Big News: Get Started with Live Booking for Just $1

We’re ecstatic to announce that Live Booking is now fully operational and available to all Setmore users in the United States. To commemorate Live Booking’s maiden voyage, we’re offering this limited-time-only promotional pricing of $1 USD for your first month. Read the details below then click the button to sign up today!

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 Big News: Get Started with Live Booking for Just $1

What is Live Booking? Live Booking is a live call answering service that works for your business around the clock, 24/7/365. Our team of US-based receptionists will answer your business phone and work with your customers to book their next appointment directly to your Setmore calendar.

Your first month for just $1

 Big News: Get Started with Live Booking for Just $1

Sign up for Live Booking and pay just $1 for your first month of service. Here’s what you get:

    • 90 minutes of live call answering from our expert, US-based receptionist team.
    • Calls under 30 seconds are FREE.
    • Cancel anytime, come back anytime.

Standard billing of $89/month will resume with your next billing cycle, and our usual overage rate of $1.25/minute still applies during this promotional period.

Capture every call, every opportunity

Don’t miss out on new business if you’re too busy to answer the phone. The main benefit of Live Booking for your business is that you can focus on quality of service with your existing clientele, while still making sure that new customers will reach a friendly voice when they call you. You’ll also benefit from:

 Big News: Get Started with Live Booking for Just $1

  • Inbox Summaries: We send detailed call summaries directly to your email inbox. You’ll have access to the customer’s contact information and can see any action taken by our team, including if the customer successfully booked an appointment.
  • Instant Activation: The signup process for Live Booking is automatic. As soon as you sign up, you’ll receive your unique Live Booking phone number and can start using it right away. Make your first test call immediately after you sign up and talk to a Live Booking receptionist to hear what your customers will experience.
  • Fully Integrated with Setmore: Our Live Booking experts will book appointments directly to your Setmore calendar. This means you’ll still receive all the automated emails and notifications for new appointments, and customers will get their email and text reminders as well.

The Live Booking secret ingredient

 Big News: Get Started with Live Booking for Just $1

We use advanced technology that lets our Live Booking receptionists work from the comfort of their own homes. This means we attract top-tier talent with years of experience in customer service and online booking. Our platform also ensures 100% uptime around the clock, so even if you have callers in the dead of night, we’ll be there to field their calls and book appointments to your calendar.

Is Live Booking right for you?

Live Booking was designed for businesses of all sizes across a wide range of industries.

> If you’re a solo-owner or manager and you’re glued to your phone, Live Booking will free you up to focus on growing your business.

> If you’re a mobile entrepreneur, Live Booking will give you an air of high-grade professionalism while empowering you to stay active in the field.

> If you have existing front desk staff, Live Booking can cover your off-hours to ensure that customers always connect with a friendly voice, and not your robotic voicemail.

 Big News: Get Started with Live Booking for Just $1

You decide when Live Booking answers your business phone, so you have the flexibility to turn call forwarding on or off depending on your needs. Read our Call Forwarding guide to learn more >

Sign up today

Now that you can start for just $1, this is a low-risk option to explore what Live Booking can do for your business or organization.

Log into Setmore first, then click the button below.

 Big News: Get Started with Live Booking for Just $1

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