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Feature Update: Multiple Services and Activity Stream

Our customers mean the most to us and we always try to actualize your feature requests to enhance the overall user experience. After all, it is you, our users, who adapt to these periodic changes/upgrades and continue using our product,… Continue Reading →

Outsourcing: The Elephant in the Room

The first image that comes to one’s mind of outsourcing is of a smoky boardroom stuffed with corporate executives discovering ways to cut costs across the board, determinately drawing a conclusion on outsourcing the work to a competitive resource outside… Continue Reading →

Feature Focus: Class Bookings

We are excited to roll out our brand new feature, Class Booking! It’s been in Beta testing for a while, but for those of you who haven’t had a chance to see what it can do for you and your… Continue Reading →

Feature Focus: Setmore-Zendesk Integration

There is simply no day that is ordinary over here at Setmore. One thing leads to another, and we are absolutely jubilant regarding the newest entry to the Setmore Integration list. We are glad to announce that Setmore and Zendesk… Continue Reading →

New Ideas for a New Day!

Here we are, 2015! As business owners, there’s something about hanging up a new calendar that gets our creative juices flowing. We’re always on the lookout for new ideas. They’re essential in a business world that’s in a constant state… Continue Reading →

What’s in a Name?

Picking the right name for a startup business is tricky. As a first impression, your business name can inspire confidence or cause your potential customer to keep looking. It is the cornerstone of your foundation, the cement that holds everything together. If… Continue Reading →

Mistakes Every Startup Business Should Make

A child in their early years yearns to learn as much as they can. They strive to do better. Scientists have theorized that children between the ages of 0 – 6 learn more rapidly than adults. They make mistakes. They… Continue Reading →

5 Quick Productivity Tips for Busy Small Business Owners

Small business owners often wear multiple hats. They have to be the social media guru, the scheduling expert, the IT wizard, and every other role essential to a successful business. Understandably, this sort of juggling can stretch the best of… Continue Reading →

34 Tools Everyone In The Small Business Industry Should Be Using

Small businesses are the big businesses of the future. They also sustain the US economy as over 50% of the working population works at a small business. This is over 120 million people. Of the 26 million small businesses in… Continue Reading →

Why Appointment Reminders are a Great Idea

Ten days ago, Caroline was looking to book a manicure for her wedding day. She was browsing businesses online when she found Sally’s Nail Salon. Sally’s Nail Salon uses online appointment software and has its own booking page. Caroline finds… Continue Reading →

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