Captain’s Changelog: February 2018

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Ah February, the month of weather-forecasting rodentia, candy-coated hearts, black history, and leap years. Also: sticking with the (perhaps overly ambitious) goals you set for yourself in January. We’ve got some big announcements for upcoming features, along with the usual pack of improvements and bug fixes to enhance your appointment-scheduling experience.

Coming soon: Square payments & mobile payments

We’re super excited to announce our upcoming integration with Square payments!

We’re super excited to announce our upcoming integration with Square payments! We’ve passed through the preliminary design phase and moved into early development across all our supported platforms: browser, macOS/Windows, and iOS/Android. Once integrated, you’ll be able to take Square payments from customers via your Booking Page, through the admin calendar, and in person. And yes, this means you can finally use a Square card swiper to process a credit or debit card payments in your Setmore account.

Use Stripe instead of Square? We’ve got some good news for you, too. This update will also bring the ability to take Stripe payments to the Setmore mobile app.

We don’t have a deployment date as of yet, but just know it’ll launch when it’s ready 🙂

Coming soon: interface updates + events

Setmore will deploy a new design for the appointment creation window sometime this year. This update will also bring the ability to create personal Events to your Setmore calendar.

Following up on last year’s big user interface update, Setmore will deploy a new design for the appointment creation window sometime this year. Don’t worry! You’ll be given plenty of notice before the change happens, along with the option to revert back to the old appointment window design while we transition to the new design.

This update will also bring the ability to create personal Events to your Setmore calendar, allowing you to create non-service engagements with yourself or other people. Think of it like your personal day planner married to your business appointment calendar – now you can track it all in one place. Events can have multiple participants (pulled from your Customer tab), and benefit from all the built-in email alerts and text reminders that Setmore has to offer.

Stay tuned for future announcements about this update, later this year.

Easy access to customer profiles

Click the customer’s name in the Appointment Details window to instantly open the customer’s profile in your Setmore account.

Here’s a minor change that could probably have a huge impact on your productivity: now when you create or edit appointments on your calendar, you can click the customer’s name in the Appointment Details window to instantly open the customer’s profile in your Setmore account. This makes it simple and easy to see the customer’s address or phone number, plus any additional data fields you may want access to, without having to search for them in your Customer tab.

To use this feature, just click on an appointment in your calendar and then click on the customer’s name. You’ll notice that the customer’s name now appears in Setmore-green font, to distinguish that it’s a clickable hyperlink.

Auto-export new customer contacts to Freshsales

Freshsales is a CRM platform that touts AI-based lead scoring, a built-in phone and email system, and a top-down interface for managing your sales pipeline.

Freshsales is a CRM platform that touts AI-based lead scoring, a built-in phone and email system, and a top-down interface for managing your sales pipeline. Now you can automatically export any new contacts from Setmore to your Freshsales account, saving you the time and hassle of manually exporting/importing data.

As soon as a customer books an appointment, they’ll be copied into your Freshsales account so your sales team can conduct follow-up as needed, and be the most impactful when your customer’s interest level is at its highest point. Get started today!

Activate Freshsales in Setmore >
Log into Setmore first, then click the link above.

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • In the Customers tab, appointment histories will now show in descending chronological order (most recent appointment first).
  • In the Apps & Integrations tab, the Booking Page URL and a link to edit the URL are now displayed on the “Your Booking Page” card.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users in the desktop Setmore app from activating a 2-way Google sync.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some “New Appointment” email notifications to be blank.

Stay tuned for future updates!
Thank you for reading 🙂

Committed to increased transparency and more responsive community outreach, Setmore will post monthly development updates to showcase some of our work and improvements made over the past 30 days.

Have a feature request? Post a comment below or email us at

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  • My clients got really upset when they found out that they cannot change/cancel one of their recurring appointments. I promised them that I will contact Setmore. For them it is very annoying and for me it cancels the very essence of using setmore because I’m becoming the “secretary “ again. Will you add that feature soon that clients will be able to reschedule/cancel one of their recurring appointments? People can be sick, or busy you

  • Using setmore for dog grooming, multiple bookings, for multiple services, under one client would be a big time saver, not holding clients on the phone longer than I have too.
    Good move with Square payments, looking forward to seeing how that works,
    I’ve never been able too sinc my business FB page for the bookings. Just won’t work for me.

  • Adding a field for birthday and option to send birthday greetings would be a small but very usefull improvement.

  • When will you be bringing Paypal back as a payment option. Stripe and Square are useless to me.

  • I’m very excited about square being integrated into set more, this is great news!

    When I manually book clients in I find it frustrating that I have to book each service in individually. I would love to be able to book multiple services at a time instead of having one at a time- in my industry I can book one person for up to 6/7 services per booking. I find it takes a lot of time to make a booking.
    Clients are able to select multiple services when making a booking, I’d love to be able to o the same from my end.

    Thank you

    • Hi Lauren, thank you for this feedback. We’re aware of this issue and it’s on our backlog. The team hasn’t yet decided to prioritize it, but when they do I’ll be posting updates to the blog in these monthly deployment notes.

  • If only you’d ever create an iPad app like has been said for years is ‘in development’

    • Right, I hear you. There’s more resources being channeled into creating the iPad app this time around. It may take some time for it to go through full development and testing before release, but it’s becoming reality.

  • Sessions disappear from our calendar on a regular basis and your customer service is providing no answer even after giving them several examples. This is a big problem and should be fixed with high priority.

    • Hi Johan, I’ve read through all your past convos with our support team. I’m sorry for the lack of follow-through that you’ve been getting from our team, and I think some of our members are struggling to understand what’s going on with your account. I’m looking into the issue now, but I did notice one commonality with your missing appointments. It seems on a few past occasions that the appointments in question were removed from Google Calendar (you have a 2-way sync established with a few of your staff profiles).

      I can’t say for certain what is going on, but I’d like you to try disabling the Google 2-way sync across all your staff profiles for now. If you still need to see your Setmore appointments in Google, please set up a 1-way sync to your Google calendar. There are directions for how to do this in the support article. Appointments can’t be deleted from a 1-way sync.

      If you need to block out time in your Setmore calendar from a pre-existing Google event, please manually add a slot blocker to your Setmore calendar. Inconvenient, I know, and I’m sorry, but if my hunch is correct then this should help us avoid any future missing appointments.

      I’ll message you personally via 1:1 chat in Setmore once I have more info for you. Thank you for your patience so far and I hope we can make this right!

  • My customers get email reminders with the wrong time …and ive had customers book and the wrong name appears

    • Hi Daniel, I’m having some trouble finding you in our system based on the email/name you used to post a comment. Would you kindly email me at and send me the email registered to your account, along with a note about which device(s) you use to access Setmore? This will help me figure out what’s going on and we can work towards a solution. Thank you!

  • I see there is an issue with google calendar already mentioned. It no longer loads from the email link on my phone. (Android) very frustrating.

  • Improvements request: Faster loading calendar; Ability to search bookings by service.

  • I also agree with Nick and Kelly, I also upgraded for the recurring appts and was very disappointed when I can’t even schedule a client every 5 or 6 weeks, this portion of the Setmore app is weak. I also would like to be able to send “thank you ” and “Happy Birthday Wishes” texts to clients. Is there any plans in the “pipeline” for these?

    • Hi Lamar, we’ve been looking into extending the capabilities of our text reminder service, this likely would include customizable follow-up texts for things such as Thank Yous and Happy Birthday messages. At this time it’s too early for me to say if and when something like this would be added to the platform.

  • I agree with Kelly, recurring appts (which I upgraded and paid to use) is useless, people book appointments by the day of the week each month – recurring should be allowed to use the first friday of each month scheduling.

    This is common in Outlook, fantastical 2 and other scheduling apps.

    now after reading Kellys request I know I am not the only one that needs to book like this.

    Please consider adding this algorithm to setmore!

    Thank you NIck

  • Are there any plans to integrate with I don’t like needing to use an aggregator like Square or Stripe that deprives me of cash flow with every payment made. The majority of business owners still have a merchant account for lower rates, cash flow, and accounting benefits and use Authorize for integrations.

    • Hi Brian, not at this time, but I very much understand where you’re coming from. Payment integrations are super labor intensive because of the added concern when dealing with money transactions online, and most of our resources are tied up in Square at the moment.

  • And how about 24H clock throughout the whole system? Right now it is 12H clock on the website (PC/Mac version), 24H clock on the phone app, 12H clock in text messages. Not confusing at all.
    Also how about changing the “name” of the sender of the text messages from an american phone number to maybe the business name or just “SERVICE SMS”, so it doesn’t scare of any customers when they get at text from a foreign number.

    • Hi Thomas, thank you for your feedback and for bringing these issues to our attention. The 24 hour clock feature definitely needs a phase 2 rollout that covers these contingencies. Unfortunately I think with everything else on our to-do list, it may be some time before it gets picked up by our dev team. As for the originating number of an SMS reminder, we’re currently revising our process for how these numbers are generated. There’s an arcane set of rules that phone carriers impose on marketing SMS messages, which we have to conform to in order to get our SMS reminders out and prevent them from being blocked. So I don’t entirely know what’s possible with regard to branding these SMS reminders as “Service SMS,” but I’ll bring this to the attention of our business team and we’ll do some research. Thanks again!

      • Greetings,

        The 24hr clock issue is the primary reason why I stopped using the software/services. It’s highly frustrating and the does allow business’ scheduling flexibility. Pls let us know when this is fixed.

      • Cassandra, maybe it could come through as “Appointment” instead of “Service sms” Just an idea, if that’s possible. I know I’ve received reminder messages from other booking systems that come through as “Appointment” when the text comes through.

        • Steph, can you email me a screenshot of what that looks like from your phone ? As far as I know, it’s all just character strings and phone carriers don’t make a distinction between categories of text/SMS. I could be wrong.

  • Hi cassandra,
    any improvements on the calendar speed yet, with loading between daily/ weekly and generally. It is still very slow.

    – any waiting list option planned ?


    • Hi Paul, calendar speed improvements are still in testing phase. I don’t know yet when it will be launched but I did see a demo of the update this past tuesday, so hopefully not long now.

      The ability to add waiting lists is on our backlog but it’s not currently prioritized by our dev team, so I wouldn’t expect it out this year. Thanks for commenting!

  • OMG…that is AWESOME about Square payments from the booking page! Looking forward to that!!

    Thank you so much!!!


  • So, how about the issue with the mobile app not syncing properly with Google Calendar? I’ve been having issues with that ever since I paid for it. When a client lets me know they need to reschedule, I have to wait til I’m at my computer to do it, because if I do if from mobile it doesn’t sync. I’ve submitted the problem several times over the past few months and keep getting informed that you’re aware of the problem. It’s a paid feature, so how about fixing that instead of implementing new features?
    Also, a feature request that I submitted about a month ago and haven’t even gotten a reply to – allow us to do recurring appointments like “last Sunday of the month.” Right now the only monthly option is the same date every so many months, but many of my clients always need the same day, which will almost always be a different date. I’m having to go through and create each appointment manually for these clients, which really drains my time. Thank you,

    Kelly Pope

    • Hi Kelly, we’re aware of some issues with the Google Sync on our Android app. Our team is investigating and I’ve put out some feelers to get an update on this set of issues. Could you tell me a little more about what you’re trying to accomplish with the Google Sync? We might be able to devise a workaround until the issue is fixed. If you’d rather take this chat offline, email me at and we’ll work something out. Also, if you haven’t already, it might also be worthwhile to try uninstalling/reinstalling the app.

      As for booking a recurring appointment relative to a day of the month, this has been added to our backlog but our development team has prioritized other tasks and projects right now. It’s actually a fairly complicated process to add a new feature (involves initial concepting, design, development, bug testing, etc.) so that’s why the turnaround for these things seems really drawn out.

      Thanks for your feedback, we hear you (and we actually just had a short conversation about it in the office) and it’s helpful for us to get a pulse on what is or isn’t working with the app. Again feel free to email me if you want!