Captain’s Changelog: March 2018.

In Portland, spring is often known as “second winter” or “fool’s spring.” The drizzle continues and despite the time shift of daylight savings, we’re not losing any sleep or letting it slow us down. Work continues on a number of epic projects, so continue reading for the latest status updates on some of these most heavily requested features…

Status update: iPad app

Setmore on an iPad.

Ever since Setmore started, we’ve always had a ton of user interest in an iPad version of the app, and it’s something we’re extremely excited about too. Our designers are steadfastly recreating a number of submenus and screens while our developers are coding out what will be the admin calendar (see a preview above for what it will look like). No ETA yet – it’ll be ready when it’s ready.

Status update: Square & mobile payments

iPhone showing refund screen in Setmore.

When this feature goes live, you’ll be able to take payments in Setmore, from your laptop or iOS or Android phone, using your Square or Stripe account. This one is a lot closer to fruition than our iPad app. Many of the in-app screens for Square have been coded, and the refunds screen was the latest to come out fully baked. We’ll still need to perform a fair amount of bug testing, but don’t worry! We’ll be able to announce a deployment date as we get closer to it.

Want to help us beta test payments in Setmore? Post a comment below and we’ll follow-up with instructions via email.

Coming soon: Speed improvements

A blueprint of a turtle with a rocket taped to its shell.

We’re fully aware that the Setmore platform hasn’t been it’s usual spry and agile self lately, and we’ve received numerous reports for prolonged load times on both the Booking Page and the admin calendar. This is generally the result of nearly half a decade of user growth and new features, and now it’s time to clean house. Our teams are currently planning architectural changes to the platform that should offer dramatic speed boosts to loading times overall. Once these changes are deployed, you should be able to feel the difference right away, but we’ll also post an update in a future deployment notes.

Live Booking – Promo ending soon (US Only)

Word on the street is that our Live Booking promotion might be nearing an end as our business team is dabbling in alternate pricing structures. So if you wanted to try Live Booking and only pay $1 for your first month/first 90 minutes of call time, now is the time to sign up. (90 minutes of call time will get you about 20 appointments, which of course may vary between accounts.) Live Booking is currently only available to Setmore users in the USA.

Log into your Setmore account and click the button below to reach the Live Booking signup screen.

Log into Setmore first, then click the button above.

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • The reminder email template has been updated to fix typos, provide more context, and show the appointment time in the subject line.
  • When you change your account password, Setmore will now log out all other active sessions of your account.
  • Fixed a bug that caused text within quotation marks in the Customer Name field to be erased.

Stay tuned for future updates!
Thank you for reading 🙂

Committed to increased transparency and more responsive community outreach, Setmore will post monthly development updates to showcase some of our work and improvements made over the past 30 days.

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