to choose someone, potentially skewing bookings heavily.

    2) I have been unable to find a space for “notes” that are business-side only. Currently the only Notes available appear to be those that are shared with the client when they get a booking reminder email. Seems obvious that the business/service provider might want notes that are only visible to them.

    3) A setting which allows us to confirm/verify an online booking before it is actually booked into the Calendar.

    4) Ability to shut off stats on the Dashboard. Maybe I just missed it? I know you can shut off star on the Calendar, but being able to do so on the Dashboard should be an option as well.

    5) As someone else mentioned, “sub categories” for types for staff. In our case, having “Tattoo” staff and “Piercing” staff would be nice.

    6) Related to number 5, having the ability to show/filter different “types” of staff on the Calendar. If we had sub categories of stuff (i.e., Piercer and Tattoo Artists), it would be nice to switch between those categories on the calendar. So, instead of having 8 staff shown on the schedule, it could be 4 and 4. Much less clutter and reduces the chances for booking errors.

    7) As others have mentioned, a mobile app which offers all the functionality as the web/desktop app version is pretty important.

    8) Ipad app

    • #2 Yes! We have disabled the email function for just this reason. We need to have internal notes for each booking that we do not want shared with the client.

  • Terrifically easy phone app (and now desktop) to use. The neatest solution I’ve ever seen.

    I’d love to be able to bill and then mark payed at later date.

    I’d love to have full week view in the phone app… Seeing the week in panoramic spread would help to structure the week.

    Thanks for yoyr great work.


  • An iDeal payment module for our Dutch clients!

  • From my point of view, 2-way sync with Ical (calendar on IOS devices) is of paramount importance.

    • I agree with Andreas. Syncing with iCal is something missing from Setmore.

      My current workaround is to sync with Google Calendar and then sync my Google Calendar with iCal. This works, but seems a long winded way to do it, especially as this is currently the only thing that I am using Google Calendar for!


  • An iPad / iPad mini version would be good.

    • Yes, this too, we do our manual bookings from our POS system, so we currently use the Ipad’s browser.

      • Oh, and if anyone uses the free version and thinks they can’t use the IPad browser, you can, the nag screen’s close X is hidden, touch in the upper right corner and it will close allowing you in.

  • Nice done. Very happy with the product and the service.

  • Time zone is very confusing to determine which is mine. Constantly having to try another setting and have not gotten it right yet. I only know this when the appt. is made and you see a time completely different than what you intend. Should be more easily determined what one’s time zone is.

  • Hi

    The ability to create a scheduling window for classes would be great. I would like to be able to restrict my clients to only book x days in advance. You already have it for appointments, so implementing it for classes should be easy! Thanks, Rob

  • Overall pleased with the product.
    Feature suggestion : Being able to create a category within a category for the services.
    Thank you!

  • I have been using Setmore for a few years now and love it! The only frustration I and my patients have currently is that they are getting an Sms when they make the appointment – but they are not getting any reminder sms’s before their appointment. If they had never received reminder text’s, it probably would not matter as much, but now most patients rely on the reminder do are not arriving at their appointments which is a loss of income for me.

  • Great program but there are few things that would make it even better.

    – being able to book in more than 1 service at a time without having to book each service individually.
    – processing cash payments in one transaction & therefore only emailing 1 receipt.

    Love your work

  • 3) A reminder function when a scheduled appointment in expiring, it is frustrating to me and my clients when an appointment simply vanishes on expiry.

    i agree with this one

  • Im in a similar boat to Kate. I have been with setmore for over 12 months and it is mostly good. Some simple little fixes have been ignored that i really need to have to continue with this product.

    1) Be able to edit scheduled appointments from the mobile app. Overall the mobile app really needs all the ability of the browser version.

    2) Allow more than one service to be added per booking. This way i can keep track of product sales as well as treatments. My clients pay in person so i need a way to track products. Adding it to the payments tab has multiple faults, it emails them making them think they need to pay, it is not added to weekly incomes under weekly stats and even if exported it is not simple to track.

    3) A reminder function when a scheduled appointment in expiring, it is frustrating to me and my clients when an appointment simply vanishes on expiry.

    • Yes, I also would like to add several services because it changes the time it takes me to complete the job.

      I would also like to be able to book appointments in 6 week increments. (Not sure if this is possible already)

    • I agree with Trent. App needs to have all the functions of browser, specifically the ability to edit recurring appointments. My regulars, on occasion, make me aware that they need to adjust time/service when I am away from desktop.

      Also having the ability to create an appointment with multiple services on the business end (i.e. Color, cut and style) as one appointment with one reminder sent. Currently, I have to schedule one appointment, add additional services to notes, and then drag/extend time to accommodate serviced, so the client does not receive multiple emails/text for one appointment.

    • This! The app is pointless since you can’t do anything with it. I was sold on the app and it is a complete disappointment. Please give the app full functionality!

      • Yes please! It makes no sense to not give the ap the same functions as the desktop.

  • Awesome updates! Would be great to see this more pet grooming oriented also. Lile ability to add rabies vaccines and pet parent with pet under that same card, liability waivers, check in and out sheets, etc.

  • Any update on being able to recurringly book clients into recurring classes.

    It’s great to pay with Stripe.

    It’s really annoying to have to book in every single class (which may be 3+ times per week, every week).

  • Hi,

    I would love it if setmore set up a system where we can alter the amount they have to pay at time of booking.

    I upgraded to the premium to be able to use the online payments however it is of no use to me as it prompts the clients to make FULL payments and not partial payments.

    I do not want to have the clients pay for full appointments at time of booking as they usually are booking 4-5 appointments in advance

    For New clients I have a deposit system in place and at the moment I am having to message them all individually with my account details to have them to pay – if you could set it up so they have to pay 50% at the time of making their appointment it would be much more beneficial.

    Same goes for return clients, a deposit would be great to reduce no shows.

    Also I have had a lot of trouble with the sms reminders. So many of my clients have said they are not getting the sms reminders even though their number is correctly entered.

    I have also had a few clients complain that they are unable to log into their accounts and have now created multiple accounts which is hard for me then to manage and see all future/past appts.

    Definitely think there are a few fixes needed as I am currently looking at moving to timely because of these issues.


    • I have a similar request. I have decided not to use Setmore’s payment facility right now as some clients are paying for multiple appointments and using payment plans. I currently use Setmore for booking appointments and bill separately using PayPal.

      Some sort of recurring billing via Setmore, or the ability to enter amounts to be billed over a period of time would be very helpful, or a percentage as Kate suggests in her reply.

      Thank you.

    • Kate: I found what seems to be an easy work-around to this. When setting up payments for your booking page, there is an option to apply an addition charge or apply a deduction. This deduction can be set as a flat dollar amount or as a percentage of the cost of the service.

      You could set this to a 50% deduction, and then the amount required for the deposit would be 50% of whatever you have set for the price of the service.

      It’s not an obvious work-around, but it should do the trick.

    • Timely is far more expensive with less potential, am confident setmore will continue to improve. Have been very impressed with there services for 2 years!

      You can merge contacts when you have created more the one profile for them, under customers.

    • Agree with part payment as deposit I brought then as did not have that canceled my membership as don’t want my customers to make full payment at time of booking but would like to take a small amount as a deposit so as soon as that’s added in I will be buying my membership again.

  • Would be great if clients booking number/reference displayed in the booking confirmation notes. Makes it easier for me too see them if this was the case

  • Please add the feature that a customer can rate an individual appointment they have taken. Or rate an individual staff member.