If Your Business Is Still Not On The Web, You Should Be Worried Seeing This.

Reasons people cite as excuses for not having a website are as tempting as not being technical enough, or just that their product or services don’t relate to the web, or has anything to do with codes. However, you do not realise that every time you make these excuses, one of your competitors is beating you in the competition with their online presence.

Now you may wonder what a local business like yours is going to benefit from the online world which I’d like to reserve for an upcoming post. However, if you are still reluctant to see, a perfect example of how web usage impacts your local business is your son ordering a pizza from a local store using his smartphone is proof.

For now, just witness how big this mundane “Online World” actually is and don’t think the idea far-fetched when experts say, everybody (you heard it right, every single human capable of using a computer) will be online by 2020.


[Infographic from Who Is Hosting This]

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